Aceu Net Worth – How Much Does Aceu Earn? (2024)

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Full name: Brandon WinnEducation: Local private school, Indiana
Date of birth: April 7, 1995Height: 5′ 9″ / 175cm
Place of birth: Indiana, USAWeight: 143lb / 65
Current residence: USAEstimated net worth: 1,2 million dollars

Who Is Aceu?

About, History, and Net Worth

Brandon Winn, better known as Aceu, is an extremely popular streamer who has been a professional Esports player.

He has millions of followers and streams regularly on Twitch, so if you are a part of the gaming community, you have enjoyed his content before, most likely.

If you want to find out more about Aceu net worth, then you are in the right place. Let’s dive right in!

What Is Aceu Net Worth?

Aceu net worth is estimated to be around 1,2 million dollars at the moment, and his estimated monthly income is about 72 thousand dollars. The money Aceu makes mostly comes from Twitch streams, donations, and Twitch ads.

Aceu is estimated to be earning around 72 thousand dollars per month both from Twitch and ad revenues and several brand deals and sponsorships.

The Aceu streams are very popular, and he has a lot of subs, so Twitch is the primary source of his income.

Like most gamers, he has several sources of income, all of which combined to provide him with a vast sum at the end of the month.

These are his primary income sources:

Where Is Aceu From?

Aceu, or Brandon Winn, was born in the USA in 1995 and he is of half Vietnamese-Caucasian ethnicity.

Brandon is very private when it comes to his life and family so you will not be able to find too much information about him.

Aceu was into a game called Quark when he was just a kid and he used to play it with his stepfather all the time.

A decade later, he became a professional CS player, and what was his hobby before, became his job.

Aceu still lives in the USA, but no one is 100% sure of his exact location.

However, he probably lives in Chicago.

He is also not married, but he is in a committed relationship with a content creator Daphne Wai.

Aceu is always joking that a Valorant player called Timmy is his brother, but this is actually his great friend he has met through the online gaming community.


Twitch is Aceus’s primary source of income, and he earns money based on the number of his subscribers, ads, and bits.

Aceu has Tier 3 subscribers, and because of the popularity of his streams, he can earn more than 3 dollars per sub, which leads to a large amount of money.

He will also get 0.1 dollars per every bit on the stream, and he earns anywhere from 15 to 20 dollars for 1000 viewers from ads, which results in a large sum of money.

This will lead to Aceu earning as much as 40 000 dollars per month from Twitch only, and he earns around ‚14 000 dollars just from the subs on his Twitch channel.

However, the ad revenue of this content creator is very high, and he earns around 24 000 dollars solely from ads he plays when he start streaming.

Aceu also has the option for donations and bits on his Twitch channel, so his loyal viewers can help him get a higher net worth, and it is estimated they donate anywhere between 2,000 and 3,000 dollars per month.

Youtube channel

Aceus net worth is also much higher because of his Youtube channel, where he has gathered more than 13 million views.

As a professional gamer and someone with a lot of experience in the PC gaming industry, Aceu can film unique and educative videos about it, which is not the case with all Twitch streamers.

His estimated Youtube channel revenue is around 26 000 dollars every month, so Youtube AdSense is the one that brings him most of the money.

Merchandise sales

Merchandise sales are also huge because he has an NRG Aceu line where you can buy different T-shirts, hoodies, streaming keyboards, mousepads, and everything you need for a unique gaming experience.

Even though we don’t have much information about how big a part of NRG Aceu net worth these sales are, they sell well.

However, the info we have is excluding additional revenue, so you can be sure the merch also brings a lot to his revenue.

Aceu is a popular Twitch streamer, so he has a lot of brand deals and sponsorship deals of different sorts.

Aimlab and Streamlabs prime are one of his most significant collaborators, and he has had a partnership with them for years now.

Through the NRG platform, he has also established partnerships with Levis, Roccat, The National Guard, AM PM, Turtle beach, and Therabody, which means he earns a lot this way.

However, there are no records on how much Aceu makes from his account this way, but we can estimate it is around 5000 dollars per month.

How Did Aceu Become Famous?

Aceu has been a professional gamer for a while and has won various online gaming competitions in Apex legends and Counter-Strike, which has led to him becoming one of the most popular and highest performing names in the professional gaming industry.

He started playing Counter-Strike at a young age, and he became highly successful in professional gaming quickly.

However, he decided this is not the best option for him, so signed a contract with NRG Esports and started playing a lot less than before.

He is playing a lot less than before, but that doesn’t stop him from becoming one of the best players of Apex Legends and Valorant, which is the reason why he is a bit more unique than most Twitch streamers.

He has been interested in PC gaming since he was a kid, and it turned out to be the thing that will provide him with a great future.

Aceu has played many tournaments and is among the best players in the industry.

Aceu was a big fan of games like League of legends when he first started streaming, but then he realized that FPS games are a much better option.

That is why he started playing Counter strike and later began playing Apex legends.

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