Lul Meaning: History & Uses Of The Most Popular Emote

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Lul Meaning

This Lul emote has been used to express a person with a lame uncomfortable laugh you would usually use the LOL acronym for.

When you send the Lul emote, you express laughter, but it is mainly used for a sarcastic laugh because that is the main trait of the guy featured on the emote.

Lul is one of the most popular Twitch emotes for expressing laughter, but it is mainly used by people who have been in this world for a while and know all the most important gaming personas.

In this guide, we will try to explain what the Lul definition is and why this Twitch emote is so popular.

When To Use Lul Emote?

For example, if your co-player makes a wrong move that leads to horrific consequences, you will probably tell them, “Oh, great job, man!” and send the Lule mote.

You can also send this emote when you are just sitting and watching someone stream their game, and you are laughing because they are so bad!

This can be used in the Twitch chat, but you can also add it as a reaction meme to your stream, so if you have enough time to do this, then go ahead with it.

The Story Behind The Lul Emote

The Lul emote features the picture of a famous reviewer of video games, John Bain, who you probably know by his online persona, Total Biscuit.

In 2013, the picture of John Bain laughing so hard spread over the internet and became a viral meme.

Pretty soon, there were no more reasons to use an acronym like LOL when you could send this meme to your Twitch chat.

In 2014, John started using this photo as an emote on his Twitch channel, spreading widely through the platform with the keyword cynical laughing.

However, since the original photo wasn’t taken by Bain himself in 2014, it was taken down by DMCA since John started providing it as a subscription perk.

After a few problems and discussions in the Twitch world, the Lul emotes we all know and use today were added to the Better TTV extension, and in 2017 it became visible to anyone using Twitch globally.

Bain also said that the emote was altered from the original one to avoid copyright issues, and it became appropriate for usage worldwide.

How Can I Get The Lul Emote?

All Twitch users will be able to get the Lul emote the moment they register because it is available on global Twitch, and all you need to do is look it up.

If you don’t seem to find this emote, you should probably update your Twitch to get the latest additions.

What Are The Variants Of Lul Emote?

Lul emote also got some new variations and an expanded version like OmegaLul, which is nowadays used to replace the O in Twitch chat.

There is also LulW that has a zoomed-in and cropped face of John Bain, which can be an even funnier emote.

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