How to Use Streamlabs on Xbox – Best Xbox Guide in 2024

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Streamlabs is compatible with different consoles, including Xbox. Here is how to use Streamlabs on Xbox:

Step 1: Log in to Twitch

Go to and put in your credentials to log in. 

Step 2: Connect Xbox to Streamlabs

Go to the Sources tab, click the “Add New Source” button, and select “Video Capture Device.” Streamlabs will automatically recognize Xbox if you’re using the capture card.

Step 3: Add other sources

Add a source for webcam and audio in the same way. Add widgets, alerts, and scenes you need for a stream.

Some gamers prefer consoles over PC for gaming, and if you are one of them, there is still a way to stream your favorite games and share the gameplay with your followers.

Streamlabs is compatible with different consoles, including Xbox – the setup is a bit different, and I’m here to guide you through the process.

So, if you were wondering how to use Streamlabs on Xbox, you’ve come to the right place.

How to Use Streamlabs on Xbox

As said, Streamlabs is compatible with multiple devices, and Xbox is just one of the options.

There are many advantages of console gaming, but more on that later – right now I would like to focus on the setup process, so you can start streaming.

Streamlabs OBS Xbox One – the Setup Process

When you are streaming from consoles, you need a few extra pieces of equipment.

The most important one is the capture card or game capture app.

Since you aren’t using a laptop with a built-in camera and microphone, you will also need to get a standalone mic and webcam that you can connect to the PC.

Another thing I should state is that even when you are using a console to play a game, you still need to use a PC – in this case, it will be a bridge between the console and streaming platform.

1. Log-in to Twitch

Firstly, you will have to launch the streaming platform you plan on using – let’s say that you are using Twitch.

Just head over to the website and put in your log-in data.

Now, you can move on to the next step.

2. Adding sources

When you are using Xbox for streaming, you might need to add a few more extra sources than usual.

The first one you will have to add is the source for Xbox.

In Sources, select Video capture device, and from the drop-down menu, select the Xbox console.

If you have added a game capture app beforehand, it will be automatically recognized and you should be able to see the Xbox screen in Streamlabs.

xbox streamlabs

Another source you have to add is for webcam – this is also added as a Video capture device.

When adding this source, just choose the option to add a new one. The camera connected to the PC is automatically recognized by the SLOBS, so there isn’t any additional work here.

The last is the audio.

When the mic is connected, it automatically appears in the Mixer. As you speak, you should see the bar moving.

The bar for desktop audio might not move at all. To make sure that this audio is recorded too, just open the game capture app. While that app is open, desktop audio will be recorded, so during the stream, make sure you don’t accidentally close the app.

3. Additional sources

Additional sources include alerts, custom images, donations, and similar.

I will leave it up to you to decide which one to add to SLOBS.

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Advantages of Using Streamlabs Xbox One Streaming

As you can see, connecting SLOBS to your Xbox is quite easy, and there are many advantages of streaming over a console.

For example, the stream quality is usually better than when streaming from a PC. Often you can set a slightly higher bitrate, and resolution, without worrying about video lagging or dropped frames.

With the console, you can almost always stream directly to the platform of your choice – of course, make sure to check the compatibility of the console and streaming platform, but for Twitch and YouTube Gaming, Xbox can be directly connected.

All you need to do to link the capture card with the computer is a USB.

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I hope this guide answered all of your questions regarding how to use Streamlabs on Xbox.

Also, make sure to check the FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Streamlabs on Xbox without a capture card?

No, the capture card is required whenever you are streaming from the console.

How do you connect the capture card with Xbox?

All you need for connecting the capture card is an HDMI cable or a USB.

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