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HeyGuys Meaning

The HeyGuys emote has a very simple meaning and is always used as a greeting instead of a simple Hi or Hello.

You can use it on any Twitch channel or Twitch chat, and it is the easiest way to greet other people on the stream without creating an uncomfortable situation or feeling goofy.

HeyGuys is one of the most simple Twitch emotes available to everyone on the platform and can be seen frequently.

However, people sometimes mistake HeyGuys meaning, so we prepared a short guide to help you learn how to use it properly.

When To Use HeyGuys Emote?

You should use the Hey guys emoticon when you are joining a Twitch channel for the first time, and you want to greet other people on the site.

It is also something you can add to your stream whenever you see new people joining and enjoying your live.

You can also use it as a sign that you are new in the community and that you may need to hear the rules and what sign you need to react on.

Overall, use it only if you are getting into a specific community and you want people to be aware of that.

The Story Behind HeyGuys Emote

The HeyGuys emote was created in 2014 and released by Twitch staff as an emote that will help users get in touch with other people on the platform for the first time without feeling uncomfortable.

The emote features a former Twitch employee called Selen Akay waving to you.

There was no generic Hello you could send on Twitch back in the day, which is the reason why they came up with this emote.

How Can I Get The HeyGuys Emote?

The HeyGuys emote is available to everyone with a Twitch account and can be sent in the chat without limitations.

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