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Full name: Charles White Jr.Education: Physiology, University of Tampa
Date of birth: August 2, 1994Height: 5′ 6″ / 168cm
Place of birth: Tampa, Florida, USAWeight: 176lb / 80 kg
Current residence: Tampa, Florida, USAEstimated net worth: $8 million

Moistcr1tikal is one of the oldest and most popular content creators on Twitch, who started his internet career 15 years ago.

He has tried out everything and anything you can do on the internet and has millions of loyal followers.

If you want to learn more about Moistcr1tikal, what he does for a living, and how much money he makes, then you are in the right place.

What Is Moiscr1tikal Net Worth?

Moistcr1tikal net worth is estimated to be around 8 million dollars, and he is present on pretty much every social media platform out there.

His income has been discussed several times, especially when there were a few leakages about his Twitch earnings.

These are his primary sources of income and how much money he earns through them.

Twitch channel

Moistcr1tikal has around 20 000 followers on Twitch which makes his channel one of the most popular on this platform.

He is earning at least 2.50 dollars for every Twitch subscriber, so he earns at least 70 000 dollars per month this way only.

Moistcr1tikal has a good deal with Twitch, and since his gaming content is viral, he also earns a lot of money from ads on his streams, at least 40 000 dollars per month, which shows how big of an impact this content creator has.

Even though you can never know how many donations people on Twitch streams get since he has a large number of followers, he earns somewhere between 3000 to 5000 dollars from donations every month.

With leaks from the last year, it was estimated that Moistcr1tikal was able to earn 400 000 a month from Twitch only, which is entirely possible if you see that he is, in general, among the top earners and has so much ad revenue.

Youtube channel

Although he is not the most popular Twitch streamer on the platform and didn’t make too many records, his Youtube videos are viral, and his channel has over 136 million views.

His Youtube AdSense revenue is around 270 000 dollars per month which is fantastic because some people that try much more complicated and upload every single day don’t have those significant Youtube earnings.

Moistcr1tikal has a huge Youtube channel, and since he had it way before a Twitch account, most of his fans are coming from this platform, which is why he is such a popular gamer.


Since he has a huge platform and a considerable following across all of his social media platforms, he was able to sign quite a few fantastic brand deals.

Currently, he is collaborating with Artesian builds, and the GFuel energy drink is his official Twitch sponsor, and you will see it in pretty much every stream.

Some of the brands that were also included in his videos were Amazon music, FitBod, Current, and Honey.

He is also a Twitch partner, and he tends to add ads for different brands from time to time, so he earns at least 10 000 dollars per month through brand deals and sponsorships of different types.

Human Media Group

Moistcr1tikal and his friend Matt Phillips have created a company called Human Media Group which has aim to protect content creators and writers.

The company also provides them with good connections in the industry and provides them with exquisite business deals.

Moistcr1tikal himself launched his graphic novel series through the company, and they have more than 50 creators working with them.


Even though he was working on a new graphic novel series, Mostcr1tikal was able to get involved in other things too, and he has acted in quite a few movies.

He appeared in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay and had smaller roles in other American Tv shows.

However, he also voice acted and is best known for his voice acting roles in Lucius 2, although he gave his voice to quite a few video game heroes.

When Did Moistcr1tikal Start Streaming?

Moistcr1tikal was probably one of the first people to realize that creating content is the future of the internet and who has decided to kickstart his career on social media platforms.

Charles came up with his first Youtube channel called Penguin07 in 2007 and started uploading videos of himself playing different games and discussing gaming-related content.

After his Youtube videos started getting some views, Charlie began to stream on too.

His Youtube channel started growing significantly, but he remained anonymous all the time, so no one knew the face behind the nickname.

When he started earning a lot of money from Youtube, he decided to donate all of his profits to charity, which made him even more popular in the community.

In 2014 he reached one million followers, and in 2017 he decided to finally reveal his face.

In the meantime, he started sharing not only gaming-related content but also talking about problems in the internet community and online drama, and he was very critical of social media.

Since he thought it was important to draw attention to problems like this, he decided to start a podcast called The Official podcast, where some of the most popular YouTubers and Twitch streamers joined him to discuss different topics.

moistcr1tikal info

Although his Youtube channel had a large following, he decided to move over from the leading youtube channel and try something different, so he joined Twitch and started creating live streams.

This became one of his main income sources, and he was able to become even more popular and gather millions of new subscribers.

He also started participating in different gaming tournaments and started playing chess too, which has led to him participating in a Pogchamps chess tournament.

Once Covid surged, and people were spending more and more time and home, he started gaining even more subscribers, and people were invested in the whole story, so he even organized a few online tournaments that allowed people to have fun.

His streams and plays are considered some of the best in the past few years, and it is pretty clear why he has a few million subscribers on every social media.

He has streamed dozen of different games and tried out pretty much everything you can do on streaming channels, which is the reason why people still love him so much and enjoy all of his content.

What Is Moistcr1tikal Like In Private Life?

Charles is known to be one of the coolest guys in the gaming industry, and not only all of the channels can provide you with something new and interesting, but he is also always trying out new things, and you can never get bored with him.

His viewers cherish the fact that he is very dedicated to the wishes of subscribers and that he doesn’t care that much about his net worth as he cares about having a good time and making people enjoy time spent on his streams.

He is a genuine guy who puts a lot of effort into charity, and he is always organizing different types of humanitarian events but also donating a large amount of his income.

Charlie is one of the Twitch streamers that always support people in need, so you will see him bringing awareness to things like this all the time.

He is crazy about gaming, but he has another cool hobby – he loves collecting pokemon cards and has shared his collection several times on his streams.

Since he likes to experiment with different industries, he has also tried out a music career and released a few singles with his friends, and he is pretty involved in the TV world, too, so don’t be surprised to see him in popular shows.

He is currently living in Tampa, Florida, with his long-term girlfriend, Tiana Tracy.

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