How to Delete an Instagram Account: 3 Fast & Tested Methods

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Sometimes, you no longer need your old account. Maybe you are tired of using this social media or wish for a new start. Luckily, Instagram has an option to completely delete any account, removing all traces of its presence on this social media platform.

How to delete an Instagram account?

  1. From iPhone
    • Go to your profile and open Settings,
    • Choose “Delete account,”
    • Confirm the action
  2. From Instagram desktop
    • Log in to your account,
    • Go to Help Center and click on “Delete your account,”
    • Complete the questionnaire and confirm the action.

Deleting an Instagram account through an Android smartphone is not possible. You have to use your PC.

This will completely and irreversibly delete all the photos, videos, and other data associated with said account, thus protecting your privacy. It will also delete any Instagram followers you may have.

Here are all the steps you have to undertake when deleting an IG account on each on each of the three most popular operating systems.

How to delete an Instagram account?

There are four places in which you can start this process, depending on your primary device: Android or IOS app, PC, or via the Instagram Help Center.

Take a look at our step-by-step guide on each of the four systems.

On iOS

1. FInd and run the ios Instagram app

Before you can begin deleting an account, you will have to locate the Instagram app on your IOS device to log in. You can see the icon in the image below:

Instagram app on iOS

Once you are logged in to the account, tap on your profile icon to proceed.

2. Begin deleting the account

First, tap on the profile picture to be presented with a menu offering several options. Look for the settings icon, then scroll until you find the option that allows you to delete the said Instagram account.

Delete an Instagram account option on iOS

3. Confirm that you intend to delete the said account

Account deletion is final and irreversible. Due to this, Instagram will first prompt you to disable it, and you will need to confirm that you want it permanently deleted.

Once you say yes to the final prompt, you shall be immediately logged out of your account as it gets scheduled for subsequent deletion. It won’t affect any other Instagram accounts in case you use several, nor uninstall the Instagram mobile app from your IOS device.

On Android

You can’t delete your Instagram account directly through an Instagram app. So, if you’re using an Android phone, you’ll have to delete your account through your Instagram desktop.

On desktop

Instead of using a dedicated app, you can access any Instagram account via a PC browser. Browsers nowadays have all the options available to mobile apps, including the one to delete accounts.

This is what you need to do:

1. Log in to the Instagram profile in question

First, you must go to and log in to your account. The importance of this step lies in the fact that you will know just which account you are deleting.

2. Navigate to the dedicated deletion page

Instagram has a special page used to delete any account right in the web browser. Go to the page in the following link, Instagram, and then state the reason for your decision.

Deletion page on Instagram website

3. Confirm your intentions

You need to enter the password associated with the account you wish delt, then click “delete account.”

You will be prompted to confirm the decision you made. Once you do so, any data will be lost entirely. In addition to that, deleting the account frees up your Instagram username, so it becomes available to others.

Deleting an Account using Instagram Help Center

Finally, you have one more option for deleting any Instagram account, and it is done on their website.

The website can be opened on both a PC and a mobile browser and is considered the safest way to remove your account.

1. Reach the Instagram help center

The easiest way to reach the Instagram help center is by using this link which opens in your web browser. Alternatively, you can also run it through an IOS or Android app.

2. Find the option that allows for deleting an account

Once you open the help center, you will have a menu on the left side of the screen.

Click on Manage your account and look for the option that allows for the deactivation of your Instagram account. This is what you will be prompted by after you click on it.

Delete your account page on Instagram Help Center

3. Finalize the process

Click on the button to delete your account and carefully check the provided information. Once you do so, click on the link leading to the “delete your account” webpage.

To finalize the process, you are required to state the reason leading up to your decision, enter the account password, and then confirm said choices. Finally, your account will be deleted.

Deleting Your Account in a Reversible Manner

Alternatively, if all you desire is a short break from Instagram, whether because of your schedule or any other reason, you have the option to perform a temporary disable instead of outright deletion by following these steps:

On iOS

If you wish to disable an Instagram account for a time and you have an IOS device, the easiest way to do so is by using the associated app.

1. Run the app and log in

First, you will need to locate Instagram on your iPhone or iPad and provide it with your login credentials. Once you do so, tap on the profile picture to open the settings menu.

Instagram app on iOS

2. Begin the account deactivation process

Now, you will need to scroll down the menu until you find the option that says Delete Account. Tap the option to begin the process.

Delete account option on Instagram iOS

3. Finalize the deactivation

Once you tap on the button, you will be prompted to confirm that you want to disable the account.

Since deactivation is the default option, you will have a single confirmation prompt, unlike in the case of deletion, which requires two. Choosing to confirm this decision will result in logging out. You can relog at any time.

Deactivate account option on Instagram iOS

On Android

Again, you cannot deactivate the account directly through the app. If you use an Android phone, you’ll have to complete this action through the Instagram website.


Finally, it is also possible to disable your Instagram account by using your PC’s web browser. Follow these simple steps to do so:

1. Open Instagram in the chosen browser

Use a browser of your choice to navigate to, then use the account credentials to log in. Once it loads, click on the profile icon found in the top right and open settings.

2. Begin the deactivation process

At the bottom of your “edit profile” page, there is a button that allows for the account to be deactivated temporarily. Click on the button to continue to the next page.

Deactivate Instagram account on PC

3. Fully disable the account

Before you proceed, you are going to be prompted to state what caused you to deactivate Instagram, as well as provide the password associated with the account. Confirm all the subsequent prompts to deactivate the account in question.

This will hide your account from other users, preserve your data, and prevent anyone from taking the same username you are already using.

What do you need to do to reactivate the account?

An Instagram account can be restored quite easily, as all you need to do is relog. This will fully return your account, restoring the profile to the same state it was in before you got it disabled.

You cannot disable the same Instagram account more often than once every seven days, so make sure you know what you are doing.

What Happens When You Fully Delete an Instagram Account?

When your account gets permanently deleted, it also deletes all the associated contacts and data, making it a good idea to download or back up all your data beforehand.

In addition to that, your username will be freed up for other users, and all your followers and DMs will be gone.

This also allows you to explore other social media or alternatives to Instagram, such as TikTok and BeReal, opening you to new experiences.


With Instagram being such a permanent fixture in most young people’s lives nowadays, it is important to know how to withdraw from said social media platform when you want to.

To meet this demand, Instagram has developed two separate options: the first is to disable or deactivate, while the second allows you to delete the account permanently, severing all ties with anyone knowing you from this platform.


Is there a way to delete just one account if you have several?

If you have multiple Instagram accounts, it may be just one that you don’t need. Thankfully, doing so is very easy.

All you need to do is to ensure that you aren’t logged in to the wrong account and then submit the request. Doing this will have no effect on your other accounts, even if they are connected via links.

How long does it take for an Instagram account to get deleted after a request?

Once you schedule your account to be deleted, it will become inaccessible immediately. On the other hand, Instagram should take anywhere between 30 and 90 days to remove all your data fully.

In most cases, you will have up to 30 days to appeal and attempt to restore the account, though this may not always be possible.

How many reports does it take for an account to get banned?

If you end up getting enough reports, there may be a ban coming your way. The number of reports necessary can vary greatly, and unfounded reports will be disregarded.

How to delete an Instagram account that is linked?

You can submit a request to have your account deleted even if it is linked to Facebook or any other social media, with the process being no different than if there were no links.

Simply follow the normal account deletion process, depending on the type of device you are using.

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