IndieFoxx Net Worth – How Much Does IndieFoxx Earn? (2024)

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Full name: Jenelle DagresEducation: High School
Date of birth: March 20, 1995Height: 5′ 4″/ 163cm
Place of birth: United StatesWeight: 128lb / 58 kg
Current residence: Florida, United StatesEstimated net worth: $1 million

Indiefoxx is a popular streamer and singer from America that has started her social media career on Twitch.

Her live streams have gathered a lot of attention, and she has become a huge Twitch star.

If you want to learn more about IndieFoxx net worth and her journey on Twitch, then you are in the right place.

What Is Indiefoxx Net Worth?

Indiefoxx is estimated to have a net worth of around 1 million dollars which mainly comes from her Twitch channel.

She has become not only a popular Twitch streamer but also a singer and a social media star, and she gained massive popularity quickly.

Indiefoxx has several sources of income, but these are the main ones that bring her the largest amount of money.

Twitch channel

Indiefoxx had a huge Twitch channel and more than 2 million subscribers, which allowed her to earn not only through views but also through subs and donations.

You will see the Indiefoxx Twitch channel had more than 45 million views and around 3500-lifetime subscriptions which shows you she is a vast Twitch star.

Through her live streams, ads, and donations, Indiefoxx earned around 230 000 dollars last year from Twitch only.

However, her channel got down because of nudity, so she is no longer on Twitch, and her Twitch star career is over.

Youtube channel

Although Indiefoxx has a Youtube channel she has been filming for years now, she doesn’t have that many subscribers and has around 1,4 million views.

This leads to around 200 to 1000 dollars of profits from Youtube, which isn’t too much, especially for a famous Twitch star.

However, she is not even posting regularly, so this is a decent amount of money for old videos that get rewatched sometimes.

OnlyFans account

After she got banned from Twitch in late 2021, Indiefoxx decided to come up with her own Only Fans account, where she will continue to do streams.

Because of the Twitch ban, she was no longer able to come back to the platform, so opening an account of this sort was the only choice.

indiefoxx banned

For a monthly subscription of 15 dollars, you will be able to join her chatting streams, watch her play different games, talk about her personal life and share many things from her everyday life.

This has shown to be a great way to earn money for her, and it seems like the Twitch account is no longer needed because she has become a real social media celebrity whose content people want to pay for.

There is also exclusive paid content, so there is a large number of people who are ready to invest even more money to watch her play games.

Brand deals

Although she got a Twitch ban, Indiefoxx still stays pretty relevant, and she has several brand deals and sponsorships, but she mainly presents them on her Instagram account and TikTok under the new alias Jenfoxx.

She has collaborated with different clothing and lingerie brands, fitness apps, beauty blogging entries, and many other brands.

How Did Indiefoxx Start Streaming?

Indiefoxx joined Twitch back in 2017 just for fun because she enjoyed playing different video games like World of Warcraft, Animal Crossing, and Destiny 2.

She went slowly but steadily, and she managed to gather a large number of loyal followers which led to her getting a verified Twitch account in 2021.

Indiefoxx was also popular because of her Just Chatting streams and the fact that she was frequently filming half-naked.

However, she was also filming beauty videos, talking with other women, and encouraging them to step into their feminine power.

Indie also included a lot of I+real-life streams so her fans could get to know her well.

How Is IndieFoxx Like In Private Life?

Jenelle Dagres or better known as IndieFoxx, became a Twitch star accidentally, and once she gained massive popularity, she wasn’t able to hide from her followers.

Although she keeps her personal life private at all costs, probably to maintain the mysterious aura that allowed her to gain so many followers.

Her zodiac sign is Pisces, and she never attended university because she considered it to be a waste of time.

Her behavior has sparked a lot of controversies, mainly because of the fact she was always having sexual jokes, which weren’t the best thing for her streamers.

She is also well-known for streaming in her lingerie and sexy outfits, although she always said the clothing came from her sponsors and she had to wear it one way or another.

Indiefoxx has been single for years, and she is usually talking about how men are immature and never able to provide her with what she desires.

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