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PogU Meaning

The PogU meaning is always related to a feeling of surprise and excitement you get when you enjoy a game or a stream.

It is used to express how amazing you feel about the thing happening at the moment or how excellent the skills of this streamer are, or how great was the move they have just made on the stream.

However, you can also see it from a different angle and see it as a way to express shock, especially when a vast thing is coming in the game.

The Pogchamp emote has several variations, and PogU seems to be one of them too, but it stands out among other emotes with a unique expression.

If you want to learn how to use it and what to express with PogU, then go ahead and read our short guide,

When To Use PogU Emote?

The PogU emote can be used in several ways because a PogU meaning is not one, so you can use it to express excitement when something extraordinary is happening on the stream or in the Twitch community, or when you want to give a boost to your favorite streamer.

You can also use it to refer to an element of surprise and to imitate a surprised expression when something you never expected has happened there.

It can also be a great way to hype up everyone on the stream and the people involved in the gaming process.

This version of the Pogchamp emote can also be used when you want to share your shock because of the things happening at the moment.

This emoji can also have a sarcastic meaning, and some people use it to stimulate drama and discussion in the Twitch comment section, so you shouldn’t take it seriously every time.

The Story Behind PogU Emote

This Twitch emote was created a few years ago, and it is based on the original Pogchamp emote everyone has seen.

All of these emotes are based on the viral video of Ryan reacts, who was reacting to a cameraman tipping his tripod.

This part was featured in a blooper video, a part of the same video as the one where Ryan is facing the camera and making the iconic expression we all know.

The original image went through a lot of šhases, and nowadays, you can find dozen of different variations of it, and PogU seems to be a very popular Twitch emote too.

It is used to express different things and has gained worldwide popularity and even become a great meme.

How Can I Get The PogU Emote?

The PogU emote is not a part of the regular offer in the Twitch gaming emotes, so you will need to get a browser extension if you want to start using it.

However, PogU is available only through the Franker Face Z browser extension, and you need to ensure your Twitch account is connected to it if you want to add all variations of the Pogchamp emote.

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