Twitch Founder Badge – What Is It, and How to Get One?

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The exclusivity of being first in any and every action we take has always been the coveted one.

We brag that we have been among the first ones to see this or that movie, the first ones who have visited this or that place, and so on.

Twitch is no exception. Here, I will cover 3 best ways to earn Twitch Founder badge:

1. Be One of the First Subscribers on the Channel

Founder’s badge is given to the very earliest subscribers on the specific channel. If you are active and valuable member of the stream, the streamer will award you with this limited badge. Twitch gives 10-25 Founder’s badges for streamers to deliver to the viewers.

2. Receive Twitch Gifted Subscription

Even if you get a gifted sub, you will be eligible to be awarded a Founder’s badge.

3. One of the Previous Founder’s Badge Owners Gets Banned

If one of the people who already had a Founder’s badge gets banned, streamer will get that badge back so they are able to give it to another member of their stream.

Twitch subscribers have been declaring themselves “first” ever since Twitch came into existence, with the Twitch founder badge.


Well, if a streamer offers interesting and great quality streams, as a subscriber you want others to know that you have been among the first subscribers and supporters.

It kind of means that you have discovered them yourself.

What is a Founder Badge?

When a new streamer surfaces, the first 10 subscribers will get a founders badge (only on affiliate channels). It has been created as a form of support for new and rising channels on twitch in order to help them build their viewer base and promote the content.

The Twitch founder badge appears in your list of badges as the Twitch 1st badge.

It is truly an exclusive appearance as only a minority of subscribers gets the chance to receive it (more on that a bit later).

You can display it on your profile when you are chatting and both the streamer and other subscribers will have information about your exclusivity.

You can also decide to hide it on the settings and security section if you want to use any other badge you have earned, or the channel’s custom badge if it has one.

When you decide to put it back on, follow the same steps.

This exclusive bragging right does not come just from the fact that you said that you were amongst the first people who subscribed to a certain channel ever. Not everyone can get it, so why not flaunt it if you’ve got it, right?

How to Get the Twitch Founders Badge

1. Subscribing by Yourself

To be able to even get a twitch founders badge, you will have to be among the first group of people who subscribed to a certain channel.

Streamers who reach the rank of affiliate get 10 founder badges to give out to the first ten subscribers of their channel.

This means that first 10 people who subscribe to your channel will automatically be rewarded with the founder badge.

When it comes to streamers with Partner status, they get 25 founder badges to give out.

When it so happens that an Affiliate streamer reaches a Partner rank, additional 15 badges will be at their disposal and will be automatically distributed to the next 15 subscribers.

Are there any conditions that you need to fulfill to become eligible for a twitch founders badge?

Well, yes.

Aside from being among the first 10 or 25 subscribers to a channel, you need to have an active subscription to that channel for your badge to be displayed.

If you do not have an active subscription your badge will still be yours but it will be displayed once you re-subscribe to the particular channel.

You need to be a paid or prime subscriber to Partner channels or a prime subscriber to an Affiliate channel.

2. Receiving Gifted Subscription

Subscribing by yourself is one way of becoming eligible for the badge.

Another way is receiving the subscription (if it is among the first 10 or 25).

If you gift the subscription to somebody else you will not get the founder Twitch badge.

3. Getting the Founders Badge if the Previous Subscriber Gets Banned

There is actually a chance that you get the desired badge even if you were not in the first 10 people to subscribe to a streamer with Affiliate status or in the first 25 to subscribe to a verified Twitch Partner.

You can get the badge if a previous subscriber is banned from the site or if they have deleted their account.

The badges will automatically be given to the 11th or the 26th subscriber if only one subscriber dropped out (and so on if more of them get banned or delete accounts).

This will also require you to be very fast in subscribing since these drop-outs and deletions do not happen that often.

Losing Twitch Founder Badge

One of the questions that are the most common when it comes to the Twitch founder badge is “Can I lose a Twitch founder badge?”

And the answer is ‘yes’ under these conditions:

  • If you delete your account and subscribe with a new one.
  • In case you get banned from the website.
  • If the channel you subscribe to does not exist anymore.

If you have a subscription that is not active – i.e. you did not re-subscribe for a few months, your founder’s badge will still be yours but it will not be visible until you get your active status again.

Number of Twitch Founder Badges

Streamers can hand out the founder’s badge when they have a Twitch affiliate status. As you can expect partner channels will have even more badges for any subscription tier.

When I say Twitch affiliates get founders badge I don’t mean that they will only get one Twitch founders badge, on the contrary, if you reach Twitch affiliate status you get 10 founders badges for your first 10 subscribers. So, that your first subscribers can select the founder’s badge that you gave them and replace the standard subscription badge.

number of Twitch founder badges

Therefore, you can only assume that partnered channels will get even more badges. So, if you have a partnered channel you will get 25 badges (15 more over the 10 you get for being an affiliate).

If this is your case, that you already have a Twitch affiliate channel and you improve to a partnered channel you actually get 25 badges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I lose the founder badge?

First of all, I must say that this is the most common subscriber FAQ. The answer is that you can lose it but it’s not really likely. You can lose your founder badge and if this happens you will lose Twitch prime badges and all of your badges.

But the scenario must be that your Twitch account gets banned indefinitely. As you can assume in that case you will lose all your badges Twitch associated because you will not be on the platform anymore.

The second reason can be if the streamer that you got your Twitch founders badge from gets banned. If that happens you will have your standard subscriber badge displayed.

Can I have a custom founders badge?

The answer to this question is, unfortunately, no. As you might already know just like the Moderator and VIP badges this one as well cant be modified. If you as the original owner of the founder’s badge decides that you don’t like the looks of it, the best thing you can do is to hide your Twitch founders badge.

The option for that can be found in the Twitch menu. There you can display your standard sub badge. To do that go to security and privacy scroll down to HIDE FOUNDERS BADGE and module flip switch do disable it and then you will have a standard subscriber badge displayed instead.


Here we have reached yet another end of our journey. I honestly hope that we were of some help, we tried to make it as easy as possible so you guys can get up to speed fast. If that is the case I am genuinely satisfied. Good day and good luck Twitch users.

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