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MonkaH Meaning

The MonkaH emote is based on the popular Monkas emote, and people mostly use it when they want to show they have surrendered from the argument or after they lose the game.

This emote has an extremely worried face breaking in sweat, making it a good reaction to all stressful parts of the game, and because of its similarity with Monkas, it became popular worldwide.

In general, it is used to show your worry or shock after a bad game, but some people send these emotes just as random memes too.

Finding the right emote on your Twitch stream can be challenging because there are thousands of different options to express your feelings.

However, there are some that tend to be the most popular, and the MonkaH emote is the one that appears in Twitch chat all the time.

What MonkaH means and how you can use it is something we will try to unpack in this guide!

When To Use MonkaH Emote?

The best way to use this MonkaH emote in the Twitch community is if you want to show that you are giving up and that there is no way you can win over this game or strategy.

MonkaH can also be shared when you are in disbelief of the other person’s moves or when you see that there is no point in watching more, so you decide to leave the stream.

You can also use it if you have a Twitch account just for watching to show that you’re confused or worried about how the rest of the game will go.

It can also be used as a simple meme when someone says stupid things.

The Story Behind MonkaH Emote

Just like all other emotes beginning with Monka, MonkaH is also part of the Twitch emotes that belong to Pepe le Frog series.

The MonkaH emote was a part of the BTTV emotes series back in 2011, but it wasn’t popular until Reddit users started using it in 2017.

After that, several different emotes with Pepe started appearing on the internet. Eventually, all of them were uploaded to BTTV, which led to a large number of gamers using and sharing them, making them popular in the Twitch community.

How Can I Get The MonkaH Emote?

Since all Pepe emotes are available on BTTV, you will also get the MonkaH emote this way, even if you don’t have an updated extension.

It is available on all Twitch accounts and can be sent without limitations.

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