Can’t Change Discord Avatar – 6 Best Solutions and Guide

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If you can’t change Discord avatar, here are six simple fixes:

1. Wait for an hour, and then try changing the avatar.
2. Plan your avatars so you don’t change them too much in a short time and cause Discord to freeze,
3. Restart your device,
4. Disable OneDrive or Firewall,
5. Remove your Discord bot, add the avatar, and add the bot again,
6. Reinstall the Discord app. 

Discord is an amazing streaming app that gives you access to many servers, channels, and filters that improve your whole streaming experience.

However, the app has a few problems, and one of them is when Discord won’t change profile picture even though you have done everything right.

This is a feature that causes the most problems among users and if you ever tried to change your profile picture several times in one month, you have probably experienced this.

If you can’t change Discord avatar and want to find the easiest and quickest solution for this problem, follow our short guide and change Discord avatar.

Why Can’t I Change My Discord Profile Picture?

Even though Discord allows its users to change their profile pics and avatars as much as they want, many people struggle with limitations and not being able to change their avatars.

Sometimes the problem is with the bug in the Discord changing avatar feature, while in other situations you have probably been changing your avatar too many times in a short period of time.

Discord doesn’t limit the number of times you can change your avatar in a certain period of time, but every time you change avatar, the Discord app has to update your new Discord profile picture for both you and all people on your friend’s list.

In case you change your avatar on Discord too many times in a very short period of time, let’s say, in 5 days or a week, problems can appear on your Discord server.

For that reason, I recommend being careful and not changing your profile pic too many times because it will cause general problems on your Discord server.

Discord users who are using the platform through their mobile app will usually get a notification and recommendation to slow down with changing their profile pic if they don’t want any problems or bugs.

What Should I Do If I Can’t Change Discord Avatar?

In case your Discord change avatar is unsuccessful, there are some things you should try to do, and hope that your account will get back to normal soon.

1. Wait

This is the most simple but probably the best piece of advice because if you wait long enough for your Discord profile to go back to normal without any limitations, you will be able to change your Discord avatar without any problems.

In case you have tried out several avatars in a very short period of time, for example in 10 minutes or half an hour, then you should just wait for a bit and let your Discord account chill.

Log in an hour later and try to do the same thing, and in most cases, your Discord application will continue working perfectly.

When changing avatar too fast Discord will freeze for a while but it will pass by very fast so don’t be too stressed when it comes to this.

2. Plan the Avatar before Saving

Many Discord users are very indecisive and they change their minds a lot when it comes to their profile pictures.

If you don’t want your Discord account to get into trouble or lead to the Discord avatar not changing, you should plan out what picture you want to add and crop it to adequate dimensions.

Discord avatars are always round and always in the same dimensions, so make sure you edit your profile image before you upload it.

In case you try to upload the same photo too many times and make the Discord changing icon too fast, you will probably have to sit down a bit and wait for your profile to get permission to do this activity again.

When you are changing your profile avatar you should make sure you don’t crop it or edit it way too many times because you will receive a message that you are changing your avatar too fast.

Plan out your avatar in advance, view your profile, and see how it would fit into it.

Plan the Avatar before Saving

When uploading your profile avatar you will see the Edit button and also the Crop button, so make sure your picture is in a good format like png and that there are enough pixels.

Don’t click the “Save button” before you are 100% sure this is the avatar you want to use.

3. Restart your Device

If you didn’t try to change your Discord avatar but you are still receiving the “Discord changing avatar too fast” you should try to restart your device, whether it is a computer or a smartphone.

Sometimes bugs like this happen, especially on apps that require a high-quality internet connection so you should reset your device and then open the Desktop app again.

4. Disable OneDrive and Firewall

This is something that doesn’t happen too often, but plenty of users complained about not being able to change their avatar or even start messaging on Discord before they have disabled OneDrive or Firewall on their device.

Another option is to try to move your picture to your hard drive and upload the profile picture from there.

5. Reinstall your Discord Bot

If you have an active Discord bot on your server, you should probably go to User settings and remove your bot for some time in order to see whether that will solve a problem or not.

Your Discord bot can affect the functionality of both your profile and your server so if your Discord profile picture not changing is not solved by any of these previous steps, you should try to do this.

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6. Reinstall the Discord App

If you have tried all of these techniques but the “Discord change avatar too fast” message still pops out all the time, you should reinstall the Discord app.

This mostly happens to users who use the app through their Android and iOS devices, but it can happen to those using it on a computer too.

In case your Discord profile picture won’t change even after you have tried all of these options, then the problem is probably a lot bigger and you should contact their Customer support in order to find out what is happening with your profile.

Discord can’t change avatar usually when some suspicious actions are recognized on your account, so you should react and try to solve this problem by contacting Support.

How Do I Change My Discord Avatar?

Changing your avatar is pretty easy, but it can be quite confusing for all newbies to Discord, so here is a short tutorial that will help you upload your desired Discord profile picture in just a few minutes.

  • Choose the Account Settings gear icon in the bottom left corner of your app
  • Click the Edit profile button
  • Select a new profile image to upload from your device
  • Click the “Open” button
  • Click the “Save” button
  • You are done!

The template for uploading a Discord profile picture is the same for both Android and iOS devices and your Discord pfp will be of high quality no matter what device you choose to upload it through.

You should be aware that you can’t upload gifs, emotes or emojis as your avatar, especially not if you don’t have a Discord Nitro subscription.

Nitro users are allowed to upload different emotes and emojis as their profile pictures and they can choose among millions of animated profile pictures.

They also get access to plenty of other creative tools and features, so if you want to build a Discord career for yourself, you should probably invest in a Nitro membership.

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