Booba Meaning – Full Guide and Best Moments to Use It

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Booba Meaning

The best moment to use the Booba emote is when you see people are sending horny comments or insinuations and when you see people posting someone’s nudes in the stream.

People started using it when they say nude boobs in the stream, and this emote ended up being the only valid reaction to things like this.

You should also use it to call out people on childish behavior and sexual jokes because that is not something everyone on the stream would be comfortable with.

The Booba emote is one of the newest emotes in the Twitch world, and its meaning often causes confusion because people have no idea when and how to use it.

Although it originates from the Pepe series of memes, its meaning is a bit unusual, so you won’t see it every time you are on the Twitch stream.

If you are curious about what Booba means and how you can use it, then you are in the right place.

When To Use Booba Emote?

The Booba emote is the type of emote that is used in the hot-tub streaming channels when boobs appear on the screen.

It is a variation of the Pepe le Frog series of memes and is similar to other memes of this sort, except Pepe is now dressed in a tux.

This meme is a way to call out people when they are hornyposting or to react to someone’s horny meme or comment.

It shows shock and discomfort because of these things happening in a Twitch stream, but his stretched-out eyes can also be showing shock to different types of situations on the stream.

However, this is its most frequent use, so pay attention to what’s happening when you see it in the chat.

The Story Behind Booba Emote

The Booba emote is one of the newest Pepe le Frog emotes, and it has been created in 2020 and added to the emote package.

The Pepe Awooga reaction to a nude image of Elizabeth Olsen that said booba instead of boobs became viral, and people started using it as a way to react to people’s nudes or stupid horny jokes.

From that moment on, it was added to the list of popular Twitch emotes, and people have started using it all the time to react to stupid things like this.

How Can I Get The Booba Emote?

Even though the Booba emote is very popular, it isn’t available on Twitch, and you will need to get it through third-party extensions.

If you want to start using it, you will need a FrankerFaceZ or BTTV Twitch extensions where you will have all the Pepe le Frog emotes in one place.

These are the places where you will find all the emotes you can think of, and they are compatible with Twitch, making the whole process a lot easier.

All you will need to do is download these extensions, install the plugin on your device,e and connect it with Twitch.

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