Best Desk for Streaming – 6 Best Products and Reviews in 2022

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Sure, with all the monitors, microphones, cameras, tripods, light stands, and other gadgets, it’s understandable that the streaming desk might not be on the top of your to-do list.

Today, I will present some choices for the best desk for streaming. My personal winner is Cubiker L-Shaped desk because it is practical, durable, and comes with everything a streamer or gamer needs.

In reality, your workspace is the basis for everything you’ll do as a streamer and a key to successful, efficient, and comfortable streaming.

QUICK OVERVIEW: Best Streaming Desks

7175wGq1YL. AC SL1500
Cubiker L-Shaped
  • Size: (50.8″+50.8)(W) x 18.2″(D) x 29.5″(H)
  • Weight: 38.6 Pounds
616H3dUVKL. AC SL1000
Seven Warrior Gaming Desk
  • Size: 60.0″L*27.6″W*29.5H”
  • Max Capacity: 330lbs
flexispot gaming desk
  • Size: 55” (W) x 28” (D) x 50” (H)
  • Rectangular Shape

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    Best Desk for Streaming

    Best Desks for Streaming


    Streaming is an extremely technical job, so you’ll need a streaming desk that can meet all your requirements and fit into your budget.

    However, finding that perfect streaming desk isn’t easy – your run-of-the-mill dining desk from IKEA won’t cut it. I learned this the hard way.

    So, just for you, here is my list of gaming desks that can help you choose the best desk for streaming.

    1. Cubiker L-Shaped Desk

    Best L-Shaped Streaming Desk

    1. Cubiker L-Shaped Desk

    Stefan’s Take:

    Cubiker L-shaped desk is made from high-quality materials, durable, and tastefully designed with a pleasant color scheme. This is what attracted me to it at first.

    Furthermore, this desk is designed to comfortably fit into a corner of your room, thus efficiently saving valuable space. This is great if you live in small flats as I do.

    Another great thing I noticed is the additional shelf for a monitor, allowing me to spread my streaming equipment properly.

    Size 9
    Shape 10
    Material 9
    Value 10

    The first item on my list is a rather neat L-shaped streamer desk setup coming from Cubiker. When it comes to their line of gaming desks, they had always strived to design affordable multipurpose desks – and Cubiker L-shaped desk demonstrates it perfectly. 

    Who is it best for

    As seen from its arrangement and additional equipment, Cubiker L-shaped desk is designed specifically for gaming and streaming purposes.

    Key Features  

    I might be stating the obvious by now, but as an L-shaped desk, this particular model will sit in the corner and conserve space off your office, work, living, or dorm room.

    This is especially important for those streamers who work in a confined environment since the surface of the desk itself is spacious enough to hold all your streaming equipment and other paraphernalia. 

    The other interesting feature that can be derived from its L-shape is that it’s modular to a point. Combine two of those Cubiker L-Shaped desks and you’ll get yourself the ultimate workstation and streaming setup.

    In the spirit of space-conserving, Cubiker L-shaped desk comes with an additional monitor shelf. It can be mounted on the left or right side of the table, or anywhere you prefer, thus holding an additional monitor. As a part-time designer, I know how handy this is.

    The metal frame is designed with x-shape supports, which provide additional stability. Thanks to this feature, they also can support more weight. 

    Finally, adjustable leveling foot pads will allow you to fine-tune the balance of your desk, making it perfectly stable on uneven surfaces.

    • Affordable
    • Sturdy
    • Well designed
    • Easy to assemble
    • Comes with the assemble manual
    • Assembly tools included 
    • For the price, not much

    2. Seven Warrior Gaming Desk

    Best Desk for Gaming

    2. Seven Warrior Gaming Desk

    Stefan’s Take:

    The whole design and aesthetics of the Seven warrior gaming desk simply “screams” gaming. It’s not as spacious as some other desks on this list, but its other features make up for that.

    It also includes a couple of extras specifically created for the needs of gamers, so it’s easy for me to conclude that this superb desk is a good choice for gamers and streamers.

    Size 8
    Shape 9
    Material 10
    Value 9

    When a title of a gaming-oriented product includes the word “warrior”, you can expect it to be radically designed, large, sturdy, and reliable in every way. Seven warrior gaming desk lives completely up to this expectation – and more.

    Who is it best for

    However, the manufacturer also points out that this is, indeed, a multi-purpose desk, which is suitable for either home or office conditions. 

    Key Features

    Seven warrior gaming desk boasts an ample surface for all your gaming or streaming needs. It is made from alloy metal, and with T-shaped legs, which provides not only great durability but also great stability as well since the design includes adjustable footpads.

    Thanks to that, the surface of your desk will always be ideally level, no matter where you place it.  

    The top surface of the Seven warrior gaming desk is made of textured carbon fiber, with a brand logo and a stylized image of a dragon, which is a neat detail in my opinion.

    Not only that it makes it extremely eye-catchy – this top layer is easy to clean and maintain and it’s also completely waterproof, basically acting like a mouse pad.

    That provides maximum comfort in all your gaming or streaming activities, ensuring that every inch of the surface will be utilized to your best advantage.

    Seven warrior gaming desk also includes a few extras, which every passionate gamer will be able to appreciate – double headphone hooks mounted on one side of the desk, a classic cup holder, and a gaming handle rack. 

    This last item deserves special attention. It can be used to store your gamepads or CDs, but it also includes 4 USB charging ports at the base. 

    • Great design
    • Sturdy
    • Easy to maintain
    • Comes with the assemble manual
    • Includes screwdriver and an allen key
    • Nothing we could find

    3. FLEXISPOT EP4 Gaming Desk

    Best for Professional Streamers

    FLEXISPOT Gaming Desk

    Stefan’s Take:

    FLEXISPOT gaming desk can be successfully used by all, but, in my personal opinion, gamers and streamers will reap the most benefits from it.

    What got to me is the fact that you can adjust the height, basically transforming the desk into a standing desk.

    This allows you to stand while working and playing games, which is great if you are on your PC the whole day like I am.

    Size 8
    Shape 9
    Material 9
    Value 9

    FLEXISPOT gaming desk has an impressive gaming surface, rugged, yet elegant construction, and neat overall design that will satisfy even the most demanding gamers.

    Who is it best for

    As is the case with most FLEXISPOT products, this particular desk is also advertised as a multi-purpose workstation.

    While it is completely true, the overall design, from the ergonomic shape of the tabletop to its many features, is adjusted specifically to the needs of gamers. 

    Key Features

    Of course, the tabletop is sufficiently thin, so you won’t have any problems mounting all your mic boom stands. I tried my Blue Yeti boom stand and the results are as expected.

    The metal frame is designed to ensure not only great stability but also ample space for your legs. Adjustable feet with anti-scratch, anti-slip, and anti-tilt protection are also a nice touch.

    Finally, the FLEXISPOT gaming desk also includes “mandatory” gaming features, such as a headphone hook and cup holder.

    The main advantage of this desk is electric height adjustment. You can use it to transform the desk into a standing working station.

    • Enough worksurface
    • High-quality design
    • Easy to maintain
    • Stable
    • None

    4. Atlantic Original Gaming Desk

    Best for New Streamers

    Atlantic Original Gaming Desk

    Stefan’s Take:

    The words I can use to describe the Atlantic original gaming desk are: functionally designed, modern, compact, reliable, and highly affordable.

    What impressed me the most is how much extra space you get for additional equipment such as headphones, CDs, USBs, and monitors.

    So, even if the desk itself is a bit smaller, you will rarely feel like you need more space.

    Size 7
    Shape 9
    Material 8
    Value 9

    Packed with multiple storage options for your gaming gear, customizable, sporting minimalistic aesthetics, black with red or blue stripes – depending on the model – Atlantic original gaming desk still manages to look visually effective.

    Who is it best for

    Considering all its features, and dimensions, as well as a very affordable price, this budget-friendly desk will be an ideal first choice for all novice gamers or streamers. However, even hardcore gamers won’t find many flaws in it.

    Key Features

    Atlantic original gaming desk is made of modern and durable materials, which gives it stability and extended durability.

    Its legs afford this desk increased stability, while they will provide you with ample space for legs. 

    Of course, the most impressive feature of Atlantic original gaming desk and a thing that separates it from the competition is the sheer number of different storage options for your equipment. 

    They include a second shelf that can support up to 32 inches monitors, a game storage shelf, a charging stand, a controller holster, a hook for your headphones or VR headset, an under-desk basket, and, of course, an obligatory cup holder for safe-storing your favorite beverage. 

    • Affordable
    • Multiple storage options
    • Compact size
    • Lightweight
    • For the price, not much

    5. DESIGNA K-Shape Gaming Desk

    Great Ergonomic Design

    designa k-shape gaming desk

    Stefan’s Take:

    DESIGNA gaming desk is a gaming workstation that’s custom-tailored specifically for gamer needs.

    It’s made from modern materials, ultra-durable, and cleverly designed, with a plethora of features that made my gaming experience even more enjoyable. 

    Size 8
    Shape 7
    Material 9
    Value 7

    What’s even more important, with its substantial desktop space, the DESIGNA desk is one of those long desks for gaming that’ll actually perfectly double as a streaming hub.

    Who is it best for

    Without a shadow of a doubt, the DESIGNA gaming desk will be best appreciated by gamers and streamers. Almost every little detail of this gaming desk is carefully chosen to provide you with the best user experience possible. 

    From ample surface space for those of you who rock multiple monitors, controllers, microphones, and other gear, to stable construction that will endure even the most turbulent of multiplayer gaming sessions.

    Key Features

    The top part of the desk is made from durable P2 particle board, which is then covered with a generous layer of carbon fiber so that the complete surface is waterproof and extremely resistant to scratches and other mechanical damages, as well as to corrosion.

    DESIGNA gaming desk also comes with an attractively designed mouse pad that covers the entire desktop. This seemingly little tweak adds to the functionality and visual appeal.

    Also, the desktop isn’t plain rectangular-shaped but has a discreet ergonomic curve which allows you greater comfort and a better reach to your gear. 

    So far I’ve discussed exclusively the features concerning the gaming activities that can be conducted with this desk. It is, therefore, important to mention that the tabletop itself is not only spacious but also elegant and thin.

    That means that you can easily mount multiple microphone boom stands and other equipment you see fit.

    DESIGNA desk has two cable manager holes and a socket holder, which will make your life easier, especially if you plan to use multiple monitors and other equipment. 

    Finally, as far as the tabletop is concerned, the DESIGNA gaming desk comes with a gear rack, complete with 4 USB ports for charging, a headphone hook, and a cup holder. These last two items can be mounted on either side of the desk, according to your preference.    

    The frame itself is made of high-quality metal, which is highly corrosion-resistant. In fact, the manufacturer points out that the metal frame has passed the salt spray test with flying colors. 

    The desk legs are T-shaped, which allows great stability and provides ample space for the legs. For a 6 foot 3″ guy, like myself, this is good news.

    • Ample work surface
    • Ergonomic design
    • High-quality materials
    • Rugged construction
    • Durable
    • Several manufacturing defects had been reported on rare occasions

    6. CubiCubi Computer Desk

    Most Compact and Elegant Computer Desk

    cubicubi computer desk

    Stefan’s Take:

    One of the advantages of this particular model is that you can choose between several color options – black and white, walnut, espresso, and rustic brown. To me, the last one is the finest looking one.

    If you prefer contemporary, elegant solutions for your gaming or streaming, the one that’s more toned down in comparison to other more aggressively gaming-oriented items from our list, I would say this little desk is a perfect choice for you.

    Size 6
    Shape 8
    Material 7
    Value 8

    CubiCubi is a manufacturer of affordable, fashionable, and contemporary styled office furniture. As is the case with most of their products, CubiCubi computer desk skilfully balances on the subtle borderline between a classic office desk and a specialized gaming desk. 

    That, however, isn’t a flaw, but an advantage, especially if you’re looking for a desk that will seamlessly blend into your office or living space. 

    Who is it best for

    As I already mentioned, judging by its overall design and sense of style, the CubiCubi computer desk isn’t so explicitly gaming-oriented.

    Thanks to that fact, this desk is a good choice for a wide user demographic – from students, through at-home amateur streamers, to avid gamers. 

    Key Features

    The tabletop is made of durable particle board with a realistic and delicate wood grain texture.

    CubiCubi computer desk also includes a neat little shelf or – as the manufacturer advertises it – a small table gift. By design, this “small table” is identical to the desk itself and will fit neatly on the tabletop, serving as a monitor stand. 

    Although the CubiCubi computer desk isn’t so chock-full of gaming extras, it includes a handy iron hook, which can serve as headphones or backpack hangers. 

    The powder-coated steel frame is sturdy and reliable and provides abundant leg space. 

    • Affordable
    • Multiple style options
    • Sturdy
    • Versatile
    • 30-days no reason return
    • Lifetime customer service
    • None that we could find

    Things to Consider When Buying the Best Desk for Streaming

    1. Dimensions

    This might seem a bit self-explanatory, but the dimensions of your future gaming or streaming desk are of utmost importance. Sure, you might find a desk that seems like an ideal choice, but it’ll prove to be completely useless if it can’t fit the space you have available. 

    Likewise, if the surface of the tabletop isn’t sufficient to store all your equipment, or if you fail to take into consideration future gear acquisitions, it’ll prove useless in the long run.  

    Another all-important factor is the height of the desk. If it’s too small, it won’t be suitable for comfortable usage. Some people also prefer standing desks. 

    2. Shape 

    For the most part, the shape of the desk is a matter of personal preference.

    However, on some occasions, like when, for example, you have limited space at your disposal, the shape of the desk might prove paramount.

    For example, L-shaped desks are an excellent choice if you want to save valuable space.

    Also, in the gaming community, ergonomically shaped tabletops are much appreciated.

    3. Materials 

    Although nowadays there is a wide range of reliable and sturdy materials, they are an important factor when you’re choosing your ideal streaming desk. 

    Even though a choice between PVC, particleboard, or some other material for the tabletop might seem insignificant, true gamers or streamers will always appreciate the ones that will provide them with unrestricted action.

    Of course, easy maintenance, anti-scratch, or waterproof properties are always a plus.

    Also, I advise you to pay special attention to the material of the frame – it’ll make all the difference between a stable desk you can rely on or a rickety, shaky mess.

    4. Extras 

    Even though extras might not seem essential for the basic functionality of your desk, features such as additional monitor stands, shelves, storage space, USB ports for charging, headphone hooks, or cup holders are indeed important for most users. 

    They aren’t unnecessary gimmicks introduced to raise the price of the product, but in fact, considerably increase the practical value of the desk.

    5. Price

    It’s not my intention to spoil your fun, but the price is always an omnipresent factor.

    Of course, a sky-high price isn’t a guarantee of quality and vice versa. However, it can represent a reasonably good indication of the quality product.

    For instance, a suspiciously low price can often suggest subpar materials and a product that won’t last long.  


    As you might see, acquiring the new streaming or gaming desk that will be the right for you and will fit into your budget, isn’t a simple task.

    That’s why I’ve compiled my list in such a way that it offers a nice overview of what’s on offer at the moment.

    I’ve included budget choices, the desks that will discreetly blend into almost any space, and those that’ll represent an unequivocal statement of your gaming or streaming passion. These are my personal favorites:

    1. Cubiker L-Shaped desk because it is very spacious and comfortable;
    2. Seven Warrior Gaming desk for its durability and modern design;
    3. FLEXISPOT EP4 because of its versatility;

    All of them, however, are reliable and well-designed solutions that will last you a long time and will prove an invaluable hub for all your streaming activities. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What desk do most streamers use?

    There isn’t an easy answer to this question, due to a large number of variables. Some streamers are on the lookout for high-end desks with a plethora of extras, others are willing to compromise and are choosing more modest options. 

    It all depends on the number of factors and how much you’re willing to invest in your hobby.

    Are L-shaped desks good for streaming?

    L-shaped desks are actually a great choice for streaming. They usually are designed in such a way to provide ample surface space, while they can snuggly fit into the corner of your room.

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