Amouranth Net Worth – How Much Does Amouranth Make?

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Full name: Kaitlyn SiragusaEducation: High school
Date of birth: December 13, 1993Height: 5′ 0″ / 150cm
Place of birth: Houston, Texas, USAWeight: 120lb / 55 Kg
Current residence: Houston, Texas, USAEstimated net worth: $4 million

Kaitlyn Amouranth is a popular content creator known for her Twitch and Youtube channels and as one of the rare Twitch thots.

Her career has been a wild ride, so if you want to find out more about Amouranth, her career, and her net worth, you are in the right place.

What Is Amouranth Net Worth?

Amouranth net worth is estimated to be around 4 million dollars, and her money comes mainly from her Youtube and Twitch channels.

This is what Amouranths main income sources are and how much she can profit from her content creation career.

Amouranth Twitch channel

amouranth twitch

Just few months ago, Amouranth got suspended from Twitch, but according to her, she could earn up to 500 000 dollars per month through this platform.

She had thousands of subscribers who would invest money in her premium subscriptions, and she earned a lot of money through donations and bits from her fans.

While she is still able to earn money this way, she doesn’t get the money she would regularly earn through her streams and follower count.

Just like most popular Twitch streamers, she could earn around 50 000 dollars per month through her subscriber count only, and all the money coming through donations and sponsorships was over that amount.

Until Amouranth is allowed to go back to the platform, she will need to settle just with money from her donations and subscriptions because she is not allowed to start a stream.

It is estimated she was able to earn up to 6 million dollars from Twitch during the past few years.

Amouranth Youtube channel

amouranth main youtube

Amouranth also has a popular Youtube channel that gathers somewhere between 2.5 to 3 million views per month which provides her with at least 25 000 dollars in Youtube ad revenue.

However, this is just how much Amouranth can earn through her main Youtube channel, and she has another ASMR channel that gets around 1.5 million views monthly, which provides her with additional 18 000 dollars through ad revenue.

This also leads to Amouranth ding a large number of sponsorship deals and including different ads in her Youtube videos for a much larger amount of money.

Adult platforms

Since Amouranth got banned from Twitch 2 months ago, she turned to Onlyfans as her main source of income, and you can find her creating gaming and ASMR content on this platform.

Unlike other streaming platforms, Onlyfans account provides her with a lot more money, and Amouranth reveals she was able to make around 60 000 dollars through this website by now, which means leaving Twitch didn’t impact her net worth that much, especially because she has a loyal audience.

When Did Amouranth Start Streaming?

Amouranth created a Youtube channel in 2011 and posted content related to costume design and costuming departments.

She didn’t use it to promote products, and her account was mainly focused on helping people learn interesting information and have some fun.

In the meantime, she created four youtube channels, and while some of them were focused on gaming and streaming content, others were full of ASMR videos which seemed to bring her the most popularity on the platform.

She also used to share daily vlogs and streams from her work, and in the beginning, she was working at Houston grand opera, but when her channel started growing and people realized how much talent for costume design she had, she was invited to join Houston Ballet.

Amouranth was also known for cosplay videos, and she used to do POV videos before it was popular, and you could see her changing her hair color and dressing up in different outfits imitating characters from video games.

Her Youtube channel started growing and getting a million followers, and she started earning money through her Youtube videos and streaming content.

While Amouranths net worth mainly depended on her Youtube channel, once she joined Twitch, she was able to grow a completely new community, and the money Amouranth made tripled overnight.

amouranth career

She started creating hot tub streams, which caused a lot of controversies and even got her flagged because of sexual content, but Twitch decided to bring her back to the platform every time.

Amouranth makes most of her money through donations and bits, and her streaming career took off in 2018 significantly.

Her ASMR videos made her one of the most popular and hottest Twitch streamers. Even though they weren’t considered advertiser friendly because of her looks and outfits, her viewers were sending her money to continue streaming.

This is also why she isn’t so active on her Youtube accounts anymore, and since she started her own company focused on child entertainment, she stopped doing cosplays on her Youtube channel.

Since Twitch suspended her in May, she turned to OnlyFans to publish her content, and has created a Patreon account, so her viewers can still enjoy the hot tub videos and ASMR content but for the price of a subscription.

What Is Amouranth Like In Private Life?

Kaitlyn Siragusa, better known as Amouranth, started her career as a simple girl living in Houston, trying to make it in the costume design industry.

Her first videos were focused mainly on cosplay and what it looks like to work in costuming departments, and she was able to attract a lot of attention this way.

However, she became way more famous for her attractive looks and constant hair color change, and although she has got a lot of comments about being too provocative, she continued to film videos this way because it brought her popularity.

Kaitlyn also lied for years that she was single, although married because she thought this could make her male audience unfollow her channels.

Although she apologized for the lies when she revealed this, this is not the only controversy surroundings Amouranth, since she was suspended from Twitch several times and her access was restricted to different platforms mainly because of her sexual content.

She gained a million followers for her provocative looks and hot tub streams, but eventually, she was made to leave Twitch and join adult platforms because her content didn’t align with the policies of the platform.

Kaitlyn also experienced a lot of problems when her stalker flew from Europe to Houston to try and break into her house, and she was living under surveillance for a whole year.

She is a big lover of animals and her dogs Bear and Nox are frequently featured in her streams.

Amouranth is considered to be one of the first people who started creating ASMR videos, and she was able to gain a significant amount of followers through this niche interest.

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