FailFish Meaning – History Behind FailFish and Best Uses

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FailFish Meaning

The FailFish emote is used when you want to show that someone is consistently failing at something, probably a game or strategy.

It can also mean that someone is completely missing the point and fails to understand a particular concept, why things happen a certain way, or that you are entirely anxious because of their stupid moves.

This emote has the same meaning as the facepalm emote, and people use it to make someone feel like a failure and to show them their whole previous game was a disaster.

The FailFish emote is frequently used on Twitch, and while most people believe it refers to some task, it has a special meaning only frequent players know about.

If you want to learn how and when to use FailFish, you have come to the right place!

When To Use FailFish Emote?

The FailFish emote should be used when someone doesn’t seem to be able to survive on the stream, and every move they make leads them to death.

You can also use it if they cannot kill their enemy and the live stream is only them losing all the time.

This emote can also be sent when trying to make a point in the comment section, but people don’t seem to get it.

You should also send it to show that someone has slow comprehension skills because they cannot realize what is happening in the game.

This can also be sent when you want to show a streamer that they are not doing something right and they should stop before they make a huge mistake.

The Story Behind FailFish Emote

The FailFish emote is a picture of a guy called Tim Spamfishes, a popular streamer on Twitch.

After his picture of covering his face with his hands went viral, it turned into one of the most popular emotes in the Twitch community, and people started using it to express their disappointment.

It was created a few years ago, and since then, it has been frequently used on the platform.

How Can I Get The Failfish Emote?

The FailFish emote is available through a browser extension like FFZ and BTTV, and it can be added to Twitch channels as long as you have a valid account.

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