Pestily Net Worth – How Much Does Pestily Earn? (2024)

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Full name: PaulEducation: Military School of Australia
Date of birth: November 7, 1987Height: 5′ 7″ / 170cm
Place of birth: AustraliaWeight: 154lb / 70kg
Current residence: Adelaide, AustraliaEstimated net worth: $1,2 million

Pestily is a very popular streamer who has gained worldwide recognition for playing games and communicating with the gaming community.

His Twitch stream is consistently among the most watched ones, and he has a large base of loyal fans across the world, which makes him attractive to a large number of people.

If you want to find out about Pestily net worth, sources of income, and some details about his private life, you are in the right place.

What Is Pestily Net Worth?

The net worth Pestily has is estimated to be around 3 million dollars, which is his cumulated income from Twitch, Youtube and merchandise sales.

It is thought that he currently makes around 300 000 dollars just from Twitch and Youtube.

How Much Does Pestily Earn?

Pestily is estimated to be making around 307 000 dollars per month only from Twitch and Youtube, which makes him one of the best-earning Twitch streamers.

His estimated net worth is around 3 million dollars which tells you he also earns a lot from other sources of income like sponsorships, brand deals, and merch, which means he is not just a gamer.

How Many Viewers Does Pestily Have?

Pestily has 8.6 million watching hours and reached over 58 thousand viewers this year.

Pestily’s Sources Of Income

Pestilys net worth is enormous, but he has several sources of income that can provide him with a lavish lifestyle.

These are some of the primary income sources that provide him with most of his income.


Twitch is Pestily primary source of income, and he earns money from his Twitch subscribers, ads, and bits.

Pestily streams almost every single day, and he gets a Tier 2 income because he has a large number of followers, so each one of his subs is worth around 3 dollars, and that’s just the base income he gets from Twitch every month.

He also receives 0.1 dollars per every bit on the stream and earns anywhere from 10 to 20 dollars per 1000 viewers from ads, accumulating a large amount of money.

This leads to him earning around 286 000 dollars per month from Twitch only, 209 000 dollars comes from subscribers only, and only about 70 000 dollars come from different ads this Twitch streamer makes.

However, he donates a large amount of money he earns through Twitch, so he has donated almost a million dollars since 2020, and all of his donations are transparent.

Youtube channel

Pestily has a viral Youtube channel, too, and every channel gets paid 2 to 7 dollars for every 1000 views.

Because of ad blockers and similar problems, not all views will be paid, but popular Youtubers still earn from around 80% of views, which is a lot when you have a large platform.

He was able to pull about 8 million views by now, so his estimated Youtube income is around 15 000 dollars monthly.


Pestily has his own merch that includes everything from hoodies and T-shirts to different gaming features, and he earns around 2000 dollars monthly from this.

It isn’t too popular because he doesn’t push it on his viewers, and it is usually purchased by his Superfans community.

The merch can be purchased through Youtube and Twitch, so it is easily accessible.

How Much Does Pestily Earn From Brand Deals?

Like most other gamers, besides Twitch earnings, Youtube and Merch, Pestily also has a brand deal with Artesianbuilds, and they are his only sponsor now.

Artesianbuilds brings him about 5000 dollars per month, and his deal is 2 years long.

How Did Pestily Become Famous?

Pestily is a Youtuber from Australia, and a few years ago, he decided to become a full time content creator and streamer.

Until 2018, Pestily was a part of the Australian army, but he decided he was sick f that life and that he wanted to commit to his one and only true love – gaming.

Pestily has been a huge fan of PC games ever since he was a kid, and once he realized he could become a social media influencer and actually earn money from his one true love.

He became extremely popular for streaming a shooting game called Escape from Tarkov, and he was able to gather a loyal audience and get a lot of tiered subscribers.

In 2019, he was able to become one of the top Twitch streamers and became a leading figure in gaming entertainment.

His three-month break after leaving the military seemed to be the best thing he could do because it allowed him to launch a dream career.

Once he started streaming, followers just started coming in, and he became one of the best Tarkov streamers on the Twitch platform.

He has also won 2 EFL gaming championships and participated in a large number of competitions.

After that, he gained a lot of brand deals, and he was able to earn large amounts of money.


What is Pestily’s name?

Pestilys real name is Paul, but since it is pretty frequent, he decided to come up with a unique name like Pestily.

Where does Pestily live?

Pestily still lives in Australia, but he frequently travels around the world and tries to visit as many cities as he can, especially in Europe. He has been moving around a lot, but their base stays in Adelaide, Australia.

Is Pestily married?

Yes, Pestily has been happily married for years to a woman called Christina, who is also from Australia, but the couple doesn’t have children yet. They are also vlogging together frequently, and you can see plenty of moments from their personal life.

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