Hiko Net Worth – How Much Does Hiko Earn? (2024)

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Full name: Spencer MartinOccupation: Valorant ESports Player
Date of birth: 6th March 1990Age: 32
Place of birth: Michigan, United StatesMonthly Salary: $1.1K – $18.2K
Current residence: North AmericaEstimated net worth: $1-5 million

Spencer Martin, better known as Hiko, is a Twitch streamer who is best known for being a professional esports player. Today, we will learn about Hiko net worth and gaming career.

His specialty is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and he is formerly and currently Valorant Pro.

At first, he was playing for the team called compLexity, and after becoming famous, he started playing for 100 Thieves and remains on that team.

He is also one of the richest eSports players, so that kind of gives the idea about how much money Hiko makes.

In one International gaming community, he is very well known and respected, and he earned that fame by amazing mechanics and game sense.

What Is Hiko Net Worth?

When it comes to Hiko net worth, a lot of online resources, from Twitch tracker to IMDb and Forbes, seem to agree that the number is somewhere between 1 and 5 million USD.

The biggest part of his net worth came from different professional competitive tournaments, which is not uncommon for a professional esports player.

A lot of it also came from his subscribers, ads, donations, as well as sponsored Twitch streams and deals.

He also has a YouTube channel that he regularly posts to, as well as his own merch, which probably brings a lot of money to his bank account since he has such a large audience.

Hiko’s Sources Of Income

Like most Twitch streamers and successful esports professionals, Hiko earns money through a few different sources of income.

Hiko's Sources Of Income

Here are the platforms that make Hiko earn as much as he does.


The first thing to consider when looking into the streaming platform Twitch, where Hiko will play online games is the fact that he has 1.5 million followers on his Twitch channel.

Because of that, it’s safe to assume that he has a lot of advertisements, as well as donations and Twitch bits.

When it comes to Twitch subscriptions, since he gets 70% from each one, that means he gets $3.50 from every subscription his channel gains.

Speaking of Twitch ad revenue, he approximately gets $10 for every 1000 views.

This means overall, he earns about $7000 a month, only from ads, meaning he gets $90000 a year just from having advertisements.

This is quite a lot since he has gained over 80 million accumulated views over the years, and he gets approximately 16k viewers on each of his streams.

He also managed to hit the maximum of 42k viewers once.

YouTube Channel

Besides Twitch, Hiko also has a YouTube channel where his subscriber count is at almost 400k.

He usually posts around 2 or 3 videos weekly on his channel, and his videos will usually get around 200k views.

While not as popular as his Twitch streamer career, YouTube will still pay Hiko a substantial amount since these definitely are numbers from which an average person could live from.


Hiko is often doing a lot of different Twitch sponsorships, and all of them are included in his Twitch description.

Some of them include Aimlabs and JBL, and they pay them whenever someone uses his coed or links, but how much money exactly he makes from this, we can’t really know.


Since he is one of the most successful esports professionals and a professional CSGO player, a lot of his earnings come from prize money.

When it comes to competitive gaming, it’s estimated that he earned $209,646.18 from all the different tournaments, so he earned quite a bit as a competitive player, but not as much as he earns with pro gaming and Twitch streaming.


Like most of the popular Twitch streamers, Hiko has his own merch, and Spencer Martin fans really do like buying it.

The merch is sold at officialhiko.com.

When Did Hiko Start Streaming?

When Did Hiko Start Streaming

Hiko started streaming in December 2011, meaning he was in this career for over a decade at this point.

Ever since then, he has been ruling the Internet gaming space and tournaments alike as Sova main, which is what brought him the big fan base that he has.

When it comes to YouTube, he started his journey in 2014 and has been posting there, too.

Hiko’s Private Life

Like the majority of popular streamers, Hiko tends to keep details about his private life.

There are some minor facts that are known about him, like the fact that he likes to cook, goes to the gym, and that he liked football when he was younger.

It’s also known that he has a girlfriend since he shared a photo with her on his social media profiles for International Girlfriend Day, but that’s mostly it.

Rarely anyone could find anything about her on social media, so most information that circles the Internet is probably fake.

When it comes to his early life, the only details that are really known are the ones regarding his love for gaming and how he started on this journey.

He started gaming when he was 12, and the game that introduced him to the world of gaming was Counterstrike.

He soon found out that there was a way to earn money by playing video games, and obviously, he liked that idea very much.

When he was in college, he officially said to his parents that he will be dropping out in order to pursue a full-time career as a pro-CS player.

Throughout his career, he was known to change his teams until it finally stuck with 100 Thieves.


How much money does Hiko make?

It’s estimated that Hiko’s net worth is between 1 and 5 million USD, and he earns his money through his various platforms, as well as tournaments. It’s estimated that his monthly salary is somewhere around $1.1K – $18.2K.

Does Hiko have a girlfriend?

Yes, Hiko does have a girlfriend, but not a lot is known about her, except one photo with her that he shared on his social media platforms.

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