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Kappa Meaning

The Kappa emote is used to show sarcasm and act as an eye-roll, and it is often sued as a troll emote too.

You will see that some accounts tend to spam the chat with Kappa, which is usually to troll around or make a ridiculous situation for someone.

Its meaning is almost always 100% sarcastic, and if someone in the chat is depicted with this emote, then you can be sure they are made fun of.

Kappa is one of the oldest Twitch emotes, and although it isn’t that popular nowadays, it is the OG emote that was widely used a decade ago.

Newcomers to Twitch tend to be surprised when they see it, but if you have been a frequent user, then you probably know what it is all about.

If you want to find out what Kappa is all about, then you are in the right place!

When To Use Kappa Emote?

The Kappa emote has a pretty simple meaning, and people use it when they are trying to show how stupid someone is or how bad things are going on the stream.

You will also see people sending messages like “You’re doing great” or “Go ahead, buddy,” and then a Kappa emote, which means this person is a complete moron.

People also use it to troll around when things get boring so that they may spam the whole chat with a Kappa sign for no reason.

It is always used for making fun of someone, and it is the perfect way to provoke that person who is getting on your nerves.

Some loyal fans also use it to troll other streamers they don’t like, so as long as you use it sarcastically, it will be the right way.

The Story Behind Kappa Emote

The Kappa emote was created all the way back in 2011, and the guy in the photo is a former employee of Justin. Tv, Josh DeSeno.

It was big on Twitch at the beginning, but during the past few years, it was replaced with some more popular and viral emotes.

Justin.tv was one of the first places to stream games online, and it eventually split into the platform we now call Twitch.

Justin was doing all the work related to the chat client, and he decided to add a gray image of himself and call it Kappa because he was a big lover of the Japanese culture and the Kappa in Japanese mythology resembles a creature that drowns people in the water.

This image was then uploaded to Twitch as an emote of its staff, and although other staff had their own emotes too, the Kappa one became the most popular option, and it rose to world fame.

How Can I Get The Kappa Emote?

While the original Kappa emote is available to everyone with a Twitch account, there is another variation called Golden Kappa that nobody knows how to access.

The simple Kappa emote is something you will see on your emote board the moment you join Twitch, but Golden Kappa is an emote that appears from time to time for no particular reason, and users have access to it only for a while until it’s gone for good.

Depending on your experience on Twitch and how frequently you use these emotes, you may have received Kappa or not, or you have seen other people using it.

No one can tell you what you need to do to gain access to it because it appears out of nowhere and disappears the same way, so if you receive it, you’re a lucky person!

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