Twitch Follow Age – Best Tips for Followage Command (2024)

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If you are a regular Twitch user you must have wondered at least once: “How long have I been following certain channels?”

Key Takeaway

  1. Use Twitch center Follow Date
  2. Type !followage in a chatbox while watching a certain channel
  3. Use online tools like or

If you don’t know how to see how long you’ve followed someone on Twitch, this text will help you with that, since we have broken down the entire process of finding out follow date on Twitch, or better said Twitch follow age.

How to Check How Long You’ve Followed Someone on Twitch?

How to Check How Long You’ve Followed Someone on Twitch?

What is followage?

As mentioned before, Twitch follow age is the term that is referred to the amount of time that a certain follower has been following some channel on Twitch.

At the same time, followage represents a chat command that can help you get the answer to the abovementioned question, but we’ll discuss that later.

Even though this information doesn’t look like an important one and mostly seems like something you would want to find out just out of curiosity, there are still some situations in which this piece of information can be useful.

For example, some Twitch content creators occasionally reward loyal followers who have been following their channel the longest.

In that case, you would certainly want to know if perhaps you are among the winners.

Anyway, now we’ll move on to the main part of this text and those are the ways in which you can check Twitch follow date.

How to Check Follow Age on Twitch?

Unlike some other processes and information related to Twitch, this one is very quick and easy.

Furthermore, there are 3 ways of getting this info, so you even have the possibility of choice.

Now we’ll mention these 3 ways and explain to you how to check how long you’ve been following someone on Twitch using each of them.

1. Twitch Center Follow Date Tool

The first and probably the most popular method of finding out Twitch followage is using the Twitch center follow date tool, which you can find on website.

Once you open this web page, you will see two boxes: one with “username” written in it and the other with “channel” written in it.

Now you probably understand the point.

In the “username” box you need to enter your Twitch username (you can also check someone else’s followage just by entering their username in the box).

Logically, in the “channel” box you should enter the name of the channel from which you want to know the follow date.

Last but not least, you need to beware of typos since you have to enter both username and the name of the channel correctly and without any spelling errors.

If perhaps the name of the channel is too complicated and you cannot memorize it, you can always use the copy/paste option.

2. Online Twitch channel follow age tool

Online Twitch channel followage tool is another tool that you can use to check follow date on Twitch.

This tool can be found on the twitchstats website, where you can also find plenty of other useful information related to Twitch.

Anyway, when you open this website in your browser, in the upper part of the screen, as the last option in the horizontal menu, you’ll notice the “tools” option.

Move your cursor on it and the drop-down menu will open.

In that drop-down menu, the first option is “followage tool”.

Online Twitch channel followage tool will open for you and, as with Twitch follow date center, you’ll see a box.

In the box, you should put your username and simply hit enter.

After that, you’ll get the list of all channels you follow, and next to the channel’s name you’ll see how long have you been following that channel expressed in years, months and days.

3. !followage

The third way is maybe the most interesting one given that it provides you the opportunity to check the follow date while you are watching certain channel’s content.

Namely, if you enter “!followage” in the chatbox while you are watching a stream, you’ll get the follow date information in no time.

Of course, as with the previous two options, you can also check someone else’s follow date.

In this case, you have to type “!followage” and then the user’s correct username.

However, it is very important to mention that this option works only with channels that had previously activated it.

Therefore, this option is not automatic and regular and a certain streamer has to activate it using Streamlabs.

Otherwise, this checking option is off the table and you’ll have to rely on the first two.

How to See the Channels You Follow?

Following a certain Twitch channel can be very useful since it gives you the opportunity to be notified when that channel’s streamer is active and prevents you from missing, for instance, an interesting live stream.

Additionally, you can always find some content in no time if the channel that created that content is on your following list.

As for the list of the channels you follow, it is very easy to find.

Why Follow a Channel and How to See the Channels You Follow

You can find it either on the panel on the left side of your screen after you log in to your account or by clicking the “channels” option which can be found under the “following” section.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that on your account’s page channels’ organization will be: online channels on the top and then those who are offline, while in the “channels” section, they will be listed according to the recentness of your follow.

Namely, channels that you have started following the most recently will be placed on the top of the list.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is following on Twitch free?

Following on Twitch is free and by following a channel you express your support to it.

Eventually, the streamer behind that channel will start earning money after achieving some goals, but, of course, that money won’t be paid by you, but by the Twitch company itself.

2. Is Twitchfollowers legit?

It is. You can sign-in on the twitchfollowers website as an earner or a streamer and earn and collect credits which you can later redeem for either cash or Twitch viewers.

3. Can you buy followers on Twitch?

The answer to this question is yes.

You can buy Twitch followers, even though it is not so ethical and it violates some of Twitch Terms of Service.

However, the most important thing you should beware of if you are buying followers is view bots or fake views since Twitch can suspend or ban your channel if you buy them.

Since this topic is very broad, there are websites where you can find more information about it.

4. Is there a Twitch follow limit?

You can follow up to 2000 channels on Twitch.

At first, this number was 100, but since Twitch gained popularity, it was increased to 2000.

However, according to some information from the very company, this limit will probably be even higher in the future, since the number of users and the entire Twitch community grows very fast.


Being loyal to a channel is very nice and knowing how long have you been loyal to some streamer is always nice information to know.

The way we see it, it’s the best proof of both user’s loyalty as well as the quality of one channel.

Namely, the longer someone follows a certain channel the better that channel is since that loyalty is probably deserved with consistency and quality content.

Finally, we hope that you found this text useful, that it made follow date checking process easy, and that it helped you using enjoy Twitch even more.

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