How to Donate on Twitch Mobile – Quick and Easy Guide (2023)

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Watching your favorite Twitch streamer as he plays games or even just watching them do random stuff can be quite fun and above all a solid time killer.

Therefore, you would most likely want to support them and through Twitch donations make it possible for them to continue with quality entertainment.

So you can have a fun time watching them and they can slowly bring their content to the next level with your help (a win-win situation if you ask me).

I’m going to show you a few ways how you can show more support to your favorite Twitch streamer. One of the best ways is by donating. You can donate them:

1. Directly from their Twitch channel (find the donate/tips button and send him a donation via PayPal or credit card).
2. Buy Twitch bits and send them to the streamer you want to support.

You will learn how to Donate on Twitch mobile, via bits, donate money, and even donate real money through PayPal donations and help the Twitch community grow, and above all support your favorite Twitch streamers.

Where to Find the Donate Button

Note: We won’t talk about Twitch subscriptions here, I won’t be showing you where the subscribe button is, but only where you can find the donate button.

We are going to hop over to the Twitch platform and we are going to pick a streamer we want to support. Many Twitch streamers are at your disposal, choose wisely.

When you have picked the person you would like to support, you are going to click on their Twitch channel.

Donate Button

Donating, tipping, or supporting a streamer is quite easy to do on their channel, as long as they set that up correctly (the donation option should be automatically enabled).

All we need to do is scroll down through their channel and peruse all of the panels and image links that they have set up there.

You are going to see a bunch of different ones but eventually, you will see the panel title that says “donate”, or it can sometimes also be labeled as “tips”, “tip jar” or “supporting”.

As you can see most streamers edit panels, but make sure to just look through the panels and you will find it (it can be either a text or image panel).

Basically, all you need to do is click on the panel header, sometimes it may just be a URL that will be listed below the panel header, but generally, it’s the header.

Donating Money via Third-Party Services

When you have found the donation link as I instructed above, you are going to click on it.

If they are using third-party services that allow them to accept Twitch donations, for example, stream labs or stream elements you will have the option of creating a personalized message.

The massage can have either a graphic or a gif associated with it when it gets submitted to them.

The first step to do is, to type your name at the box where it says “your username”. If you are already signed in with stream labs the name should be prefilled.

Then, you put in the amount of money you want to donate in the box below “Donation amount”.

When you have done all that, you will have the chance to type in the personalized message. The message is limited to 255 characters.

Below the message box, you can pick whatever gif you want (if you want). Below that you can also choose to add some extra effect.

Note: Certain add-ons and effects require a pro account.

When you have done all that you can just click on “apply”. In the upper right corner, it is going to show you a preview of what it is going to look like, and below that you can see the list of all the people that have donated so far.

When all that is done you can click on donate at the bottom of your screen.

Now, this is going to make you either sign in to an application if you are a stream labs person, or it will redirect you to either PayPal or a credit card payment processing screen.

With all that behind us, we are simply going to click on submit a donation and we will be good to go.

Since I went with PayPal, once the PayPal window has been populated all you have to do is just click on “continue”. That will send funds and you will be redirected back to the stream labs or stream labs finished page.

When all that is finished, the donation will be visible in the chat.

As you can see, that’s how simple it is to help support one of your favorite Twitch streamers, so he can continue entertaining you with more posts.

Twitch Cheer Bits Donations

First of all, I’m going to start by explaining what exactly Twitch cheer bits are.

As you already know Twitch is a streaming service, and they have their own in-stream currency which they call Twitch cheer bits.

Donating Twitch cheer bits is a way to help support the streamer that you are currently watching or your favorite streamer.

When you donate cheer bits, the popular term for that is called cheering.

How to Get Cheer Bits

You can accumulate these in a few different ways. The most common way is by purchasing them on the Twitch platform.

You can get bits on Twitch with a discount, so always take a lookout for that. You can buy them on mobile and you can buy them on desktop.

When you accumulate cheer bits, you will be able to donate them while you are watching the streamer, but I will explain that further below.

Cheer Bit Value

One cheer bit equals one US cent. Thus, the conclusion is, that when you send a hundred bits you are sending one US dollar, when you send a thousand bits you are sending ten dollars, and so on.

When you start sending bits to your favorite streamer or streamer that you want to support, you will notice by your screen name that you will start to acquire badges (cheer chat badges).

When you acquire more than one badge, you can choose what badge you want to display in the chat entry window through “cheer settings”.

Therefore, to earn cheer chat badges on your streamer’s Twitch account, you just simply need to donate more. As they like to say; Bits shows support.

These badges rank up to really high numbers and it just shows other people in the channel and that streamer, how much support you’ve shown to the channel.

Streamers will especially notice these things and believe me, they love the support that you give.

Without your support, they wouldn’t be able to improve the equipment and provide the high-quality content that you would like to get.

When the streamer receives enough bits, they will have to reach a threshold and that threshold in the United States is a hundred dollars.

Twitch withdrawal amount

When they reach that threshold Twitch will do a payout to them that comes from Amazon payments (for that to happen they need to have an Amazon prime account).

Therefore, whenever they reach over that hundred dollar mark in one channel, they will receive payments. So, don’t worry all your bits will donate directly to your streamer of choice.

For a more detailed search, you can always visit the Twitch blog. You can also look at their frequently asked questions for more info.

There are a lot of fun things you can do with Twitch bits, from choosing between bit icons to creating a personalized chat message when you donate bits.

Depending on which streaming platform you are on, or other elements you have in there like stream labs or stream elements.

Bits are one of the greatest ways to help out Twitch streamers because a lot of times you can buy bits at a discount or you can even get them for free, and it really does add up over time.

Therefore, if you guys ever have the chance to support your favorite Twitch partners you might want to consider Twitch bits.

Free Cheer Bits on Twitch

You can get Twitch bits for free by watching ads. A while back Twitch updated their mobile application so you can watch ads from mobile devices and get a small number of bits for free.

This is a pretty cool thing if you ask me. With this method you won’t need a Paypal account to buy them, the only thing you need to do is watch ads.

Note: The number of ads you can watch on a daily basis is limited (the number of bits is also limited). Look out for the countdown timer ending before you can watch another ad for free bits.

Therefore, you will be able to help the particular streamer you are watching by donating bits and you won’t even have to spend any real money.

How to Give Twitch Cheer Bits

The first thing you are going to do is load it right into your Twitch app on your mobile device.

Choose the Twitch streamer you want to support. That can be anyone from someone who is a new streamer, or the streamer that you like the most.

Basically anyone, sometimes if you have some extra cheer bits you can always choose to help out beginner streamers to help them grow their channel (if they choose to enable bits).

Who knows, maybe someone new will become your next favorite. Smaller streamers and new affiliates can sometimes shock the platform with the awesome content they provide on its channel.

When you have chosen the steamer that is going to receive your donation, click on their channel then go to their channel page.

Look at the bottom right-hand corner where the bits icon is in the chatbox. Everything looks the same compared to the desktop.

If you want to buy bits you can go to the “get bits” section, where you can find all the tiers from which you can choose the option that you want (the first three tiers are most commonly used).

There you can also watch ads for some free cheer bits, as I mentioned above if you haven’t done that already

If you already have bits, or if you bought them just know, you can just click on the amount you want.

As you can see there is 1 bit, 100 bits, 1000 bits, 5000 bits, and 10000 bits options, all bits emotes are different and you can solely choose how many bits you want to donate (the custom amount is also possible).

When you have selected the number of bits you can also choose to add as many cooler animated emotes as you like. If you want you can add a short chat message also.

Using many emotes at once shows a lot of support and above all creates cooler animated emotes. When you have done all that just click on “chat” and you are done.

As you can see in the chat window your bits have been sent. Thus, your streamer is receiving donations and other viewers on their channel are also notified.


How do I tip on Twitch mobile?

Tipping, or donating, or helping out is done by choosing from a variety of ways. When you scroll through the channel of your Twitch streamer of choice, you will find a panel sometimes labeled as “tipping jar”, or “donations”, and so on.

Different streamers choose different names for it. But the main thing to do is click on that and you are good to go. You can also choose to donate or tip (you can call it any way you like) bits. And you can do that in the channel chat message box while the streamer is going live.

How many cheer bits can I donate?

The amount of bits you can donate is not limited. Thus, you can donate as much as you like. But have in mind that one cheer bit equals one US Cent. Do your math and donate wisely.

How to Donate on Twitch Mobile – Conclusion

That should be all when it comes to this subject. I really hope that I was able to help you guys and gals out.

Hope you got the chance to learn something new along the way and improve your Twitch experience while doing so. We don’t have a donate button, so save that for your Twitch friends.

Good day and good luck to all of you people out there.

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