Free Webcam Filters – 30 Best LUTs and Alternatives (2023)

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Once you start streaming, there seem to be endless ways how you can improve your stream, depending on what part of it you want to be improved.

If you want to improve your video quality during video recording with your web camera, then there’s no better way of doing it than with webcam filters, also known as LUTs.

That’s why in this article, I’ll go into what LUTs are, how to download and install them, as well as what are the best free webcam filters for Streamlabs you can find.

What Are LUTs?

First things first – let’s define what LUTs are.

LUT stands for Lookup Table, and these kinds of webcam filters are different presets.

These presets have the function of grading videos, and these different filters can be added during your live stream while you’re on, but you can also add filters to a webcam video recording, screen captures, webcam pictures, and several different forms of media.

Usually, the video filters provided in broadcasting software need to be paid for, however, that’s not the only option you’ve got.

There are free webcam filters that you can use on your video calls, video recordings, and, most importantly, your live stream.

30 Best Free Webcam Filters (LUTs)

Free Webcam Filters

Different software offers different filters, but you can also download additional custom-made filters from the internet. We at Streammentor have prepared a gift for you! You can download our 30 unique and custom LUTs completely without paying a dime!

All you need to do to get them is subscribe to our newsletter. I promise we don’t send spam emails!

Best Webcam Filters Alternatives For Streamlabs

Nowadays, every best webcam software that you use to record video content will have probably more than one webcam filter.

But, here are some of the free live stream webcam filters that you can use when you live stream.

Free Webcam Filters By Gaming Careers

If you want to have a package with various kinds of filters at once, and for free, this option is a great one to start from.

With this package, you will find 30 different free filters to use, and they can be used with both SLOBS and OBS.

All of the detailed instructions, as well as the download link, can be found in the following video.

The 0nly downside to this one is the fact that in order to get the filters, you need to sign up to their newsletter mailing list.

However, the filters provided are worth it, as their quality is great, and can fit into just about any scene.

Free Live Stream LUT by Christian Mate Grab

If you just need one filter that will be a one-and-done for your content, this could definitely be the one.

It has very cool effects, as it comes with a steel and orange great, which is the combination to go for if you’re after a cinematic aesthetic for your streams.

The process is similar to the previous package, in the sense that you have to sign up to a mailing list to get it.

To do that, you need to go to the following page.

Free LUTs by Exiled Gaming

If the package with 30 free LUTs wasn’t enough for you, then you’ll be happy to know that there is a free package with 10 more available.

This one is made by Exiled Gaming, and it’s actually curated very nicely.

The filters are separated by color themes and the names of the filters show that, as you will have names such as Deep red and similar.

This will give you a ton of room to play, so it’s a great option to download.

Just like with the Gaming Career filters, you will find all of the needed links in the description of his video.

How To Download LUTs

Different filters will come in different forms, but most often, they will be on different websites, and there, you will be able to download them as package or zip files.

Once you do download them, you will need to unzip them with either 7zip or Winrar programs.

Remember where you stored those unzipped files, as you will need that information when you try to apply them.

How To Install LUTs to Streamlabs

Once you’ve downloaded multiple filters to your desktop PC, it’s time to apply a webcam filter to your video capture device.

Here are the steps that you’ll need to take:

  • Among all the different sources in SLOBS, find your webcam
  • Right-click on the webcam and choose the Filters option from the pop-out menu
  • When the Filters menu opens, click on the Apply LUT option
  • The Apply LUT menu will open and in the bottom right corner, you should click on Browse
  • Go to the folder where you’ve saved your free version LUTs, and find the one that you want to apply now. Just make sure that these are PNG or CUBE files.
  • That’s it! The video resolution will get better, and the overall image quality in the webcam app will be highly improved.


There are numerous ways that can help with enhancing the image quality of your streams, and if you don’t have the skills or the time to play around with that yourself, going for LUTs is the best option.

Once your channel gains some traction, paying for some even higher quality ones can be a very good step, but in the beginning, these free versions can work amazingly well.

It’s easy to work with them and the results will be great!


Do webcams have beauty filters?

There are webcam filters that you can download, and some of those will have the effect of a beauty filter. However, not all webcam filters have that purpose, so not all of them will have a beautifying effect, that’s something to keep in mind.

Is there free webcam software?

There are many different webcam software options that are free. Firstly, webcams often come with their own software, which comes included with the webcam. On the other hand, there are also other options that are free and not specific to companies, like YouCam.

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