How Much Is A Star On Facebook: Best 6 Tips For Earning Cash

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Like several other streaming platforms including Twitch, Facebook stars allow viewers to send stars to their favorite streamers.

Every star is worth $0.01, which means that you will need 100 stars for a single $.

These are calculated at the end of every month, and then you receive your payment one month after the end of the month in which you received your stars.

Say, you got your stars in March – at the end of March the amount is calculated, and you get your payment on the 1st of May.

Whether you are a viewer or streamer wondering about Facebook stars, look no further. This article will quickly run through how much is a star on Facebook, how to generate revenue, Facebook stars worth, and all that you need to know about the stars.

Facebook Stars

Viewer sends Facebook stars while you are streaming. They can purchase stars from Facebook at a cost of $1.40 per 100 stars. These stars help viewers show their support. It also can highlight their comment in the live video. Interestingly, it helps them send animated virtual gifts attached to these stars.

This brings us to the most common question – What is the value of one Facebook star? For every star video game streamers receive, Facebook pays $0.01.

Facebook says that such a feature was introduced in chat because these chats during gaming live streams are the most interactive mode of communication. This will also enable the star senders will get the recognition they deserve. This makes Facebook stars feature best for both viewers and streamers.

How Much Is A Star On Facebook

Who Is Eligible For Earning Through Facebook Stars?

Not all Facebook users are eligible to receive stars. To qualify for earning stars as a video game streamer, one needs to fulfill the following metrics.

  • Has a gaming video creator’s page on Facebook.
  • Streaming video gaming content for a minimum of 4 hours in the past 14 days.
  • Streaming video gaming content on at least 2 days in the past 14 days.
  • Streaming from an eligible country.

Apart from this, streamers should also meet the community standards and partner monetization policies of Facebook. If you meet these metrics, you can enable Facebook stars.

Enabling And Managing Facebook Stars

You can go to your Creators studio to enable stars. Click on the creative tools and live dashboard, you can select the setup stars option there. You can also select your payment information.

Once you have done these simple steps, your viewers will be able to send you stars. When it comes to managing Facebook stars, the process is quicker and easier.

You can click on the three dots in the Alerts module in the Live producer section. There you can select and unselect stars.

creator studio facebook

There will be an alert in the chat every time a viewer sends you a star icon. You can keep track of the stars in your Creator studio under the category stars stats.

For every star, Facebook pays $0.01. So for every 100 stars, you will receive $1.00 and for 1000, you get $10.00, and so on.

Star Payouts

Once you receive a certain amount of stars, your payment gets processed. When your balance reaches a minimum of $100 or when your total star count reaches 10,000, your payments will be sent.

Typically, one should receive the payment approximately 21 days after the end of the month in which the stars were received. So if you have earned the stars in June, you will be paid out in August.

This applies to most places, except Vietnam where it will be issued approximately 60 days after the end of the month in which the stars were received.

As a streamer, each month you can get an invoice stating your earnings from the previous month’s pa period and a payment if you have met the $100 balance.

So what happens if you don’t get $100 in a month? Suppose you get $80 in April and $20 or more in May, the amount will be processed in the payment for May, and you should receive it approximately 21 days after the end of May.

Are Facebook Stars Really Beneficial?

Yes, Facebook stars are really beneficial to their creators. For instance, in 2020, Facebook Gaming saw over 5 billion Stars, so the creators got stars worth $50 million.

In addition, the Facebook celebration post of this milestone mentioned that over 2000 creators are making more than $1000 per month which includes Facebook stars, Fan subscriptions, and advertisements.

facebook stars cost

Top Star Senders

There is a stars leaderboard that will help you view a list of your top star senders. If you are using creator studio, you can click on creative tools and live dashboard to find the leaderboard section.

Suppose you are in Level Up, you can go to the streamer dashboard and view the leaderboard section. this leaderboard has a list of your top star senders, along with their rank and the number of stars they sent. You can use it to view top senders of the last 7 or 28 days or even your current live video.


Can all viewers buy stars and send them?

No, some countries do not support the ability to buy stars and send them. These countries are Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, South Korea, and Syria.

Does Facebook take any cut on stars?

Yes. Viewers pay $1.40 per 100 stars, and Facebook will take a cut of $0.40 on that. In case of bulk purchases or sale discounts, Facebook receives a smaller cut. The streamers will receive $0.01 per star always.

How do I check my stars earnings and payout history?

You can use your Payout settings to check your history. Else, you can use the creator studio and click on Monetisation and then Payout settings. Similarly, if you want to change your payment information, you can do so in the Payout Settings.

Can streamers donate their stars to another streamer?

No, the stars earned by the streamer cannot be transferred and remains tied to only their account. The streamers can only do one thing – request the payout after receiving 10,000 stars.

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