DrLupo Net Worth – How Much Does DrLupo Earn? (2024)

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Full name: Benjamin LupoEducation: Community college
Date of birth: March 20th, 1987Height: 5 feet 9 inches / 175 cm
Place of birth: Omaha, Nebraska, United StatesWeight: 155 lbs / 70 kg
Current residence: Omaha, Nebraska, United StatesEstimated net worth: $1 million

Who is DrLupo?

About, History, and DrLupo Net Worth

DrLupo is a popular American Twitch streamer and YouTuber who has gathered millions of followers across social media platforms.

This is the right place to learn more about DrLupo’s net worth, private life, and career.

DrLupo Net Worth

DrLupo has an estimated net worth of around 1 million dollars, and his income mainly comes from his Twitch channel and YouTube channel.

The money DrLupo makes mainly comes from these two platforms, so here are his main sources of income and how much he can make through them.

DrLupo Twitch Career

DrLupo has a Twitch channel with more than 4.5 million followers and over 15 000 subscribers who are paying an extra monthly fee to access all the exclusive content on his channel.

drlupo twitch channel

Since he has so many followers, it is estimated he earns around 37 000 dollars just from his follower count and an additional 20 000 dollars from his Twitch subs.

His streams have at least 10 000 viewers, so he earns a lot through monetized views, too, usually around 12 000 dollars per month.

Although he earns a lot of money through donations and bits, he donates all of this money to St Jude’s children’s research hospital. He always encourages viewers to donate more money to these organizations than to him.

DrLupo YouTube Career

DrLupo has a YouTube channel with 1.8 million subscribers, and he started streaming first on his YouTube.

He earns a lot through YouTube Ad revenue and can gather more than 2,5 million monthly views on his YouTube.

drlupo youtube channel

This popular Twitch streamer can earn at least 8000 dollars per month through YouTube ad revenue, even when it is not uploading too much.

His earnings are also much higher because he promotes different brands and companies on the channel and ad affiliate links.

DrLupo has also closed an exclusive deal with YouTube, making him stream and upload videos solely to this platform.

DrLupo Merch

Like all Twitch streamers with many followers, DrLupo also has his merch collection that can be purchased on the Design by Humans website.

He has shirts, hoodies, gaming accessories, and pretty much everything you need to look like an excellent streamer, and he earns around 2000 dollars a month this way.

DrLupo Brand Deals

Everyone with a significant gaming career has a lot of brand deals, and DrLupo’s most loyal sponsors are State Farm and G Fuel energy, and they have been there with him from the beginning.

It is estimated he earns around 3500 dollars per month through these sponsorships.

When Did DrLupo Start Streaming?

DrLupo was 10 years ago a systems engineer who loved playing video games in his free time and didn’t think too much about making it a career.

Although he was writing codes every day from 9 to 5, Benjamin knew this wasn’t what he was made to do, and by watching other Twitch streamers make it, he realized this could be the way for him.

He started playing Diablo 3 and AFK farm and uploading his gameplay to Twitch and YouTube, sharing experiences with other gaming addicts.

Benjamin was also a Destiny streamer, and by improving his skills, he became one of the streamers of this game.

When he realized he could nail every game and become a professional player at pretty much anything, he started trying out PUBG and Overwatch.

In 2016, he was offered an exclusive partnership with Twitch, and although he was still employed as a system engineer, his wife encouraged him to give it a try and become a full-time streamer.

DrLupo streaming

Throughout 2017, Fortnite was released, and playing these games was what allowed DrLupo to double his net worth and become an important figure in the gaming community.

His streams were also very popular because he always invited people like Ninja and TimTheTatMan to join him.

He easily became one of the most popular people on Twitch, and people loved him because of his charity streams, and his ad inventory wasn’t aggressive.

DrLupo’s community is growing daily, and he is one of the most famous personas online.

What Is DrLupo Like In Private Life?

DrLupo doesn’t talk much about his private life. Still, he has mentioned his wife, Samantha Lupo, on several occasions, and he is always talking about how his wife encouraged him and supported him in pursuing a professional gaming career.

The couple has a son named Charlie and has been married for over 10 years.

Although he was interested in coding and got a job as a systems engineer after finishing community college, Benjamin Lupo always knew he wanted to create a video channel dedicated to gaming.

He had a lot of help from his wife, who supported him through the whole process and always believed in him.

Benjamin is known for his charity work; all the money he earns through the cheering feature is donated to the St Jude children’s hospital.

He is also great friends with streamers Ninja and TimTheTatman, and you could see the guys collaborating on many occasions.

This year, Benjamin revealed that he plans on retiring until he is 40 because he wants more time to spend with his friends and family and watch his children grow.

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