Twitch Follow for Follow – Important Things You Should Know in 2024

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Follow for follow might seem like a good strategy at first because you might assume that you can get those 50 followers for Twitch affiliate status real quick.

But in reality that might not be the best solution. You may ask yourself why? Well, here I’m going to tell you why is that and what can you do about it so that you can try and boost your followers the right way.

With that being said we can jump straight to the point and talk more about Twitch follow for follow.

Twitch Affiliate – 50 Followers

Like I said above, follow for follow is mostly used to reach Twitch affiliate, because to achieve Twitch affiliate status you need 50 followers.

It doesn’t really matter who those 50 followers are if they are engaging and if they like your content. But the next thing you need to reach the Twitch affiliate status is three average viewers.

Therefore, with these 50 followers, you should expect to get this viewer average.

Note: However, those 50 people that you just traded a follow with are not actually interested in your content.

Thus, they are probably not going to watch your stream and you are not going to get that viewer average and your channel will not reach affiliate status.

These people just want to trade follows so that they can boost their followers out of thin air. Basically, a selfish act of saying I want more followers and nothing more than that.

Effect on Sponsor Companies

To be honest, nobody cares about how many followers you have at first. Maybe in the future when you have 5 thousand followers or more people will care about that.

On the other hand, companies that you to try to get sponsorship will care.

Therefore, when they do the analytics, if you don’t have the average that goes with your follower count they will drop you.

As you might already expect, companies won’t care how many followers you have if nobody is actually watching your streams.

This might be obvious to you because they want to show their products to your audience. Therefore, if they are not watching you will just blow your deal.

First-Hand Advice About Twitch Follow for Follow

Let’s assume that you are a smaller streamer and you are reading this because you are considering going for f4f.

My good friend has been streaming since 2017 and back in the days when he didn’t even have affiliate status he also tried doing follow for follow.

It took him two and a half months to get Twitch affiliate, and if you ask me I don’t think this method actually helped him.

But the good thing for him was that he realized that this method was not working and that he needed to come up with a better strategy than this. Just as you should my good pal, a good strategy is everything.

Why Are They Not Watching?

Like I said before, the main problem with this method is that these people are rarely or not at all interested in your content.

Just use yourself as an example, if you are doing follow for follow are you actually going to watch those people? Probably not, right?

Therefore, they’re also not going to spend their time watching your streams as well.

So what does all this mean? Well with this method you are just going to be wasting time.

You won’t actually grow your stream and you won’t be able to build your community because there will be no people to build a community with.

Watching Other Streamers

My advice to you if you are a newborn streamer is to watch a lot and I mean a lot of other streamers and try to link up with those streamers.

When you’re active on other streamers’ channels and if you show support, they might support you back.

Not only that you can also learn a thing or two and maybe promote yourself on their site.

You also need to be active on all posts and streams that you find, hop into the chat, participate, discuss, join a group chat, share interesting links do anything to make yourself acknowledged.

By participating and being active on other streamers’ channels you will have a better chance of being acknowledged by their audience, from there you can wait patiently and see if your follower count gets boosted.

What to Do?

Target audience, it’s better for you to go and search for people that are kind of similar to you.

If you play a lot of Call of Duty, search for people that also play a lot of COD, and so on.

Give them a follow and just kind of hang out in their chat, leave some comments and see if they are your kind of people.

And if you actually like their streams go and follow them all on social platforms, be part of their groups, like their post (just be active on their stream).

Get to know this person and try and make friends with them, therefore in the future if you manage to befriend someone you will have a stronger network.

If you guys are friends with a lot of steamers you can play games with them on a joint stream and all the other stuff that will promote your streams and will generally boost your audience.

Therefore, if you are struggling with your Twitch account your streamer friends can help you, and then you will realize how much fun and success you can actually have without all the follow-for-follow method.


Can you get banned for F4F on Twitch?

The answer is yes, follow for follow is a violation of Twitch rules. Therefore, if you get caught using this method or if they see that you have a lot of bots on your stream. Most likely we won’t get to see your next stream.


If I was able to clear some things with this f4f subject I’m glad. Hope you guys got to learn something along the way. Above all, I hope you learned new ways on how to boost your follower counts the right way. Goodbye and good luck to all of you guys and gals out there.

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