Vtuber Voice Changer: 5 Excellent Options For Beginners

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Once you have decided to start streaming as a Vtuber, you will want to ensure you create an original voice that will not allow other people to recognize the person behind the avatar.

Many Vtubers want to mask their complete appearance, so besides visual transformation, they also do voice changes. For that, you will need special software, and here are the best ones.

The Best Vtuber Voice Changer Software

1. Voice Mod (for Windows)
2. Morph VOX (for Windows and Mac)
3. Voxal (for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS)
4. Clownfish (for Windows)
5. All In One Voice Changer (for Windows)

Even though this is not something that is frequently used on streaming platforms, most Vtubers do it, and there are plenty of different ways you can complete this.

For that reason, I have gathered the best Vtuber voice changer options out there, and I hope at least one of them will be your choice.

Suppose you have decided to continue streaming as a virtual Youtuber. In that case, you will probably want to create a new voice and use different voice effects that won’t allow viewers to recognize the person behind the avatar.

This is frequently done by people who are trying to succeed as a Vtuber, so it is a great option that can help you create a unique presence and become recognizable by a specific voice or sound.

These are some of the best voice-changing software options I would recommend to everyone who wants to create custom voices easily.

1. Voice Mod

Voice Mod is probably the most popular Vtuber voice changer software that’s created for Windows users and can be downloaded to all PC and mobile devices with this OS.

It will allow you to modify your voice however you want and control the tones throughout the whole streaming process with ease.

Voice Mod is usually used by virtual YouTubers who want to stream without revealing their identity, and it offers more options for sound control than any other software out there.

You can also directly connect it to Fortnite, PUBG, and Minecraft, which means you will be allowed to chat easily through it without worrying that your artificial sound will get lost.

With Voice mod, you can chat with other people in the stream directly from your computer, and you can change the microphone volume whenever you want, according to the needs of the game.

It is also compatible with pretty much every software for live streaming, including Twitch, Discord, Skype, Stream Deck, so whichever you are using at the moment, I am sure you will have excellent results.

Voice Mod will change your sound in real time, and you don’t have to worry that changes will appear way too late because it is always following your moves.

There are different sound filters, so you can continually transform your voice with a pitch shifter and surprise your viewers.

Unfortunately, some users claim that this Vtuber voice changer became malicious in the meantime and that using it is not the best solution, so you should check the latest updates before you make the decision.

2. Morph VOX

Morph Vox is a cool software that has hundreds of unique features which can help you create completely new and unique voices.

There is a free version of it called Morph VOX junior that has a lot of options that can help you create a brand new character who will have complete control over their speech in streams.

In case you are someone who wants to have access to all the details and wants to make their stream an exciting and interactive place, then you will want to get the Morph Vox pro version that provides you with access to all fantastic services out there.

It will change your voice in real time, and no matter the location, your voice will sound like it was recorded in a professional environment without any obstacles.

There are also two operational modes on Morph Vox – skinned mode and studio mode.

The skinned mode allows you to choose the existing technology and feature that work the best for you and customize it a little bit, while the Studio mode provides you with access to a lot more interesting programs that will enhance your ability to sound unique.

Morph Vox program integrates easily with different streaming platforms, and it can support any sort of game, even a Youtube stream, so you definitely shouldn’t be worrying about its compatibility with other platforms.

It also has a background noise filter that will reduce everything appearing in your background and make your games sound exquisite like no one else is in the room or creating a mess around you.

You can also choose to add premade background noises that will allow you to control the whole process and create the aura of a certain space or environment that you believe may have a positive effect on people who are watching you.

Morph Vox has many different settings, and if you want to be talking and creating videos of fantastic quality, then this is a platform you shouldn’t ignore.

Unfortunately, this software is only available for Windows devices, so if you have an iOS or Android mobile device, you won’t be able to use it.

This is probably the best Vtuber voice changer software on the internet, so if you have a Windows device, I would consider giving this a try before anything else.

3. Voxal – Vtuber Voice Changer

Voxal is a completely free voice changer software available to people with Android, iOS, and Windows devices, so it can be downloaded to almost any device you have at home.

This is one of the voice changers you can use with any app that requires you to use a microphone, and you can use it even when you don’t have an internet connection which is a fantastic thing.

Since this is free software, you don’t have to worry about spending money on a paid version because you can modify your voice as much as you want and use all features and pitch shifters without any limits.

You will be able not only to change your voice in real-time but also the change prerecorded sounds through this program, which means you can basically transform your voices in videos you have already filmed.

It is very user-friendly, and even if you have never used a Vtuber voice changer like this before, you will be able to handle it easily both on your computer and mobile device.

4. Clownfish

Clownfish is also one of the voice changers that can be used only on Windows devices and isn’t compatible with mobile devices, so it is best to choose it if you are working on your PC.

It will work well with all of your favorite games, and you can even use it in the Steam program without any problems, handling your voice whichever way you want.

While Clownfish won’t allow you to add any new voices or features, you will still have a lot of fun with options available within this program, like transforming your voice into the voice of an alien, baby, dragon, and many other characters.

It may not be the best option if you want to create original sounds all by yourself, but it will support your Vtuber journey and allow you to experiment with your character.

Clownfish is also one of the free programs, so I am sure you will have a lot of fun using their options.

5. All In One – Vtuber Voice Changer

This All in One voice changer is quite an old software that has been around for some time, but it seems like it is still a decent option that seems to develop different features throughout the years.

It was developed for online chatting, but nowadays, you can use it while recording different videos or streaming on platforms like Twitch and Discord.

Even though people have been using it for fake sounds and pranks, in the beginning, it is still one of the voice changers used by streamers, so if you search through all of its effects and filter out those, that will help you leave the right impression, you can have a lot of success with it too.

It isn’t free, and even though they have a free trial, you will not get a lot out of it because it only provides you with access to animal-like sounds, which you can create with most other voice changers.

The paid version has less than 100 features and options, so it is quite underwhelming, especially in comparison with most other software options out there.

In case you are willing to invest in a Vtuber voice changer software that has great options and filters, then this definitely shouldn’t be your first option because there are a lot better choices within the same price range.

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