7 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Likes: Safe Services [Tested]

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When starting your business on Instagram or opening a new Instagram page, it’s important to have lots of likes and engagement on your posts. Unfortunately, this process takes time, which sometimes you don’t have.

In this case, it’s best to buy likes. You’ve probably thought about this yourself, but you are not sure where to start, and with all the scam sites out there, it’s hard to find the best place to buy Instagram likes. I suggest Buy Real Media because of its reliability and numerous options.

In this article, I will guide you through several like-buying pages, explain the pros and cons of each one and answer any other questions you might have about buying Instagram likes.

1. Buy Real Media

Best for Number of Likes

buyrealmedia Logo

Amila’s Take:

I have personally used the BuyRealMedia website to buy Instagram likes, and based on the information provided and my experience, it seems like a reliable option for those who want to increase their Instagram engagement quickly and easily.

Number of Likes10
Delivery Time9.5

I have personally used the BuyRealMedia website to buy Instagram likes, and based on the information provided and my experience, it seems like a reliable option for those who want to increase their Instagram engagement quickly and easily.

One thing that sets BuyRealMedia apart from other websites that offer similar services is their commitment to providing genuine and authentic likes from real people with active accounts.

This means that there’s no risk of getting caught using fake likes from spam accounts, which could lead to penalties or account suspension.

Another advantage of using BuyRealMedia is their range of affordable packages, which cater to different needs and budgets.

Whether you want to buy a small number of likes for a specific post or an ongoing supply of likes for multiple posts, they have you covered.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to boost your Instagram engagement, buying likes from BuyRealMedia could be a good choice.

Their commitment to providing authentic likes and affordable packages make them a reliable option for anyone looking to increase their Instagram likes.

  • Affordable packages
  • Genuine and authentic likes
  • Safe and discreet service
  • Range of packages to suit different needs and budgets
  • Doesn’t replace the need for quality content and engagement with followers

2. SocialsUp

Best service for NTF and crypto niche


Amila’s Take:

I was a bit skeptical about SocialsUp, since it’s a relatively new service. While navigating and finding what I needed for my account was a bit harder, the likes were delivered as promised. Also, they cover more niches than other sites, including NFT and crypto.

Number of Likes9.5
Delivery Time10

SocialsUp is a lesser-known page with a small number of mentions across the Internet.

They offer promotions across many platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Discord, Spotify, Linked, In, and others.

They also offer promotions on NFT and crypto websites – a feature other sites don’t have.

SocialsUp has the following Instagram likes packages:

  • 50 Likes – $1.89
  • 100 Likes – $3.29
  • 250 Likes – $4.39
  • 500 Likes – $7.69
  • 1000 Likes – $14.29
  • 2500 Likes – $35.99
  • 5000 Likes – $38.49

Their website doesn’t look professional, and it’s hard to navigate.

The service is geared towards the global marketplace, so it offers you a variety of options and is bound to give results.

SocialsUp has no user reviews, so it’s hard to say what the majority of users think of this service, but this could be due to the page being relatively new.


  • Affordable prices
  • Unique features
  • New site and a bit unreliable

3. Instagrowing

Best budget-friendly service

instagrowing Logo

Amila’s Take:

This is a great solution for those that don’t have a big budget – I used a free trial to test its services and was quite pleasantly surprised with the delivery time. However, switching from a free trial to payment was a hassle, and one of my newer posts almost didn’t get that boost.

Number of Likes9
Delivery Time10

Instagrowing is one of those sites with great consumer ratings, so it gives that most of its users are satisfied with the services it offers.

This US-based platform offers engagement at a low price and has a great customer support system, as they are always available to answer any questions you might have.

The question I can’t seem to answer quite yet is: are those likes real? It appears they are combining real Instagram users with some that don’t seem as active, but this is yet to be seen.

What many users point out as a flaw is that sometimes their payment procedure doesn’t work, so it’s impossible to go through with a payment which might be bad if you have a post you need to publish at a certain time and it doesn’t get likes when needed.

Otherwise, it’s easy to use, nice looking and offers three options: real likes, automatic likes, and premium likes.

Instagrowing’s Instagram likes packages:

  • 100 Likes – $3.29
  • 300 Likes – $5.29
  • 500 Likes – $7.69
  • 1000 Likes – $14.29
  • 2500 Likes – $27.49
  • 5000 Likes – $38.49
  • 8000 Likes – $51.69
  • 10.000 Likes – $64.79
  • 25.000 Likes – $155.99
  • 35.000 Likes – $167.99
  • 50.000 Likes – $203.99
  • 100.000 Likes – $359.99

Premium packages:

  • 100 Likes – $3.99
  • 300 Likes – $7.19
  • 500 Likes – $10.49
  • 1000 Likes – $19.39
  • 2500 Likes – $37.39
  • 5000 Likes – $52.49
  • 8000 Likes – $62.98
  • 10.000 Likes – $80.99
  • 25.000 Likes – $194.99
  • 35.000 Likes – $209.99
  • 50.000 Likes – $254.99
  • 100.000 Likes – $449.99

Monthly automatic likes:

  • 80 Likes – $19.99
  • 150 Likes – $29.99
  • 300 Likes – $39.99
  • 600 Likes – $69.99
  • 1500 Likes – $149.99
  • 2000 Likes – $199.99
  • 3000 Likes – $299.99

  • Many options to fit any budget
  • Quick customer support team
  • Free trial option
  • The payment feature is not always working.

4. Twicsy

The most reliable service

twicsy Logo

Amila’s Take:

The best part of using Twicsy was their customer support – they helped a lot find the right package based on my goals and target audience. Also, thanks to their automatic likes feature, I never had to worry about one of my posts not getting the boost.

Number of Likes9.5
Delivery Time9

If you are laid back, relaxed, and don’t like to stress about things, Twicsy is the choice for you.

It has a great automatic Instagram likes feature, which gives you the option to schedule likes on your new posts. It also offers package deals where you can simultaneously buy Instagram followers and likes at lower prices.

You can choose between high-quality and premium likes, a truly unique feature. Premium likes come from active people, which guarantees more engagement.

It’s also a very trusted site, with over 350 reviews on Trustpilot.

It has been voted number one among sites to buy Instagram likes many times and has even been featured in many acknowledged media.

The webpage is beautiful and nicely done, and it’s easy to find whatever you want.

There are also small blogs and articles on relevant subjects.

Twicsy has the following Instagram likes packages:

  • 50 Likes – $1.47
  • 100 Likes – $2.97
  • 250 Likes – $5.49
  • 500 Likes – $7.99
  • 1000 Likes – $12.99
  • 2500 Likes – $28.99
  • 5000 Likes – $49.99
  • 10.000 Likes – $88.99

Premium packages:

  • 50 Likes – $3.49
  • 100 Likes – $6.99
  • 250 Likes – $12.99
  • 500 Likes – $19.99

  • Trustworthy
  • Easy to use
  • It doesn’t offer a free trial option
  • Pricy premium packages

5. FollowersID

Best service for gradual account growth

followersid Logo

Amila’s Take:

If your goal is to make your growth look organic, my suggestion is FollowersID. I bought 10 000 likes and split them over 10 posts, and all were delivered over the next few days at random hours during the day. I knew this wouldn’t raise suspicion, which is the most important thing.

Number of Likes9
Delivery Time10

FollowersID looks a lot like Instagrowing, and even their websites look alike.

The difference is that, unlike Instagrowing, Followers ID doesn’t offer the option for premium likes. Also, FollowersID enables you to split your likes into 10 different posts, while Instagrowing’s maximum number is 5.

There is a small difference in price, too, as FollowersID is a bit more expensive.

Followers ID price list:

  • 100 Likes – $3.59
  • 300 Likes – $5.79
  • 500 Likes – $7.59
  • 1000 Likes – $15.69
  • 2500 Likes – $30.19
  • 5000 Likes – $40.39
  • 8000 Likes – $54.29
  • 10.000 Likes – $68.09
  • 25.000 Likes – $160.59
  • 35.000 Likes – $208.09
  • 50.000 Likes – $272.99
  • 100.000 Likes – $363.99

Followers ID has a system of gradual delivery, which means that your likes will appear at different times, which is great as it looks like organic engagement.

It gives you the option to see profiles that interacted with your posts so you can be sure it’s real people too.

Besides likes, you can buy Instagram followers and views.


  • Variety of options
  • Organic engagement
  • You can use the BTC and ETH cryptocurrency for payment.
  • Delivery time isn’t instant
  • Slightly higher price.

6. BuyIGLikesFast

Service with the shortest delivery time

buyiglikesfast Logo

Amila’s Take:

If your goal is instant likes and boost, nothing can compete with BuyIGlikesfast. Like the name of the service states, your likes are delivered quickly, within minutes. I found this website really easy to navigate, and it’s a quick fix for posts with lower engagement.

Number of Likes9
Delivery Time10

If you have a tight budget, you should look into BuyIGLikesFast.

Low prices and fast service are what BuyIGLikesFast is all about.

While it doesn’t offer anything except Instagram features (likes, followers and videos, views), it’s great for users who only need a boost on Instagram.

It offers high-quality likes without fake accounts, which is important for your Instagram growth, as any ban could set you back.

You can find a likes package made for your Instagram marketing strategy which doesn’t violate Instagram’s terms.

Here is a breakdown of prices on files BuyIGLikesFast:

  • 50 Likes – $1.99
  • 100 Likes – $2.99
  • 250 Likes – $3.99
  • 500 Likes – $5.99
  • 1000 Likes – $9.99
  • 2500 Likes – $23.99
  • 5000 Likes – $34.99
  • 10.000 Likes – $54.99

  • Affordable
  • Simple
  • Limited options
  • For Instagram only

7. ActiveIG

Service with the most options

ActiveIG Logo

Amila’s Take:

Because I was aware of the previous customer complaints, I got only 500 likes and split them between two posts. There were no issues with delivery, but I do find it a bit pricier, and I’m not sure I would gamble more money and not get what was promised.

Number of Likes9
Delivery Time9

This is one of the priciest services on the list, but with a reason because it offers quality services.

ActiveIG is an Instagram likes service which offers its users not only Instagram likes but also full 24×7 e-mail support. Depending on the package you choose, there are a few split likes options.

Some users report that they haven’t received what they paid for, so you should be careful and try ordering a small amount for the first time.

Here you can see the prices of IG likes on ActiveIG:

  • 100 Likes – $2.89
  • 500 Likes – $6.99
  • 1000 Likes – $11.99
  • 2500 Likes – $28.99
  • 5000 Likes – $44.99
  • 10.000 Likes – $59.99
  • 25.000 Likes – $129.99
  • 50.000 Likes – $259.99
  • 75.000 Likes – $349.99
  • 100.000 Likes – $469.09

  • Full support
  • Larger packages available
  • Some users complained
  • The price

Why do People Buy Instagram Likes?

Likes are a very important indicator of social media. A post that has 1000 likes is much more likely to get noticed than a post with 10 likes.

This is because of the Instagram algorithm and because people are more likely to stop and view a post with lots of engagement.

Brands that are looking to make their presence but also to sell their products rely on their engagement, which can be hard to gain organically, and even when it goes perfectly, it still takes a lot of time, which results in losses for brands, especially smaller ones where every sale is important.

This is mostly why people buy Instagram likes, but some people also buy them for their personal profiles to appear more popular or liked than they are.

Pros and Cons of Buying Likes

Buying likes has many advantages:

  • You can increase your overall follower number when you have more likes, as people tend to follow accounts with lots of engagement on their content.
  • Also, you can multiply your customers and sales numbers as your visibility is greater, and Instagram users are more likely to buy something from a brand they consider trustworthy.
  • Visibility increases with every like you get, which can separate you from others in the same industry and be a good brand awareness strategy that strengthens your social media presence.

But there is the other side of the coin:

  • Overdoing it has a countereffect as it looks suspicious when a relatively new page with a moderate amount of followers has too many likes, and you will appear shady to your potential customers.
  • You could get banned from Instagram if you are not careful because many sites offer fake likes, and if Instagram notices that fake accounts are liking your posts, you could be suspended.


Buying Instagram accounts and likes is a great way to gain exposure quickly and can get you more followers and buyers if done properly.

However, you must be careful, purchase Instagram likes from reputable pages, and never overdo it. Be aware that newer accounts are not supposed to have extremely large amounts of Instagram likes.

Be careful and always choose sites that offer real Instagram likes and real followers. I recommend these three:

  1. BuyRealMedia, as the best choice for good number of likes
  2. SocialsUp as the best for crypto niche,
  3. Instagrowing as the best budget option.

This is an easy fix and a one-time solution, but you should strive to make quality Instagram content to stay on top of your game.


Will Instagram ban me for buying likes?

Instagram might ban you for buying likes, especially if they are coming from fake followers. Instagram’s algorithm is searching for discrepancies in the number of followers you have and the number of likes you get, so it’s important to be moderate and to buy only real Instagram likes.

Can you get verified if you buy likes?

Yes, you can, but only if your likes come from real Instagram users.

Even then, there is a possibility that you won’t get verified. Be careful and pay great attention to where you buy your likes from and never buy too many likes, as this raises suspicion and decreases your chances of getting verified.

Is it safe to buy Instagram likes?

It’s safe as long as you buy from a reputable page and buy realistic amounts of likes. You should always double-check the pages and look for their reviews online before making a purchase.

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