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Twitch is known for its amazing features, which are mainly the reason why it is so popular among younger play.

Their Autoplay feature, which is always located at the top of the homepage, is the reason why so many streamers prefer Twitch over other streaming platforms.

However, it seems like many users are not really satisfied with the Autoplay feature and would love to get rid of it as fast as they can, so we will help you deal with it.

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    How to Turn Off Twitch Autoplay

    1. How Can I Disable Twitch Autoplay on Desktop?

    Unfortunately, the basic Twitch app will not allow you to disable homepage autoplay, and you will have to download the BetterTTV Extension that offers more options.

    It is available for all internet browsers, including Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Safari, and it is very easy to install; just follow our short guide.

    • Open BetterTTV.com in your browser
    • Download it
    • Enable the BetterTTv extension
    • Open Twitch.tv
    • Stop autoplay videos on your homepage
    • Click on your avatar
    • Open BetterTTV settings at the bottom of your Twitch homepage
    • Open the Settings tab
    • Choose the “On” button on the “Disable Homepage Autoplay” option
    • Click “X”
    • Refresh the homepage – your featured video should be playing before it gets paused immediately.

    If you are using the BetterTTV feature for the first time, take some time to get it downloaded to your PC and to activate all the settings you want.

    This is the easiest way to turn off Twitch autoplay on desktop devices, and you can be sure it will get automatically muted, which is not the case with all features and options on Twitch.

    2. How Can I Disable Auto Play on Mobile Devices?

    Content creators who want to turn off auto-play on mobile devices will have to go through a bit more annoying process, and it is not guaranteed that they will be able to get rid of it as fast as they would on a computer.

    However, the steps from this short guide should help you disable video autoplay and allow you to enjoy your Twitch play even from your mobile browser or app.

    • Open your Twitch app.
    • Click on your avatar in the upper-left corner
    • Open the account screen
    • Choose the “Account setting” menu
    • Click on “Preferences”
    • Open the “Autoplay videos” button
    • Choose “Never autoplay videos.”

    This should solve your problems and help you get Twitch to turn off autoplay easily with a few clicks from your mobile phone, but you will have to wait some time in order to control it and make sure everything has been solved.

    3. How Can I Disable Twitch Autoplay in Past Broadcasts?

    The autoplay feature will by default appear even when you are watching past broadcasts, so if you hate this function when dealing with old streams, you have probably already asked yourself whether there is a way to get rid of it.

    Unfortunately, even though millions of people have complained about this and basically begged Twitch to toggle this problem, everyone has been left without a response, and it seems like the playback feature is getting even worse and worse.

    Twitch, for example, provides you with random autoplay of past broadcasts, and it doesn’t even give you a notification about what the next sound or video will be, and you are hardly able to browse the library of streams.

    Even though this feature should get disabled automatically for old streams, too, when you handle it through the Settings menu, it seems like the site doesn’t really have much success with it, and you will have to toggle this problem for a while.

    This was noticed by users and viewers years ago, but there is still no response from Twitch, so the best thing you can do is mute sound from these tabs and hope the platform will do everything to solve this problem as fast as possible.

    In my opinion, this is a really big disadvantage for a streaming platform like Twitch because the video autoplay feature can easily be disabled on Youtube and similar platforms, while it takes you years to get rid of it on Twitch.

    The best thing you can do is bookmark your follower’s dashboard, which will allow you to automatically play only the videos and channels you are a fan or follower of, and it can be easily finished with one click in the Settings menu.

    How to Use Bookmarks for Auto Playing?

    Bookmarks on Twitch can be used to help you get rid of the autoplay in the browser and help your channel become more visible to those who already follow you because you will display your stream, and it will appear on their dashboard immediately.

    Adding a Bookmark link is very easy, and you can finish this process with just a few clicks both on Google Chrom and Firefox browser; just follow our instructions.

    • Open a live broadcast.
    • Scroll down the website and find the “Bookmark” button
    • Generate an URL link of the video opened in your window
    • Share it wherever you want

    Once you have done this with your favorite clips, they will show up on your viewers’ homepage and allow them to start watching the game you have played immediately, becoming a part of the autoplay on their Twitch sites.

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    This is a really amazing addition that will make your videos play every time they visit the Twitch homepage, and it will really help you embed all of your streams to the top of their screen and page.

    Even though they will not receive notifications when you are doing this, if they are online at that exact moment, they will be able to log into the game through the website and start watching your Twitch stream without any obstacles.

    Most streamers use this Twitch autoplay solution, and it has been working fine for years now, so as long as they don’t provide us with a menu button that will allow you to control your autoplay settings and Twitch page, you should continue getting the most out of it.

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