How to Change Text Color in Discord – 5 Easy Steps to Do It

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Discord gives the opportunity to its users to completely change the look of their profile by choosing the text color that suits them the best, choosing an amusing font, and overall giving them the freedom to create a profile that will look creative.

Here are the simple steps on how to change text color on Discord:

1. Use the “back quote symbol” on the upper left side of the keyboard, next to the “tilde” key;
2. First line of the code – write 3 “back quote symbols” followed by the color code;
3. Second line of the code – press “Shift+Enter” and type the message you want;
4. Third line of the code – add another 3 “back quotes”;
5. Press enter to send the message;

Keep in mind that you will need to do this for every line or sentence you want to be of different color, so it is a good idea to save the codes somewhere.

To learn more about changing text color on Discord, what are all the options for Discord text formatting and how can you find these options, follow this short guide and find out everything there is to know about this topic.

How to Change Text Color in Discord?

Start with small and simple steps and first learn how to change the color of the text in your Discord app.

So, what are all the options and features that can help you change the text color on your Discord profile?

Follow this short tutorial and try out some of these features that can help you create colored text in Discord easily!

Change Text Color in Discord

1. Use the “Back Quote” symbol

If you want to color-code any part of your text on Discord, you will need to choose the Back quote symbol that you can find in the upper left corner of your keyboard, next to the tilde symbol.

2. Write the first line of the code

When writing the first line of your code you should add three back quote symbols and then enter the code phrase that will suggest to the Solarized Dark theme what is color it should display.

3. Write the second line of your code

When writing the second line, you should type in the text the same way you would type in a message on Discord.

Click Shit and then Enter to start writing the new line in the place that is made for your code text.

You have to hold Shift and Enter at the same time because if you don’t do it, the app will send the pure, simple text and not the one in the code format.

4. Write the third line

In the third line, you should add three more back quotes and this step is usually the same for all users, no matter what color they are trying to incorporate into their text.

5. Input your text

You can enter your text in two very simple and easy ways so you should choose the one that works for you the best.

The first option and the one that is used most frequently and it is probably the easiest way, especially for newbies to Discord.

This way you can save a text file on your computer with plenty of codes for various colors and text styles so you can just open the file and add the one you want when it is needed.

The other option is to directly enter the code block in your Discord chat line by line, without missing out on any word or letter.

Just like we have explained above, you will need to upload the color code line by line and this is a pretty complicated process for all people who have never engaged in this type of activity before.

What Are the Most Popular Color Codes?

Here I will share with you the most popular color codes that will help you enrich your Discord chat and status with different colors.

These are the best and the easiest Discord color text codes and Diff Syntax Highlightings for all colors you can add to your account:

  • Grey in the box – `Sample Text` 
  • Green text – “`CSS Sample text“`
  • Dark green text –  “`bash “`  –  JSON syntax for dark green text – “`json “`
  • Cyan text – “`yaml Sample text“`
  • Blue text – “`ini  [some text] “` 
  • Yellow text – “`HTTPSample text“`
  • Orange text – “`ARMSample text“`
  • Discord red text – “`excel sample text“`
  • Faded yellow – “`ElmSample text“`

There are also plenty of advanced techniques and color codes that are reserved for those who know how to handle the HTML and use the programming language to their advantage.

If you have some skills in this niche you can always try Discord CSS colors or try creating your own ones, but if you are not that knowledgeable about this subject, I recommend choosing simple color text in Discord codes from above.

Color coding was reserved for backend developers so it can be quite hard for amateurs to create the text style they are looking for.

You can try plenty of coding tricks and tips and put words and codes into brackets in order to create a style that is the most interesting for you.

In case you want to find out more about this and develop color-coding skills, you should check out the Discords server called Discord Highlight.js or visit, but you can also try to learn the Apache language which is one of the easiest color-coding languages.

If you want Discord to change text color, then I believe that including these simple codes in your app will be enough and you will still be able to create amazing text messages rather than just plain text.

These techniques can be used both on Windows and Mac computers, and you can also change text color Discord through your smartphone too.

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What are Some Other Things I Should Do for Colored Text in Discord?

You don’t have to be a professional in programming if you want to add some Discord color codes so you can try these simple tricks and enhance the look of your profile.

Other Things I Should Do for Colored Text in Discord

1. Contact Discord bots

There are a lot of active Discord bots on different servers on this platform so you can always try reaching out to one of them and getting instructions for Discord code block color text.

However, you should be aware that they will only be able to change the color of your text and they will not be allowed to type in anything else.

For those who have a bit more experience with this, Discord allows people to add embeds and different webhooks to their messages.

This way you can display colored blocks and support markdown text and everything will be explained to you once you enter the Discord Webhook.

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2. Reach out to other experienced Discord users

If there are some users on your Discord server that have experience with Discord text color and can change the color of your text chat, you should ask them for help.

However, don’t give out your personal information to anyone on here, no matter how well you think you know them, and just stick to getting CSS color text Discord from them.

What Is a Markdown Language?

When it comes to Discord, there have been several programs established just for its users to navigate the platform and create an interesting profile.

If colored text Discord is not a need for you, you may try some other highlight text techniques with the Markdown program.

One of them is the Markdown markup language that was designed in order to make text coloring and coding a lot easier for all Discord users.

With this program, you can format words in italic, bold, underline them, and many other things that you are not able to do in regular text programs.

It also allows you to create a Discord colored text which is disabled on Discord servers, and all of that can be done by copying and pasting a specific syntax highlighting method from Highlight.js.

If you are not a fan of too many colors and want to keep your Discord uses simple but still effective, you should try out some of these techniques and make your profile stand out.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Bold text in Discord?

Bolding your text in Discord is pretty simple and all you need to do is add the asterisk symbol both at the beginning and the ending of your text.

The asterisk symbol will appear when you click Shift and 8 on your keyboard and the text you want to put in bold should look like this  – **bold text** 

How to create Italics text?

When you want to italicize your text, you will have to use the asterisk (*) once again, but this time you will use only one. Just like when you were creating a bolded text, now you will have to enter your text this way  – *italicized text*.

How to create Bold Italicized text?

In the examples above, we have been using one or two asterisks, and now, you will need 3 of them and your text will look like this – ***bold italicized text***.

How to Underline text in Discord?

If you want your text to appear as underlined, you will have to use underscores (____) which will appear by clicking on Shift and 0 on your keyboard, but this can also differ from one keyboard to another. Put the text between two underscores and you will get a perfectly underlined text.

How to create Strikethrough text in Discord?

For strikethrough text you will have to use the tilde key and add your text this way – ~~crossed out~~.

How to create Single Line Blocks in Discord?

In case you want to create a single line code block on your Discord, you will need to use tick or backtick characters.

Some people struggle with finding this option so you should know that your tick or backtick option is in the upper left corner of your keyboard, under the ESC button.

All you have to do is put a single backtick before and after your text and it should look like this – single line code block.

How to create Multiline Code Block in Discord?

If you want to create a multiline code block, you will also have to use ticks and backticks but you will have to write more of them.

The good thing is that you can space your text through multiple lines and they will still be formatted into one multi-line code block.

When you do that, your text should look something like this:

“`Here are
 … … Multiple lines… …
 For my code blocks!“`


These are some of the most frequently used Discord color codes and most beginners stick with them until they learn how to use the Javascript, CSS syntax, or Fix syntax.

In my opinion, these features are great and you will need just a day or two in order to learn how to create Discord colored text by yourself.

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