Comparing VMix and Wirecast: Which Offers Better Live Streaming Features?

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When it comes to streaming, the first thing you should focus on is getting the best streaming software.

This program will help you with editing, adding alerts, and delivering rich content, so before you choose one, do your homework.

Both vMix and Wirecast are paid software that is quite popular among professionals.

In this guide, I will compare vMix vs Wirecast and help you decide which one to get.

Let’s begin!

vMix VS Wirecast

Side by Side Comparison

Firstly, let’s go over the criteria.

Both of these software are great, but one of them could have more features that you want than another.

So, I will start with the features, then compare the prices, and list the pros and cons for both.

vMix Review

Features, Price, Pros and Cons

vMix is not only a streaming software – it is used for video production as well, so you can expect a bunch of video editing tools and effects.

It has four channels and you can add cool transitions and set up different settings for each channel.

Later editing is super easy since there are many touch controls for mobile phones.

Wondering where you can use vMix? It is used for more than just streaming.

Videographers are familiar with the program, and it is often used in conferences, education, and online meetings. If you decide to ditch streaming one day, you will have the program suitable for other jobs as well.


Now, let’s take a look at the features.

1. Supported by different hardware

vMix system requirements are common,. So, you could say that it is compatible with most hardware.

Furthermore, the integration of other programs, as well as external device is super easy.

There is multiple file format for saving the recorded videos, and you can add different files.

2. Effects and Transitions

Currently, vMix counts fourteen different transition effects, and you can choose one with just one click.

Some of the effects are CrossZoom, CubeZoom, Fade, etc.

When it comes to the live videos, you have color correction as well as transition effects for live videos.

All of the recordings will have industry standard because of the 4:4:4 32bit color space.

3. Live streaming

As said, vMix has multiple purposes and if you plan on using it for streaming, you can connect it with different streaming platforms.

Facebook gaming along with Twitch and Ustream is supported.

4. Chroma key

Many streamers use a green screen and add different backgrounds via Chroma key.

You can also use this feature to adjust different color tones.

There is full motion zoom which allows you to try out different angles and set the best camera position for the stream.

5. Multi-view

When it comes to different camera angles and positions, thanks to multi-view, you can use transition effects when switching from one position to another.

6. Templates

vMix is a more advanced program, which is why it is mostly used by professionals.

With templates, the program is more beginner-friendly. New users do not have to know how to create overlays on their own – there is a large number of templates they can try out.

7. vMix call

If you want to chat via vMix, you can. Eight people can join one vMix call.

vMix Price

There are six different packages or licenses.

If you do not want to spend any money, you can get the Basic package. Keep in mind that this package does not have all of the mentioned features.

Before you purchase a package, check out what it is offering.

You will get the most options with vMix Pro, but that is also the priciest version.

The Basic HD license is only $60.00.

The Basic Wirecast will cost you $495.00, while Advanced is $995.00.

There is also an option to purchase the support for $99.00.


  • You can create 4k videos
  • A bunch of editing tools
  • Allows customization
  • The basic version is only $60.00


  • The software is compatible only with Windows
  • Not compatible with mobile phones
  • The vMix Pro which unlocks all features is $1200.00

Wirecast Review

Features, Price, Pros and Cons

Wirecast was created by Telecaster and just like vMix, it is both streaming software and a program for video production.

So, what is the difference?

Well, firstly, Wirecast requirements are little higher than when using vMix.

It has several, and it won’t work on any computer.

Windows users need to have either version 7 or a newer one, and Mac users should get X Yosemite or E.

Furthermore, an i3 CPU is required, and it should have 1.7GHz. It is even better if you have an i7 CPU, so you can create videos of the best quality.

The graphic adapter is a must, as well as 4GB of RAM and extra space on the hard disk to keep the recordings.


Check out some of the most important features.

1. Multistreaming

To grow your audience faster it is best to use multiple platforms.

Viewers that discovered you on the platform can easily find you on another, and thus the number of followers will grow rapidly.

With Wirecast, you can stream on these platforms at the same time, so you do not have to spend time uploading.

Just connect all of the accounts and hit that record button.

2. Editing tools

Because it is more than streaming software, you get a wide range of video editing tools.

These editing tools include special effects, transitions, but also showing different angles, image resizing, and cropping.

It will probably take time to discover all of the tools and implement them properly, but that is also the magic of this software – you will never get bored of it because it follows your progress.

4. 3D graphic and color correction

Wirecast supports 3D graphics, and it features a Chroma key as well.

Implementing a green screen is easy and you have color correction tools available as well.

Wirecast Price

Wirecast doesn’t have as many options as vMix.

There are only two versions.

You can buy either Basic or Advanced Wirecast.

Also, you can try the free trial before investing money in the program.

The Basic Wirecast will cost you $495.00, while Advanced is $995.00.

There is also an option to purchase the support for $99.00.


  • It has multistreaming
  • It features an app
  • Simulcast for Facebook Live and YouTube


  • Even the basic packaging is pricy
  • Higher system requirements


That would be all for this Wirecast vs vMix guide. As you can see there is a lot of similarity between the two software.

Both have great editing tools, as well as multistreaming, and advanced tools needed for live-streaming and broadcasting.

Determining which is better is hard.

I would recommend getting the free trial, testing the features, and then purchasing the one that suits you better.

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