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Monkagiga Meaning

The Monkagiga reaction is mainly used when they want to express horror, anxiety, or shock because of something.

When you add Monkagiga, it usually means you are negatively surprised by the things happening and that this isn’t what you expected.

It also means that the user is basically at the end of their seat, thinking about what could happen next in the game.

The Monkagiga emote is also one of the most popular emotes on Twitch, just like most other emotes from Pepe le Frog meme.

This one may not be used that frequently because there are so many variations of it, but it is definitely a cool thing to see in the Twitch chat.

If you want to find out what Monkagiga is and how you can use it, then this is what you need to know!

When To Use Monkagiga Emote?

The Monkagiga was primarily used by people watching a horror game on Twitch, which explains why their eyes are popping out.

You should use it when you are surprised about how things are going in the game or when you are completely shocked by someone’s move.

It can also be used when someone is scared about how the streamer’s move will go because it is made at a critical point in the game.

Twitch users also send this one in the chat when they come across a comment they didn’t see coming or when people start fighting in the comment box.

Overall, it is the best way to react to something shocking happening, and it is a cool emote.

The Story Behind Monkagiga Emote

The Monkagiga emote is a part of Pepe le frog memes like most other emotes too, and all people with a Twitch account know it is the best emote to use when you are watching horror games.

It shows shock, anxiety, and feeling scared of what could happen next, and it was made mainly for members of the horror game community.

Matt Furie created a large number of Pepe emotes, and they went viral on different Twitch channels, so nowadays, every type of channel has its own unique Pepe emote.

How Can I Get The Monkagiga Emote?

The Monkagiga emote is also not part of the global Twitch emote set, so you will need a BTTV to gain access to it.

Download the extension, connect it with your Twitch channels through the browser extension, and you can use it in every stream and chat as much as you want.

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