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Twitch is one of the most popular streaming platforms nowadays, and therefore, almost everything about it is well-known.

However, there are some uncertainties when it comes to the Twitch gifted subs’ cost.

Here is how much 100 subs would cost (without taxes) depending on the tier:

Tier one – $499,

Tier two – $999,

Tier three – $999.60 (you can buy only 40 subs at once).

For that reason, we decided to create an article that would help you understand the billing of 100 gifted subs. Let’s learn how much is 100 gifted subs on Twitch!

Also, we will provide additional information on whether the streamers receive revenues from them and if the gifted subs automatically renew. Let’s start!

How Much Is 100 Gifted Subs on Twitch?

How Much Is 100 Gifted Subs

As we all know, gifted subs are an excellent way to support and help your favorite Twitch streamers.

But, at the same time, we should know how much money we need to spend to purchase gifted subs on Twitch.

There are three tiers of gifted subs.

As you might guess, tier 1 subs are the cheapest, while tier 3 subs offer you the most, so they are the most expensive gifted subs.

The price of one gifted sub from tier one is $4.99 per month.

Therefore, if you want to buy 100 gifted tier 1 subs, the price is $499 p/m.

On the other hand, if you want to purchase gifted tier 2 subs, you need to spend $999.

That means that gifted tier 2 subs cost $9.99 each.

Finally, tier 3 subs cost $999.60.

Be aware that one can buy only 40 tier 3 subs at one time.

Basically, tier 3 subs are the most expensive because you need to spend $24.99 on one tier 3 sub.

Bear in mind that there are some additional taxes that may apply.

However, depending on the tier you choose, you get various extra things like animated emotes, privileges, roles, etc.

What Are The Benefits of the Gifted Subs on Twitch From the Tiers 1,2, and 3?

Gift subs are great for community building.

Namely, some loyal fans do not have enough money to buy the gift subs or premium subs, although they would like to support the streamer.

Therefore, some guys with more money opt for the so-called “community gifting”, where they gift anonymously the subs mentioned above.

As a result, random people receive the subs and enjoy their advantages.

However, not all gifted subs are the same.

In accordance with its tier, there are 3 types of gifted sub.

Tier 1 gift subscription allows you to use specific badges and emotes, watch videos without ads, and send messages during the subscriber-only chat period.

Thanks to Tier 2 or 3 Twitch, you will gain access to various other benefits.

Firstly, you will be able to use specific emotes added by Twitch affiliates and Twitch partners.

Secondly, your Twitch profile will be marked explicitly thanks to badges that you receive.

Finally, a specific viewer with a gifted sub will have a plethora of other benefits that you can check on the Higher Tier section.

That section appears when you enter the process of purchasing a subscription.

Do Streamers Get Money From The Gifted Sub on Twitch?

If you were wondering whether your favorite Twitch streamers earn something from Twitch gifted subs, the answer is yes, they do.

A streamer’s income of Twitch gifted subs varies, but overall, one gets half of the money from gifted subs.

That means that if one buys 100 tier one gifted subs and pays $499, the streamer will receive half of that money, around $250.

The other half goes to Twitch.

Of course, the more popular the streamers are, the bigger are the amounts they earn.

Therefore, there are streamers who earn more than 50% of the gifted sub price.

In addition, popular streamers often create leaderboards where they put the names of their biggest fans and contributors.

As a result, their fans want to appear on that leaderboard, so they compete for their attention by purchasing their gifted sub.

That is another way how streamers increase their income and how the most loyal fans can get a kind of personal satisfaction.

Moreover, the fans can support streamers financially, thanks to the gifted subscription.

Are There Additional Ways To Support a Favorite Twitch Channel?

There are various other ways to support your favorite streamers.

Firstly, we recommend you check the so-called bits.

One hundred bits are worth $1.68, and a streamer receives around $1.

Secondly, you can donate money from your credit or debit card by simply transferring it to streamers’ PayPal or bank account.

Finally, you can buy streamers’ merchandise or shop via links that you can see on a partner or affiliate channel.


1. Does a gifted sub automatically renew?

The gifted sub does not renew automatically. When the subscription expires, you lose your gifted sub.

Therefore, after the time of expiration, you will not be charged anymore.

If you want, you can subscribe again in the same way you did the first time.

2. What would streamers rather pick- gifted subs or donations?

Both ways are great if you want to support a streamer. However, we believe that many streamers would rather choose gift subs. The main reason for that is the fact that the more sub gifts there are, the more close-knit the community will be.

Randomly gifted users will be able to see the streamer’s content and decide whether they will re-subscribe or not. If they stay, whether they opt for a regular subscription or purchase gifted subs, that would be a sign that they appreciate the streamer’s efforts.

3. How much money can my favorite streamer receive from the subs?

When one pays for a gifted sub, the streamer can automatically receive half of the money one has paid. As we said above, a streamer can receive around $250 if someone decides to buy 100 gifted subs.

Moreover, big streamers like Twitch partners and Twitch affiliate streamers can get more than 50% of the gifted sub revenues.


The gifting process is an excellent feature of Twitch.

Subscription payments serve to support your most-loved broadcasters, and in return, you get a bunch of cool options we mentioned above.

Moreover, you can attract other people to a streamer’s Twitch account and help them build a stronger and larger community.

Finally, all those active people who receive gifted subs will be more than happy to continue supporting a streamer or giving a new streamer a chance.

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