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MrDestructoid Meaning

The MrDestructoid emote is used on Twitch only when it is considered that a specific Twitch channel is considered to be a bot or has fake followers.

If you open a Twitch chat and you see an overload of these emotes, you can be sure viewers suspect they have bought followers or are involved in botting trends on the platform.

It can also mean that someone is breaking Twitch’s terms.

The MrDestructoid emote is an emote whose meaning only the real OGs know mainly because it isn’t used frequently.

However, this emote can help you find out a lot about a specific Twitch channel and the person behind it, so make sure you know what it is about because it can help you a lot.

When To Use MrDestructoid Emote?

The MrDestructoid emote is used only when you want to warn that this Twitch account may be spam or a bot or that they are buying fake followers to boost themselves.

If you are not sure this is happening on the channel, don’t insult someone’s content because it can create a lot of damage and cause problems with Twitch partners.

You should also use MrDestructoid to show that a streamer is breaking Twitch’s terms and harming the community, and you want to make sure they get suspected of their choice.

However, don’t be quick to judge, and make sure you look at more posts and streamers because you don’t want to undermine someone’s effort by calling them a scammer.

You can also use it if you want to call out the streamer for other details or services, and people always use it in the comments sections so they can spark the discussion too.

The Story Behind MrDestructoid Emote

The MrDestructoid emote was made up with a mission to allow loyal Twitch viewers to spot scammers on the platform and call out someone for this behavior, but excellently.

It was added to Twitch emotes a few years ago, but even though its mission was good, some people started using it to undermine the performance of Twitch streamers they don’t support.

How Can I Get The MrDestructoid Emote?

The MrDestructoid emote is available in the regular Twitch emote offer, but if you want other versions of it, you can always get different variations through browser extensions like BTTV or FFZ.

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