Body Painting Twitch: Quick & Easy Guide For Body Art

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Body painting can be a very useful skill, especially in the world of gaming.

A lot of people who love to stream and play games are also into cosplay, and that’s why watching body painting streamers on Twitch can be both fun and useful.

That’s why in today’s article, I’ll go through everything that you know about body painting Twitch streams on this streaming platform.

Are Body Painting Twitch Streams Allowed?

Overall, body painting as a category is allowed on Twitch, so it won’t be a problem to both watch and make a body painting stream.

However, you can’t do just anything with your content when creating body paint art.

When you do this, there are Twitch’s terms and community guidelines that need to be followed if you don’t want to get a ban – which I would assume you don’t want.

As you might expect, female body painters are on a bit more of a hit with this one.

Twitch TOS requires that if a body paint streamer is presenting as female, the nipple, as well as areola areas, must be covered with clothing that’s non-transparent, and this goes for buttocks and genitals, not only for the chest area.

Another thing that’s possible to do is to use opaque paint or a latex combination to have these areas fully covered.

These are artist-grade pasties that you need the body painted with, so if you’ve been a part of this community for a long time, you’ll probably know what this is about.

And, probably the main point that you need to remember is said covers need to be put on before the stream starts because if you start the content with anything being nude – you will be in danger of a suspension.

Just like Twitch rules on drinking, things can be done, but you need to be intact.

Body painting Twitch

When Can You Get Banned on Twitch for Body Painting?

There were instances when streamers who do body paint have been permanently banned.

Even though, in most of these cases, the streamer in question has followed the terms of service that they needed to, they still faced suspension.

Usually, the reasoning behind it was that either the layers of paint and latex weren’t opaque enough, or there was too much cleavage.

From this, it’s obvious to see how bans can more easily happen to female body painters in comparison to male ones.

Twitch will usually respond quite fast once streamers reach out and file a complaint.

Some of the more famous examples of this are the Folkgirl situation and the situation with DelightfullyDani.

In the first case, this streamer has gotten a permanent ban from Twitch, even though she followed all of the guidelines when creating her skin-like piece.

It actually looked like a lot of other body paints that she had in the past, and that didn’t cause any problems.

She had pasties on, and the only thing that was seemingly different was the fact that her viewership was higher than usual, and that included a lot of trolls as well.

The other case happened last year, and it was very similar to the first one in many ways, together with the fact that something is yet to be done regarding these bans.

As you can see, sometimes, even following the guidelines can end up in a ban, and after the first time it happens, it can be very hard to get back on track.

What Do You Need to Start Body Painting?

As with most visual arts, and just like painting on canvases, the main tools that you need to start painting on your body are brushes, sponges, and, of course, paints.

There are many kinds of tools, and they come in a variety of qualities and price ranges, but here, I’ll list to you what the best options to go for are.

Best brushes

  • The Artify Brush Set – in this brush set, you will find a lot of different options to choose from, which is useful no matter if you are a beginner or already a pro, and they also come with a great case that will have everything nicely organized
  • ARTDINGD Paint Brushes Set – this is a very affordable set in which you can find a lot of shapes and sizes of brushes, so going for this when you’re a beginner is a great option
  • Adi’s Art Pro Paint Brushes – this is a great nylon brush set that works great for thin, precise, and smooth lines, so if that is a must for your body paint, then these can be very useful

Best paints

  • Blue Squid Pro – these paints are pro-grade, and the way you buy them is one by one, which is actually quite useful since you can use only the colors that you really plan on working with
  • Mehron – if you like water-activated colors, then this is the option for you since they are extremely easy to work with, and they are also very versatile with the color options, amazing for beginners
  • CCBeauty – if you are on a budget and still not sure whether you can truly afford to use something more pricey, then this is the choice for you

Best sponges

  • Kryvaline Face Paint Sponges – Kryolan is a brand that makes some of the best scene make-up, and it is a favorite for a lot of performers, so it makes sense that the best sponges can be found from their brand
how to start body painting

How to Start Body Painting on Twitch?

As I already mentioned, you can’t just open a stream and then start painting. You have to do some prep first, and here are all the steps on how to setup Twitch stream for painting in order to be prepared:

  1. Firstly, you need to do skin prep. This mainly means that you have to prepare your skin by cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing your skin with a light lotion since a more occlusive lotion could disrupt the paint
  2. Make sure that you have your nipple pasties on or any other coverage that you use
  3. Do a base paint on your chest and torso area, as you want your breasts to be fully covered
  4. Begin your stream
  5. Start painting your masterpiece
  6. When the stream ends, take everything off by following the instructions that are provided with your set of paints

Best Body Painters on Twitch

If you only want to watch this kind of content and not make it, or if you’d like to learn from others before starting on your own, here’s who you should follow:


This body painter is actually one of the people who has gotten back to doing this after a ban, so she’s been here for a long time.

Because of that, you’ll be able to see some truly great stuff from her.


This painter is actually a part of the Method group and the girlfriend of its founder, so she’s very familiar with the online spaces.

Besides Twitch, she’s also very active on Instagram, so you can also look into her art there.

In general, she’s one of the most popular body painters and female streamers overall, especially in the UK.


If you love great and detailed cosplays, then this channel will be for you.

She has been doing this for a long time and just keeps getting better, so it’s always fun to see what she will come up with next.


She was known for a lot of different things on the Internet, and at first, she used to do her art on Instagram.

Since Instagram isn’t too friendly to body painting the way she does it, she transferred over to Twitch and is now streaming her artwork.


If you like to see something about not only body paint but just make-up in general, then these streams can be great for you.

Nuria is great at doing both of these things, so you will have fun and learn a lot.


Body painting is a very fun activity in general, and it’s even more entertaining to do it on stream and watch it, too.

If you are playing with the idea of starting, just make sure that you are well-prepared and that you have all of the guidelines in check, and it will surely be great!


Can you paint nudity on Twitch?

Nudity is prohibited on Twitch, so if you plan to do body painting, it’s best to avoid nudity.

Just like saying retard on Twitch, this is not the best idea.

How do body painters cover their nipples?

Mostly they go for nipple pasties, but there are also latex combinations that can be used for this purpose.

Are art streams allowed on Twitch?

Yes, art streams are allowed on Twitch; you just need to make sure that there is no nudity.

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