DanTDM Net Worth – How Much Does DanTDM Earn? (2023)

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Full name: Daniel Robert MiddletonEducation: Northampton University – Music Production
Date of birth: November 8th, 1991Height: 5′ 8″ / 173cm
Place of birth: Aldershot, England, UKWeight: 154lb / 70 kg
Current residence: London, England, UKEstimated net worth: $35 million

DanTDM is one of the first Minecraft streamers, and he has been in the gaming industry for more than a decade now.

He is one of the most popular creators on Twitch and Youtube, and DanTDM net worth concerns many people.

If you want to find out what is his net worth, how did he start streaming, and what is he likes in his private life, this is the right place for you.

What Is DanTDM Net Worth?

DanTDM net worth is estimated to be 35 million dollars, making him one of the richest social media personalities in the gaming industry.

While he makes most of his money through the Twitch and Youtube channels, he ventured into other areas that have brought him a lot of money and success.

These are DanTDM’s main income sources and how much he earns from them.

DanTDM Twitch channel

dantdm twitch

Daniel Middleton’s net worth mainly grew from his Twitch channel, and it is estimated he could earn around 5 million dollars through this platform by now.

However, in recent years, Daniel stopped streaming regularly on this platform, and his income is not that high, but he can still earn around 2 000 dollars even when he is not uploading anything to the channel.

Daniel streams once a week or once in two weeks, and it is estimated he earns around 15 000 dollars per month through these streams and even more money through donations and bits because fans are trying to keep him on Twitch that way.

DanTDM Youtube channel

dantdm youtube

Daniel has a Youtube channel with more than 25 million subscribers, and he earns around 130 000 dollars per month from his main channel only.

He is among the top Youtube channels, and he can earn around 2 million dollars per year through this channel from Youtube ad revenue only, and he earns a lot more through affiliate links and sponsorships on his videos.

Although his main channel is the only one active right now, this British YouTuber has had several different channels throughout the years, and although he isn’t uploading anything to them, they could be making him money through the views they get.

Merchandise sales

Just like everyone with a Twitch or Youtube career, DanTDM also launched his merch collection and started selling simple things like T-shirts, hoodies, and beanies.

Since they were decently priced and his online video channels had a large audience, they started selling pretty fast and still sell to this day, so he earns around 7000 dollars per month through his merch.

Brand deals and sponsorships

Every Twitch and Youtube star has a large number of brand deals, and if you are following Daniel’s gaming channel, you have seen some of these brands appearing all the time.

He has been sponsored by Nintendo since 2019 and by Elgato since 2018, and they are his main sponsors.

Dan is also collaborating with the AFK arena almost since the beginning of his career and with Nvidia, who is also frequently mentioned on his Youtube videos.

It is estimated he earns around 20 000 dollars per month from sponsorships, but this is just from his official sponsorships, so the amount could be much higher.


The reason why Daniel disappeared from Twitch and Youtube for a while was mainly to focus on his acting career.

In 2021, he starred in the movie Free Guy along with Ryan Reynolds, which was his biggest success in the movie industry.

He also ventured into voice acting in the movie Ralph breaks the internet and created his own cinema event called DanTDM presents the contest.

Graphic novels

In 2016, Daniel decided to make his childhood dream come true and started writing his graphic novel.

Trayaurus and the Enchanted Crystal was a best-seller for weeks, and it was a number 1 novel on the New York Times list, bringing him a lot of fame and money.

When Did DanTDM Start Streaming?

Daniel Robert Middleton became known for his excellent skills in many video games, mainly Minecraft and Fortnite, and became one of the highest-paid Twitch and Youtube stars.

He started his Youtube channel in 2012, uploading reaction videos and himself playing video games and showcasing new skills, tips, and tricks.

Dan makes sure his community is family-friendly, and he became a real star among kids, which resulted in him winning several Nickelodeon kids choice awards.

His first Youtube channel, called PokemanDan45, is still available on Youtube, and you can see how he was working from small steps to the big scene.

This channel was a bit more childish, so two years later, he decided to create a new one called The Diamond Minecart which helped him gain millions of followers.

His new channel was also family-friendly, and the reason why he was so popular was the fact that his Pokemon videos were not only safe and enjoyable for kids but also something adults felt comfortable with too.

Daniel was involved in the process from start to finish, and it is no surprise that he is worth 35 million dollars when he worked hard to create everything from content and channels to the thumbnails on his videos.

He was also uploading at least two videos a day initially, which helped him go viral much faster and attract more people to his channel.

DanTDM career

However, this pace wasn’t something he could keep up with, and eventually, he got burnt out, and he started uploading videos less frequently.

Even though he was a Twitch partner, he decided to step back from the platform for a while, but he still has millions of followers.

Daniel also took his success and decided to give a chance to building different businesses and venturing into acting, creating graphic novels, and many other things.

He also created an exclusive show for Youtube Red called Big scene that was very successful and had 6 episodes.

Although he is still active on his Youtube channel, he doesn’t post every day, and his Twitch channel is no longer that active, but he connects with his followers from time to time.

His Youtube channels were able to amass more than 20 billion views throughout the years, and he has more than 26 million subscribers waiting for his next move.

What Is DanTDM Like In Private Life?

Daniel Robert Middleton was born, better known as DanTDM was born in Aldershot, the United Kingdom; started streaming when he was a teenager and was able to turn his hobby into his primary source of income.

He has dedicated years to the gaming industry, set Guinness world records, and became a pioneer in this field.

Since his father was working in the army, his family used to move around a lot, so he was always living in different places.

When his parents divorced, he decided to stay with his mother and his younger brother.

In high school, he met his future wife Jemma, and the couple has been married since 2013 and has a son named Asher.

Daniel frequently mentions how Jemma was his biggest supporter and how she always encouraged him to pursue his dreams and create content for Youtube.

He finished music production at the Northampton university and had a job, but he continued dreaming big, and eventually, being a content creator became his full-time job.

DanTDM is a very humble and down-to-earth guy, and he is rarely involved in any dramas; he keeps his family out of the eye of the internet, which is the reason why he is still one of the most loved streamers.

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