How to Tag Someone on Instagram: 4 Easy & Quick Ways

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An efficient way to keep in touch with your friends and maybe discover new Instagram users, artists, or brands on Instagram apart from direct messaging is tags on Instagram.

Get someone’s attention or make sure to remind your friends of a wonderful memory by tagging them in a post, story, reel, or comment.

Here is how to tag someone on Instagram, regardless of the post’s type:

Tag someone on Instagram in 4 steps:

1. Upload a photo or video to an Instagram story or post,
2. Click on the “Tag people” button,
3. Type their username,
4. Publish your Instagram story or post.

If you want to explore other tag options and see how to tag someone on a published post or in a comment, you will find some cool tips and tricks here!

What Are, and How Do Tags Work?

Instagram tags will allow you to connect more with Instagram users on the Instagram app.

Tagging someone into any kind of post will send other Instagram users notifications, and they will be able to see the post.

Tagging someone can be done purely for fun in photos or videos – you might see a meme, and instead of sending the post to your friends via the share option, you can just tag someone in the comment section.

How to Tag Someone on Instagram?

It takes only a few taps on the Instagram app to tag someone.

If you’re curious about how tagging someone works – let me tell you that there are basically four ways you can technically tag someone.

1. Tag someone in your Instagram story

You’re having lunch or attending a remarkable event, and you have snapped a picture of your friends/family members and yourself. Post it on your Instagram story, but don’t forget to tag the people in it

To do that, open the story post options and simply tap on the Alphabet icon. Let me show you:

Alphabet icon in Instagram story

Once you have tapped on the alphabet icon, simply put the @ symbol and start writing the name of the Instagram account you wish to tag.

The Instagram app will give some suggestions, so make sure you find whom you want to tag. It is going to look something like this:

Type Instagram username

Once you have found the account, you can move it around and place it wherever you want to over the image.

Alternatively, if you want to get into the Influencer world, tag brands if there are visible logos or any other elements in your story post that can be related to a brand of your choice.

2. Tag Someone Before You Publish

Regardless if you would like to make an Instagram photo or reel post on your account, you can tag an individual before publishing your post.

Once you have cropped, edited, and set your video for posting, check your post options and tap on the tag people button. Then simply add other users and tap post in the top-right corner.

Tag people button in Instagram posts

3. Tag Someone In A Published Post

Forgot to tag your friends, or simply want to add some additional tags? No worries, you can simply add your first tag or add additional ones. Once you have decided where you want to tag, tap the posts you would like to edit and tap on the three dots or three lines in the top-right corner:

three dots button in a published post

Upon tapping there, you will be offered a menu. Here you can tap the edit button:

edit button on Instagram posts

Once you tap to edit, you are in editing mode. You can change your post caption or simply tap tag people and once you have finished it, tap on the done button.

tag people button in Instagram posts

4. Tag Users In The Comment Section

You will scroll a lot on the Instagram app if you’re anything like me. When I scroll and see an Instagram profile or something that reminds me of my friends, I will enter the comment section, write @, and write the name of their account.

tag in an Instagram comment

Importance of Instagram Tags

Tagged posts in the form of photos and videos will help you manage your account and improve content. Also, remember that tags are an outstanding feature for Facebook products, as they can improve the content on Facebook.

Man Instagram features manage to take your Instagram post to the next level, but tagged posts are bringing you the necessary reach and helping you connect with people and brands.

The term collab post is also very common in the world of influencers. Within a collab post between more users, tagging is an absolute must.

It is considered a must since mutual tagging of users will improve their reach because this means promoting others and sharing them with your own audience.

Nowadays, getting tagged in posts is getting almost like a special kind of communication. Memes, advice pages, inspirational quotes – tag along (pun intended) and tag your friends!

Tagging A Private Account

The thing with a private account staying safe is privacy – it is private for a reason, so this is evidently going to create a change in tagging matters.

Not everyone on Instagram can see their posts. Only people they have approved are on the followers’ list.

Private accounts will have to approve tags manually.

You can tag them if you are following them, but only the people in their follower’s list will be able to see their tagged posts.

You can also change your privacy, security, and reporting settings by tapping on the three lines in the upper-right corner. Then tap on settings:

Settings in Instagram

Upon opening the settings, make sure to tap privacy.

Privacy in Instagram settings

Once you tap privacy, you can alter your account’s privacy settings as you wish based on your needs and preferences.

Difference Between Tags and Hashtags

Both Instagram hashtags and tags are there to help you by pinpointing something or someone.

The difference here, though, is that hashtags are used in posts to lead you to a certain audience or lead a certain audience in your direction.

Tags are there to pin and identify certain people, products, events, or accounts.

We see that hashtags are affecting groups and audiences, whereas tags are very precisely there to pin specific accounts.


Tags are definitely a great way to increase your brand or connect with new users.

They can allow you to find some people you haven’t seen in ages or help you find that one skincare product you’ve been searching for all day on your Instagram feed.

Simply mark the faces, brands, or products in your photo or video Instagram posts in only a few taps.


What does it mean to tag someone on Instagram?

Being tagged in on Instagram is much more than just having your username appear in a post.

Tagging someone in a story, photo, or video Instagram post is used for identifying, pinning, or marking a specific user or branded account.

How to hide tagged photos from Instagram?

Simply select the post and tap in the top right corner. Under the select post options, here you can choose the option that suits you more – Show on my profile, or if you want to keep it private, tap on Hide from my profile.

Tap, remove and move on.

How to untag yourself from Instagram?

Remove your Instagram profile from a tagged post in a few taps only.

If you would like to remove yourself from a tagged post, open the Instagram post and tap your username. Simply tap again on Remove me from the post.

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