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Coggers Meaning

The Coggers emote has the same meaning as the Poggers, and PogChamp emote, which is used when something exciting is happening on the stream.

Since its design is pretty crazy, you can also use it to express excitement and shock when something unexpected happens.

The meaning of this emote is pretty much positive, so I would recommend you use it the same way you would Poggers emote – when you feel like the coolest thing ever is happening on the stream.

The Coggers emote is also one of the versions of Pepe the Frog emote that has become extremely popular.

It is pretty cool, but people often misread its meaning and perceive it as something foolish or aggressive.

If you want to find out how to use Coggers correctly, read our guide thoroughly!

When To Use Coggers Emote?

Coggers emotes, like most popular emotes, should be used when something extraordinary happens on the Twitch stream and when you want to show the streamer you support what they are doing.

The best way to use it is when someone wins a game in the stream because it will show that you are proud of them and that you liked the game.

People also use it to spam the chat when something extraordinary happens on the stream, so you will often see hundreds of users sending Coggers one after another.

You could also use it if you like a streamer so much and you want them to keep on streaming.

The Story Behind Coggers Emote

The Coggers emote is based on the Poggers one, and it was uploaded to the Pepe the Frog selection of emotes in 2018 by a random user.

In the meantime, it became even more popular than the Poggers one, mainly because its design is animated and a lot more interesting.

It was popularized on gaming forums and MySpace, and when Matt Furie uploaded all of these emotes to BTTV and made them available to Twitch users worldwide, the usage of Coggers and Poggers exploded and you could see everyone using it.

The Coggers emoticon appeared on BTTV in 2015, but it was banned on Twitch for some time, so it wasn’t until 2018 that people could start using it again without any obstacles.

How Can I Get The Coggers Emote?

The Coggers emoticon is not a part of regular emotes on Twitch, so you will need to get it through extensions like BTTV emote and then add it to your emotes library.

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