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Pausechamp Meaning

The Pausechamp emote is a variation of the original Pogchamp emote, and it is mainly used when you want to build up tension in the stream and anticipate something exciting happening.

His mouth is tightly closed, which means the suspense is building up, and something unexpected will most certainly happen there.

It is a great way to build up suspense through the Twitch channel and prepare people for the most important moment of the stream.

People also use it when something nasty is happening, like a fight or a wrong move in the stream, so its meaning can be pretty sarcastic too.

The Pausechamp emote is very popular among Twitch users, and you will frequently see it in Twitch chat.

It has been released a few years ago, and since then, it seems to be an absolute favorite among people on Twitch, so you need to know what it is used for.

If you were interested in what one of the most popular emotes is used for, then you are in the right place.

When To Use Pausechamp Emote?

The Pausechamp emote is used mainly when a Twitch streamer wants to build up tensions and create space for an exciting event in the stream.

The mouth-closed emote shows that something unexpected will happen and prepares everyone on the stream, and sends them a sign that this is the moment they have been waiting for.

You will frequently see mods on the channel sending dozens of these to show the situation will escalate quickly, so it’s the perfect emote to use when you want to keep people glued to the screen.

If you want to show the importance of the incoming moment, I would recommend you spam the Twitch chat with these because it will create angst among everyone on the channel.

The Story Behind Pausechamp Emote

The Pausechamp emote is a variation of the original Pogchamp emote, which was added to Twitch in 2012 and became one of the most popular emotes.

Ryan Gutierrez created it, but unfortunately, he had a series of controversial tweets that led to the removal of Pogchamp emotes in 2021.

This made finding Pausechamp and Pogchamp emotes a lot harder, and all other variations of this emote were unavailable on Twitch global.

The Pogchamp moment was huge, but unfortunately, Twitch users found it hard to find all those variations in one place and then add them to their Twitch channel.

How Can I Get The Pausechamp Emote?

The Pausechamp emote, and all other Pogchamp emotes are available through the BTTV browser extension, and everyone with a Twitch account will be able to add it.

Both the original emote of Pogchamp and its variations are available on BTTV and FFZ browser extensions, so all you need to do is search for these extensions, download them to your device and then connect them with your main browser.

Here you will find every variation of Pogchamp emote, and with your BTTV settings and FFZ account, you will even be able to personalize them a bit,

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