Facebook Gaming Partner Requirements: 4 Things You Must Do

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If you are a gaming video creator and someone who is trying to make a living by streaming video games or creating gaming content, then you will want to enroll in a partnership with Facebook.

These are the Facebook Gaming partner requirements:

1. Create or have your own Facebook page;
2. Stream at least 4 hours a week;
3. Have 100 or more followers;
4. A month or older Facebook page;

I will help you realize the requirements for everyone who wants to become a Facebook gaming partner and how you can create a gaming page according to them.

Even though most people think that the Facebook Level up program is something you can apply yourself for and become a Facebook partner immediately, the truth is that you can only become a part of this program if Facebook spots you and decides to offer you a contract.

Not everyone can become a part of the Level up program, which means that not everyone can become a Facebook gaming partner, so you will need to meet other eligibility criteria if you want to even be contacted by the platform.

You will need to make sure you are producing high-quality content and that you are posting it frequently, which means you need to be very active for at least a few months before you actually gain chances and get a visible and popular gaming page.

However, you will need to make sure you meet these few requirements, which are an absolute must for all users who want to enroll in the Facebook gaming program.

The must-have requirements for everyone who is trying to get spotted for a Facebook gaming partnership are:

1. Create Your Own Facebook Page

Just like all celebrities have their own official Facebook pages, you too will want to make sure you have one to gather all of your engaged followers.

This will make you more visible for a Facebook gaming partners program, and you will pop up on homepages of people who are following other gaming video creators too, so it will provide you with a higher reach to the audience.

Facebook will also realize that you are a gaming creator, and you will immediately have way more chances of getting spotted for the Facebook partners program.

2. Stream At Least 4 Hours A Week

If you want to keep engaged followers and gain revenue from in stream ads, you will want to stream as much as possible because this is the only way you can stick out as a gaming creator.

In general, gaming creators tend to stream every single or every other day, so if you want to meet Facebook partner eligibility criteria, you will make sure you stream at least 4 hours a week.

The more you stream games, the higher your chances of getting recognized and eligible for a partnership status, so if you want to become one of the Level up creators, I recommend you create streams at least every other day a week.

This will provide you with a huge reach and good monthly earnings, which will eventually lead to you becoming a part of the partner program.

3. Have At Least 100 Followers

Once you have created your page on Facebook, if you want to be seen by those who are contacting potential Level up creators, you definitely want to have a popular Facebook page; otherwise, your effort won’t matter too much.

Everyone in the Level up program is popular on social media, so if you want to get that partner badge, you will have to gather all of your followers from streaming platforms and force them to follow your new Facebook page.

Getting fan subscriptions is one of the toughest parts of it, so you will need consistent performance and a loyal audience if you want to make sure your Facebook page will grow.

You can always ask other streamers to get their users to subscribe to your Facebook page, so I would recommend you to have loyal partners on gaming platforms that can help you out in situations like this.

4. Your Facebook Page Needs To Be At Least 1 Month Old

If you want to make sure you follow all Facebook community standards and become eligible to become part of the Level up program, your Facebook page will need to be at least one month old before they spot you.

For that reason, most creators come up with their own Facebook page because it will be easier for them to earn stars and become a great option for this program once they fill out all the other criteria.

facebook gaming partner badge
Facebook Gaming Partner Requirements

There is no way you can apply to join the Live program, but since it is similar to the Twitch affiliate program, which is the way you can kickstart your performance on the Facebook gaming partnership.

Once you become eligible for the Level up program, you will receive Facebook stars and get the opportunity to make your followers support you financially through the streams.

Becoming a part of the Facebook gaming partners can take some time, but once you get into it, you will be thankful for your partner’s status and continue to produce great content.

What Is A Facebook Gaming Partner?

The term Facebook gaming partner is something you have definitely heard several times no matter what gaming platform you were using, and it seems like plenty of streamers want to get this position.

Everyone who becomes a gaming partner on this platform will be able to explore all the riches of the Facebook algorithm, and they will be able to promote their gaming account to the maximum.

They will gain access to millions of people across the world, and once they start performing well as partners, they will also start earning money, which will bring a lot of income but also a lot of new features and sponsors to their account.

Everyone who is a part of the Facebook Gamings program will earn money from stars’ received streams, and they will have an option that will allow fans to sed them stars – the Facebook Level up coins – even when their live streams are not active.

Your Facebook followers will also be able to subscribe to your Twitch channel through Facebook, and if you are someone who constantly tags all of your social media handles, you will have a lot of other program members support you too.

All monetization tools will be available to you, so when you stream gaming content, you will also be able to promote creators’ partners and earn a lot of money from sponsorships of different sorts.

facebook gaming partner list
Facebook Page For Gaming

Everyone who becomes a part of the Level up program will get the opportunity to get their sponsorships and affiliate links; they will also have access to exclusive creator events, which will lead to them developing strong connections with significant people in the industry.

Facebook stars are also one of the ways you will earn money on the Facebook gaming program, and the more loyal your community is, the more money you will earn this way.

You will unlock Facebook stars the moment you become a part of this profile, and since an inclusive community plays fair, the requirements will always be the same for everyone out there.

Facebooks terms are really not that strict, and as long as your live stream has a lot of viewers, gets some ads, is active, and has some loyal followers, you will have great chances to become a creator in their program.

I would recommend all streamers to follow these steps and join the Facebook gaming platform because it will pay off in the short future, and you will receive a lot from it.

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