Loupedeck is one of the most popular editing devices that allows users to edit photos and videos easily.

Streamers use it so they can navigate their whole gaming and streaming process, and this is definitely one of the best products for people in this niche.

It provides them with a variety of effects and assets that can drastically impact their experience and help them look more interesting and professional to their viewers.

While you can use the settings and assets your Loupedeck provides you with, you can also choose to create your own preset and a unique experience for your viewers.

However, the Loupdeck panel is not the only panel that offers this type of option and assets, and there are plenty of alternatives to this product.

For that reason, we have decided to talk about the best Loupedeck alternative choices that are a lot cheaper than the original panel and will provide you with an amazing experience and great results, just like the original.

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    Best Loupedeck Alternative


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    A1t6pe dgsL. AC SL1500
    Blackmagic Design
    • Two 5 inch displays
    • USB C technology
    710R9YpV9nL. AC SL1500
    Elgato Stream Deck
    • 15 functional keys
    • Video and photo editing
    • Customizable buttons
    • Small and convenient design

    1. Blackmagic Design Davinci Resolve Mini Panel

    Blackmagic Design Davinci Resolve Mini Panel

    The Blackmagic Davinci panel is one of the most famous alternatives to the Loupedeck panel, and even though it is not very affordable, many people decide to purchase it.

    This compact hardware panel will provide you with different functions – from adding colors, navigating the timeline, and switching noise and tones.

    It is a very popular and practical product that is a great option for all streamers and creators who tend to move around a lot and need a very portable device and can fit into a bag.

    The tools on this one are similar to those on a Loupdeck, and it has more buttons than a computer keyboard, so you will really need some time before you become used to it.

    With this device, you will be able to access almost a hundred features – from adding contrast and shadows to the photos or videos to making the RGB colors a lot more vibrant.

    12 special buttons are made for color correction, 18 buttons for transport and navigation, and 3 weighted trackballs that will provide you with the highest resolution possible.

    It also has an upper deck with two small displays of 5 inches and 8 knobs that will allow you to smoothen the picture or video as much as possible.

    You can also count on 8 original buttons are made for switching between the nodes, navigating the timeline, and controlling the dials and presets.

    This deck also has a special USB C technology that is in sync with the newest computer technologies and makes this panel a great option for different kinds of PCs – whether they are Windows or Mac ones.

    It also has simple power connections like AC and an XLR connection, but sadly, it doesn’t have phantom power.

    This device will also work great with the Linux system, so it is one of the rare tech products that are compatible with it.

    All panels have the same layout, so switching between them is very easy even for complete beginners, making it a lot better option than Loupedeck.

    This one is great for professionals, too, even though many people claim that it is way too simple and doesn’t have enough features or presets.

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    There is a massive number of controls and features, and even though it is not the best professional panel on the market, it is definitely among the best ones, and that is the reason why many people so covet it.

    However, this is one of the most expensive panels on the market, and its starting price is around 3000 dollars, so it is a really big investment and something usually only professionals opt for.


    • Two 5 inch displays
    • Compatible with all PCs
    • USB C technology
    • Over 30 different buttons for color coordination, navigation, etc.


    • Very expensive
    • Doesn’t have enough features and effects

    2. Elgato Stream Deck

    Elgato Stream Deck

    This Elgato Stream deck is one of the most popular panels among gamers, and it provides them with the ability to do video editing, develop presets, and adjust different applications and programs through it.

    There are 2 versions of this device – one has 15, and the other has 32 keys, so you can basically choose the one that works best for you and save some money.

    It is also completely customizable, and all you will have to do is find the right setting and create a console that will work perfectly for you.

    Even the version with‚ 15 keys will provide you with unlimited possibilities, and you will be able to launch a program and use different functions with just one simple touch.

    It also allows you to streamline your setup by connecting the device to your Twitch, Twitter, XSplit, Youtube, or Mixer and integrating the tools that will allow you to control the whole process.

    This deck will also automatically recognize different types of media and allow you to engage in video and photo editing easily.

    You can choose to upgrade and get configured your whole experience on streaming platforms by adding different images, gifs, and videos to your streams, and all of that can be done with one simple click on your deck.

    If it is more convenient for you, you can always turn your deck buttons into different folders and create a different configuration for every game, so you can switch between the modes.

    Just one key can be assigned to more than 10 actions which is amazing but can be quite confusing for people who are just starting out with this device.

    It also comes with an adjustable stand, so you will be able to keep it where it works best for you and make sure that it is the right area for your photo and video editing.

    Unfortunately, users complain that this deck really can’t last a lot and that it usually slows down a year and a half after you have purchased it, so keep this in mind too.

    However, this deck is a lot more affordable than all other Loupedeck alternatives, and the 15-key version will cost you around 150 dollars which is really a good price.

    This is a midi controller, and it will really fit into any space and help you with editing immensely, so I believe it is exactly what you are looking for.


    • Affordable
    • 15 functional keys
    • Video and photo editing
    • You can create your own configuration
    • Compatible with Twitch, Twitter, Mixer, and other streaming platforms


    • Not very durable



    This Feelworld Livepro device is a multi-camera video mixer that will allow you to do anything and everything with your video or live stream.

    It has 4 HDMI inputs and 1 output, and both of them will be able to support videos up to 1080p of resolution without problems.

    This board also has a USB 3.0 technology that will allow you to live stream flawlessly and eliminate the need for any other software.

    Once you have connected this deck to your PC or laptop, you will be able to switch between 4 different camera inputs with just one click and save time you would have spent manually going from one camera to another.

    This is a very small product that can fit into any space, which is highly appreciated because gamers and streamers usually don’t have too much space suitable for big devices.

    You can also switch between different sliders, pictures, and presentations on your device and adjust the volume however you want during the live stream.

    The open-source software also allows you to do video editing, and you can make your idea come true in a matter of few minutes, and your workflow will remain amazing.

    All the adjustments can be made during the stream, and you can configure all the buttons and sync them with the game you are currently playing.

    Once you have created a special set for each game you are playing, you should always choose other buttons that will have universal use so you don’t get confused.

    Users tend to complain about the fact that they can edit just one photo at a time, which can be very exhausting, but it works the same way as on other boards, so it isn’t that bad.

    These customizable buttons, unfortunately, are not very responsive, so you will really need to click hard if you want to activate fine-tuning or open Adobe Lightroom.

    This is probably the biggest disadvantage to the product because gamers and streamers are usually looking for decks that can easily be activated and navigated through.

    However, this is still an amazing Loupedeck alternative, and it is also a lot more affordable, so I believe it is one of the best midi controllers on the market.

    It will provide you with the same functionality, and you will save some money, so if you have already spent a few hours looking for an alternative but don’t know what to do, this is the right choice for you.


    • Great for video and photo editing
    • Affordable
    • Customizable buttons
    • Adjusting during the stream
    • Small and convenient design


    • The buttons are not very responsive
    • You can edit just one photo at a time

    4. Behringer X Touch Mini

    Behringer X Touch Mini

    This is definitely the most popular Loupedeck alternative you have seen everyone raving about – yes, it is the Behringer X Touch Mini controller.

    The X Touch Mini controller is known to be one of the highly coveted products among gamers that will allow you to speed up the whole process and customize photos and videos in an instant.

    It will give you universal control and access to all instruments, applications, and effects that can be used on your device, and you will even be able to use Final Cut Pro, Lightroom Classic, and Premiere Pro through it.

    The X Touch Mini guarantees you high precision, so you will easily make all the changes and adjustments with one click.

    Its software is similar to the Loupedeck one, but it also has an integrated Mackie controller that will make it compatible with any audio software there is these days.

    On the official Behringer website, you can also download their special program for X Touch Mini that will allow you to layer audio and control all elements of your sound.

    Even though it connects to your device through a USB, you will still need to install this software, which is lame.

    Your workflow will be amazing, and you definitely won’t have to reset the controller if it takes a bit longer, which tends to happen with the Loupedeck controller.

    There is also a master fader that will allow you to control all aspects of photo editing and connect your PC mouse.

    However, there are no buttons or a function that would allow you to modify the Mackie controller during the process, so you will have to take some time using this add-on.

    The other problem is that many users complain that the link on the Behringer website is not always working, so it can be very hard for you to get into the installation process, and it tends to take a lot of time.

    In my opinion, this is definitely the best Loupedeck alternative you can find on the market, and the price is really reasonable, so it can be a great option both for professionals and people who are just getting into this world.

    The setting on X Touch Mini can be easily navigated, and you can really create the perfect deck for yourself if you press the right button.


    • Best Loupedeck alternative
    • Can be customized
    • Great for all types of video and photo editing
    • High precision
    • Affordable


    • Requires a special Behringer software
    • Mackie controller needs to be adjusted manually


    If you were looking to find the right Loupedeck alternative for yourself, then you have definitely gathered some valuable information from this article.

    Even though Loupdeck looks like the best product on the market, there really are a lot of alternatives that are equally as good, if not even better, than your Loupedeck.

    You can really find a great and precise open-source software among these products and get the right tool for yourself that will help you enhance your gaming and streaming process immensely.

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