How to Mute Someone on Discord in 2024 – Ultimate Guide

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When using Discord, you will probably come across hundreds of different people on your server and that is completely normal.

However, sometimes you don’t really want to interact with all of them, or as a matter of fact, you completely want to avoid certain people.

How can you mute or block someone on Discord, can you mute someone who is on the same Discord server as you? Yes, and here is how to mute someone on Discord:

1. Right-click on the name of the person you want to mute;
2. Select the “Mute” option and check the box;
3. Until you uncheck the “Mute” box, person will remain muted and you won’t see their messages;

Follow our quick guide and learn how to mute someone on Discord, mostly those whose presence you don’t really enjoy, and continue to use Discord without causing any uncomfortable situations.

What Happens if I Mute Someone on Discord?

While Discord provides its users with a mute button that can save them from a lot of uncomfortable situations, but it also allows them to take this action without the other person ever finding out they have been muted.

Discord will not notify users that they have been muted and you can easily deafen another person from your voice channel.

Even though they will not get a notification of any kind, they may be suspicious that you have muted them if they see that you don’t reply or send messages to them anymore.

However, this will only be noticeable in very small channels, so you can use the Discord mute user option without any fear if you are in a very big and active voice chat or channel.

Unfortunately, there is another thing that can happen and lead to uncomfortable situations and that is when a muted Discord user tries to send you a message.

What Happens if I Mute Someone on Discord

In case this person tries to reach out to your through a personal text chat, they will receive a generic Discord bot message saying that you are only accepting the messaging request from your close friends and that they can’t send you private messages.

All it will take them to find out they were blocked is a simple Google search and checking out Discord FAQs.

However, if you were not close with this person or you never really interacted before, you shouldn’t stress too much and leave your Discord muted for as long as you want.

This is basically the only way they can find out they were muted on Discord so shouldn’t worry too much about it.

What does muting someone on Discord do?

Not too much, except that you will not hear them when they are speaking on your server and you won’t see their text messages in your Discord chat.

How to Mute People in Discord?

Millions of people use Discord and on your Discord servers, you will not always come across people you really love.

Sometimes, there are really irritating people on this platform and you want to avoid them without causing any problems or fights.

Lucky for you, there is a mute function that allows you to ignore and mute users on your server without them ever finding out they were muted.

So, how to mute people in Discord?

Follow this short tutorial and learn how to mute someone on Discord chat!

  • If you are in the same voice channel with the person you want to mute, do the right-click on their name
  • Choose the Mute box from the drop-down menu
  • Check the Mute box
  • Until you uncheck the Mute box by yourself, you can be sure your Discord mute option will be active and you will not be 

As you can see, the Discord how to mute someone tutorial is pretty simple and you will be able to ignore all the people who are getting on your nerves just with few simple steps.

You can finish this whole process on your Discord app on your computer or your Android or iOS device, just make sure that your iPhone has enough memory to save all of the changes.

Can I Mute the Whole Discord Channel?

One of the best options Discord provides its users with is ignoring or muting one whole Discord channel.

This app allows you to mute the channel that has been overloading you with messages or notifications for as long as you want.

Just do the right-click by the channel’s name and choose the “Mute channel” or “Discord server mute” option.

The name of this option varies between different versions of Discord, but on all of them, this is a Discord mute command.

Then, you will see a pop-up window asking you whether you want to mute a channel for 15 minutes, one hour, eight hours, or leave it muted until you unmute it by yourself.

You can do a server mute in the same way, but not too many people decide to do this because they still want to stay active and see what is happening on their preferred Discord server.

However, if you choose the Server mute Discord option, you will not be receiving any notifications, so this may not be the best option if you are an active gamer.

However, only a moderator or the owner of the server can mute a whole Discord server and this is not available to other Discord users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between muting and blocking someone?

When you mute someone in a voice channel or on a server, you will not be able to hear their audio, but they will still be allowed to message you and communicate with you.

On the other hand, when you block someone on Discord, you will not be able to see their posts or messages, and they will not be able to reach out to you in any type of way.

How to mute music in Discord?

Very often there are music bots on Discord servers, especially on those that are used for playing games for hours.

If music is starting to get on your nerves and you want to get rid of it, but still hear other players, all you have to do is click on the music bot and Mute him, just like you would do with other users.

Can I text mute someone in my server?

If you are the owner of the server, text muting someone is also one of the features you will be able to use.
You need to create a muted role and precisely define what are the things this user will be allowed to do while using your Discord server.

Go to Channel Settings and check off all the Permissions and add the muted role to the Permissions.
If you want to text mute someone, check off the red cross next to the  “Send messages” option.

Unfortunately, you will not be allowed to do this for more than one person at a time, so you will have to set these settings individually for all the people you want to text mute.

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