VMix or TriCaster: Which Streaming Software is Right for You?

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In this guide, I will compare vMix vs TriCaster.

Both software has amazing features, but which one is better for you?

The streaming software should be picked out carefully, so I will compare the functionality of both and help you decide which one to get.

Let’s begin!

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Short Review

vMix is quite a popular streaming software.

Its versatility, wide range of tools, and compatibility with multiple platforms are some of its biggest advantages.


vMix isn’t a demanding software and only a few criteria have to be met.

Unfortunately, it is not available for Mac, but even if you own a Mac, there is a way to get it.

Firstly, get Boot camp to add Windows, and then purchase and download the desired vMix version.

When it comes to Windows users, you can just get the version from the vMix official website.

There is a free trial and you should take advantage of it – it will give you enough time to test the program, see whether it is running smoothly on your computer, and then purchase it if you are satisfied.

For CPU, use at least i3 – i7 would be better, but it will work just fine on i3, so no need to invest in another CPU if you already have that one.

Available versions

There are a few different versions of vMix.

Basic is free, but it has only a few features, so I would always recommend investing in at least Basic HD.

Besides these, there are also other versions: vMix Social and Replay.

1. vMix Social

Social media is just as important as your streaming channel.

It is the best way to reach more people, announce new streams, and interact with the audience when you are not streaming.

So, if you choose vMix, you should consider integrating vMix Social as well.

This version is designed for event producers.

It allows you to integrate social media into the broadcast.

Whatever is happening on the feed will be displayed during the live-stream.

Streamers also use vMix Social to add interesting Instagram and Facebook posts to their streams.

If one of your posts suits the stream, you can display it – add it as a picture or even as an overlay.

2. vMix Replay

When something iconic happens during the stream, the audience will probably want to re-watch it, and for this, you will need vMix Replay.

This version allows you to set up up to four cameras and record the scene from four different angles.

With just one touch, choose the moment of the game you wish to show your viewers again. It will be automatically added and you can replay it as many times as you want – just double click on the video.


The price for vMix is based on the version you choose.

As said, Basic is free, but I wouldn’t recommend getting this version because it doesn’t have many features.

Basic HD is $60.00 – it is reasonably priced, and even though it doesn’t unlock all features, you will have more access than with just the Basic package.

For vMix Pro and full access, you will have to spend $1200.00.

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Short Review

TriCaster was created by NewTek and with it, you aren’t getting just the streaming software, but a portable device for recording and creating virtual sets.

Available versions

NewTek TriCaster also has a few versions – all are out of this world:

1. TriCaster 8000

With this version, you will have full control during the live-stream.

The design is user-friendly and quite intuitive, even though it may not seem like that at first.

Firstly, it has eight M/E rows as well as TransWarp effects.

There are also T-bars for incorporating transitions.

Furthermore, it is super easy to control the lighting conditions.

If you cannot afford a ring light and the lighting in the room is not the best, you can boost the visibility to get a clear image.

2. TriCaster 400

This version is similar to the previous but just a bit smaller.

Instead of a 4U rack-mount unit, you are getting the 2U.

It also has a 16-channel switcher and the rest of the features are similar to TriCaster 8000 features.

3. TriCaster Mini-Series

I would recommend Mini-Series to streamers that are frequently on the go.

This is a handheld version, so you can take your equipment with you.

Like TriCaster 400, it also has a 16-channel switcher and you can connect up to four cameras.

4. TriCaster 40

Last, but not least is TriCaster 40 which doesn’t have as many features as other versions, but it is still quite powerful.

You are getting “only” a 14-channel switcher as well as an SD.

Also, you can connect four cameras to TriCaster 40.


If you want to get TriCaster, be prepared to splurge – all versions are quite expensive and cost a few thousand dollars.

VMix vs TriCaster


In my opinion, NewTek’s TriCaster is for more experienced streamers, because the streamers will not how to get the most use out of it.

If you are a beginner and want to invest in good streaming software, I would recommend sticking with vMix – it has many features, as well as a great interface so you won’t be disappointed with any of the versions.

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