Can You Watch Anime on Twitch in 2024 – 4 Tested Easy Ways

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Can you watch anime on Twitch in 2024? Watching anime on Twitch is theoretically possible, but it can be hazardous for your Twitch account due to copyright issues.

The copyright holder can always decide to complain to the Twitch moderators, and, as Twitch’s terms forbid watching and streaming copyrighted content, it can lead to the termination of your account.

That being said, here are some of the best ways to watch anime on Twitch without getting punished by a DMCA strike.

Can You Watch Anime on Twitch?

Streaming anime on Twitch directly is one of the easiest ways to get yourself banned from this streaming platform. The problem doesn’t lie in Twitch’s rules as much as it does in the fact that most if not all anime are copyright material and as such is subject to a number of laws.

Essentially, if your stream gets noticed by the copyright holder, which is more likely that more people are watching your broadcast, they can and will file a complaint against you. It is this complaint that will get you banned.

Furthermore, you can also get into legal trouble in addition to losing your Twitch account. While it is rare for streamers to come under lawsuit for copyright claims, it is not unheard of, so you should be very careful when doing this.

Best Ways to Stream Anime

There are several ways a streamer can use to share an anime with their fans on Twitch without being scared of legal repercussions.

Each of these ways has its advantages and disadvantages and is preferred by different streamers depending on the size and desires of their community.

This guide will explain how to stream anime on Twitch without getting banned, using some of the most popular third-party options.

Can You Watch Anime on Twitch

1. On-screen timer

Your first option for streaming anime on Twitch is by using an on-screen timer. Doing this will allow you to share copyrighted content with your fans without worrying about getting banned or encountering legal issues.

First, you will need to open your streaming platform and set up an appropriate screen timer. Depending on the platform you are using, there will be several screen timers you can use.

The way this timer works is that it gives your audience a way to know exactly when your anime stream will start, as well as allowing them to tune in at a later point in the video if they miss the beginning.

Then, start watching your anime, streaming yourself while you watch it. Your viewers will be able to do the same thing on their devices, syncing themselves to you thanks to the timer you provided them with.

2. Use Tenami

If you are looking for a more automated solution, Tenami is always a good choice, even if it does require some input from your community to get the best results.

The first step will be to go to the Tenami app website and install the PC app. Alternatively, you can install the Chrome extension if that is your preferred browser, as it achieves the same results.

After that, you will need to turn on the app or the extension and head to the website that hosts your preferred anime, such as Netflix or Crunchyroll. Login to your account on said website.

This will cause Tenami to create a popup screen on your device. Anything you have playing in this window, such as your anime, for example, will also be synced to your viewers.

As an additional note, in order to watch your stream, the viewers will need to install Tenami as well to tune in to your stream, so make sure to inform them of said fact ahead of time.

Finally, copyright laws still apply to the content shared in this way. To avoid getting in trouble, simply stream yourself and your mic instead of the anime, and let the Tenami app share it in its popup window.

3. Use Twitch watch parties

The final way to stream anime on Twitch is through the use of Twitch watch parties. This Twitch premium subscription function works with any content that can be viewed through Amazon prime and is completely safe from any copyright claims.

In addition, streaming with Twitch watch parties is much more simple than most other options on this list. In addition to anime, it is often used for streaming movies on Twitch, as well as other types of interesting content.

The first you need to do is open the stream manager tab of your Twitch account. Once there, look for the quick actions tab, then set a Watch party quick action. This will provide you with a button that will start your watch party.

One downside of this method is that you have to host the watch party from a PC. Luckily, your viewers won’t have the same limitations and will be able to tune in from Android and IOS as well.

Finally, you cannot start watch parties on Twitch unless your stream is already live, so you will need to check that first.

4. Create reaction videos

Creating reaction videos in a live stream is one of the premier ways to keep your audience interested by just talking to them and providing useful commentary.

Unfortunately, when dealing with copyrighted content such as an anime, a streamer can get into trouble with DMCA. The same goes for watching youtube on Twitch stream.

When making a reaction video, you are likely going to need stock footage of the anime itself. When using said footage, there is something called “fair use”, an arbitrary measure of how much footage can you use without getting in trouble.

One way to make sure that your footage falls in the fair use category is by cutting and editing parts of the original video. Sharing an entire anime episode for the purpose of making a reaction video is sure to get you banned, so don’t do that even if you think your viewers would like it.


Streaming anime on Twitch is possible, but it requires the use of third-party software to get the best results and avoid getting into trouble due to copyright claims.

An alternative is to go with Twitch watch parties, but that option is only viable for anime shows available on amazon prime.

There are several avenues of approach that you can take, depending on your source of content and the streaming software you use.


Can you get banned for streaming anime on Twitch?

Streaming anime on Twitch is illegal due to copyright laws, so if you try to do it directly, you are almost definitely going to get banned, with the possibility of further trouble as well.

In order to avoid these negative consequences, you can use amazon watch parties or third-party software that allows you to skirt these rules and stream anime anyway.

Can I stream Crunchyroll on Twitch?

StreamingTV shows and anime from Crunchyroll is technically illegal but entirely possible by using third-party software such as Tenami. You just have to be cautious not to get caught, as otherwise you will get banned.

What can you watch on Twitch?

Any content that is in accordance with Twitch terms of service can be watched, but other things, such as anime, can also be streamed through Twitch watch parties or other software, providing you with a way to share your favorite content with your fans.

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