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<3 Emote Meaning

The <3 emote has a pretty simple meaning – it is a way to show your admiration and love to a streamer or another person in the comment section.

Although this isn’t a popular way of showing your feelings in Twitch streams, especially among male streamers, sometimes you need to find a way to boost a person’s performance, and this may seem like the easiest plan.

It may help them improve their game and regain their focus, so if you want to be clear on your support, then you should send a <3 emote.

The <3 emoticon is the one you see all the time, and although its meaning seems to be pretty obvious, most people are not aware of why it appears on Twitch streams.

People on gaming services rarely use lovey-dovey emotes, but if you are not afraid to express your joy or admiration to someone, then this may be the right choice for you!

When To Use <3 Emote?

Using a <3 emote is quite individual, and most people tend to avoid using it if it isn’t for a person they have followed and supported for years.

Most people avoid sending this emote, especially men because they believe you need to be developing some sort of a relationship with the streamer or the community to become suitable to send things like this.

You can use it when your favorite streamer is going strong in the game, jumping from one level to another, and you want to give them that extra boost and motivation.

Everyone who has a Twitch account and is regularly streaming wants to see some support – and you don’t need to send a basic <3 to show them, love, you can customize it a little bit and create something unique for you.

You can also send it if you see a nice comment in the Twitch chat and you want to show support to other viewers too.

The Story Behind <3 Emote

There is not too much to know about <3 emote because it is a universal emote that has been used ever since the Internet was created.

It shows love and affection, and you will see it everywhere, in comments on Youtube videos, on social media, and in simple text messages.

Nowadays, it may be replaced with some more fancy emojis, but overall, it is a cute way to show someone you love them and care for them, even if it is just a random Twitch streamer.

How Can I Get The <3 Emote?

Everyone has a <3 emote on their keyboard and the regular <3 emote is available on Twitch global, and in case it doesn’t appear on your homepage, make sure to clear all the cookies so you can continue using it without problems.

There are also some more cool versions of this emote, but you will need to get a BTTV extension if you want to gain access to it so that you can explore these options too.

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