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PJSalt Meaning

You can use the PJSalt emote whenever you are feeling frustrated or when you think that something said or done on the stream was just not OK.

When you send this emote, it means that you are frustrated or upset about something that happened in the stream or in the chatbox during it.

Streamers use it to show they don’t feel what happened was fine and to show other gamers when they need to step back; otherwise, things may get rough.

PJSalt emote is something you have come across not only on Twitch but on many other social media, too, and it can make a great reaction in certain situations.

Even though most people get confused when they see it in the Twitch chat, the streamers who get it get it!

When To Use PJSalt Emote?

The PJSalt is mainly a reaction to someone’s behavior or comments during the Twitch stream, and you will come across this one frequently on the network.

Depending on the situation, it can be used in a sarcastic way too, but people mostly use it to show when they are upset.

Sometimes, people also use it as a sign to others in the stream or in the comment section to ignore something or stop spilling the fire, which is an excellent way to control other people on these services.

Story Behind PjSalt Emote

Saying that something salty happened is a common way of showing that there was an uncomfortable situation on the stream, but since that is not the best way to do it, pretty soon, they came up with this emote.

Even though it has been a very simple emote since 2015, it is used all the time because it is the easiest way to send the message to everyone else on the stream without having to say anything.

Sometimes you will see people spamming the chat with this emote, which probably means a nasty argument is happening.

How Can I Get The PjSalt Emote?

The PJSalt emote is a part of a global Twitch service, so everyone with a Twitch account should have it in their emote library, no matter what sort of account they may have.

If you don’t, you can always download it from the internet and add it,

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