Prime Subscription Unavailable – 8 Best Solutions (2024)

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Twitch and Amazon Prime membership is a great thing.

As we all know, Amazon Prime and Twitch Prime are intertwined, so you get various benefits from both platforms.

Prime Subscription Unavailable on Twitch: Best Ways To Fix

1. Check internet connection issues
2. Restart a device you are using for a subscription
3. Update your app
4. Check if your Prime subscription is still active
5. Try using another browser
6. Turn off VPN
7. Reinstall your Prime Video app
8. Reach Prime support to see if their server is down (or you can do that manually with Downdetector site or their app)

However, there are times when you simply cannot use the benefits of the Prime sub because it is unavailable! I’m talking about the “Prime subscription unavailable” issue.

Moreover, I have noticed that there are not too many sources of information on how to overcome the difficulty with the Twitch Prime subscription.

Therefore, this text will become a “glimmer of hope”, and it will tell all those Twitch streamers and users, who have problems becoming Twitch and Amazon Prime members, what to do.

Amazon or Twitch Prime Subscription Unavailable

We believe that the headline mentioned above is not something you want to see on your device.

However, this can happen, and you might be wondering what has happened to your Prime membership or subscription and why you cannot log into or sub with Twitch Prime on mobile or other devices.

Prime Subscription Unavailable

Whether we talk about Twitch Prime or Amazon Prime gaming, or video, the causes of problems with subscriptions are pretty much the same.

Therefore, in all cases, we recommend you check the following details:

1. Check the internet connection

Although it might seem like a joke, we recommend checking your internet connection first.

Namely, the subscription process sometimes may require stronger internet, so we recommend you check how fast your internet is.

Bear in mind that a weak internet connection can sometimes impair your membership sign-up process.

If your internet is too weak or not working, we recommend you do the following:

  • Restart your router
  • If you try to subscribe via your phone, check if the airplane mode is on. If it is, turn it off.
  • If you use your own mobile network, check the data balance
  • Stop all other internet activities and focus on subscription options

2. Restart your device

Temporary glitches can often appear, so when you have problems with your subscription process, we recommend you restart your device and start it all over again.

That is how you will know that the problem has been caused by Twitch or Amazon and not by your device system.

The process of restarting your device is not challenging, and we believe that you are all familiar with it.

Therefore, when you restart your device, open the Twitch or Amazon app/website and start the subscribing process again.

3. Check if your app is updated

We know many people who installed Twitch app on their smartphones a long time ago and just stopped using it for some time.

After a few months, they returned to it and tried to subscribe for the Twitch Prime benefits, but their app was simply outdated.

We know that the same problems can appear in the Amazon app because, in order to use Amazon Prime Video or Amazon Prime Gaming, you have to make sure that your app is up to date.

Therefore, to avoid difficulties with the subscription, we advise you always to check the latest App Store updates.

4. Check if your Prime subscription is still active

Ordinary Amazon or Twitch account is free, as we all know.

However, because a Prime subscription to Twitch or Amazon gives you the ability to gain additional animated emotes, access various exclusive videos from the partnered channels, Prime music, and many other things, you will have to pay for it.

Therefore, we recommend checking if your subscription is still active, especially if you do not automatically renew it.

It often happens that users forget their payment date, so they get the message that their Prime subscription is unavailable.

If your subscription is not active, do not worry, just make sure that everything is paid, reactivate the Twitch or Amazon account, and continue watching your favorite Twitch streamer.

5. Move to another browser

If you are using your desktop or laptop computer and still have issues with the Prime subscription, try switching to other browsers.

Of course, make sure that you have the latest version of the browser before choosing it.

6. Disable VPN

It is well-known that VPNs are popular among gamers and Twitch users.

However, VPN is not your ally when it comes to the Prime Twitch account.

Namely, VPN changes your location, so Twitch might think that your Prime subscription is either misused or that someone else is trying to log in.

As a result, you might not be able to log in to your channel.

Therefore, we recommend you disable VPN when you are subscribing to the world of Prime benefits.

7. Reinstall your Prime Video app

If your Prime Video app is not working, maybe the problem is not related to your Prime subscription but to a particular bug that might occur in the app.

Therefore, we recommend you reinstall the Prime Video app.

As you know, there is not an option called “Reinstall”, but instead, you will have to delete the app and then install it again.

The same rule applies to Android or iOS phones and a TV.

8. Check whether the Amazon Prime server is down

If you cannot access Amazon Prime, check if its server is down.

The easiest way to do so is to go to Downdetector. Thanks to this site, you will get an exact answer as to whether the site or app is down.

There are also Downdetector apps for Android and iOS, so feel free to install them on your phones, as well.


Here we have listed the most common reasons for not being able to use the Prime subscription benefits.

As you have seen, the reasons can be simple and almost dumb, but there are also some that require careful analysis.

Therefore, pay attention to all the details and figure out what of the advice above is the most helpful.

To sum up, we hope that this article has helped current and future Twitch and Amazon Prime subscribers.

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