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Finding the best keycaps for yourself can be quite challenging due to the number of options available. 

With the gaming keyboard market as diverse as it is, getting good affordable keycaps that are compatible with your keyboard is often a very complicated process. That being said, keycaps have quite an impact on both your gaming performance and comfort while playing and can provide quite a competitive edge. 

As a result, I have decided to write up a guide featuring some of the best keycaps for gaming.

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    Best Keycaps for Gaming


    There are several things one should know when purchasing custom keycaps for gaming. First of all, not all keycaps sets are compatible with all keyboards, so you should take note of their compatibility. 

    Other factors that were considered during this analysis were materials, response time, and comfort of use. 

    Only by reviewing all these factors have, I managed to create a comprehensive list of the best keycaps for gaming.

    Best Gaming Keycaps

    HK Gaming Custom Keycaps
    HK Gaming Custom Keycaps
    • Material: PBT keycaps
    • Number of keys: 108, +31 replacement
    Havit Keycaps Backlit PBT
    Havit Keycaps Backlit
    • Profile: low profile
    • Number of keys: 104 +4
    HK Gaming Rubber Keycap Set
    HK Rubber Keycap Set
    • Material: ABS keycaps + TPR
    • Profile: OEM profile

    1. HK Gaming Custom Keycaps

    HK Gaming Custom Keycaps
    • Material: PBT keycaps
    • Layout: Versatile
    • Number of keys: 108, +31 replacement
    • Profile: Cherry profile keycap set

    We are starting off the list with a set of HK gaming PBT keycaps that were made for use with US layout mechanical keyboards. The durability of these keys makes them an excellent choice for anyone looking to type or play games all day.

    Furthermore, this cherry profile keycap set has a very high form factor, higher than most other types of keycaps sets, such as those based on an OEM profile, meaning that you will feel comfortable during long gaming sessions.

    Another great feature of these keys is that they can be easily replaced due to the extra 31 keys, a mac modifier, and a key puller.

    Finally, this keycap set is compatible with multiple keyboard sizes and layouts.

    Overall, these keycaps will be a good upgrade for your keyboard no matter which old keycaps you have and are a great choice for gaming.


    • Very comfortable in use
    • Wide compatibility
    • Thick PBT provides durability


    • Lack of backlit keys

    2. Havit Keycaps Backlit PBT 

    Havit Keycaps Backlit PBT
    • Material: double shot PBT
    • Layout: US standard
    • Number of keys: 104 +4
    • Profile: low profile

    This keycap set has proven to be quite good at providing an enjoyable gaming experience with its thick PBT keycaps providing decent durability overall while also being reliable and pretty fast in use.

    The keys are completely translucent, allowing for the RGB keyboard to shine, and the double shot PBT material is very resistant to wear.

    Furthermore, this keycap set features a standard US layout with 104 keys plus 4 blank keycaps and can be used with most keyboards regardless of their size, though there are always exceptions.

    The keys are simple to install and replace with the keycap puller, making this a great PBT set for any gamer.

    Overall, if you like PBT plastic and want durable keys, these are a great solution.


    • Translucency for great lighting
    • Double shot PBT material is quite durable
    • Compatible with most of your keyboards


    • Some essential keys can be missing

    3. HK Gaming Rubber Keycap Set

    HK Gaming Rubber Keycap Set
    • Material: ABS keycaps + TPR
    • Layout: variable
    • Number of keys: 23
    • Profile: OEM profile

    This 23 keycap set is made to change the essential and most used keys on your keyboard, such as the ESC key, for example.

    The backlit rubber keys are extremely comfortable for gaming and offer a good grip, which can make a big difference during fast-paced games.

    The keycap set is an OEM profile, allowing for an extremely wide degree of compatibility while not taking away any durability thanks to a great double-shot rubber finish.

    During testing, these keys have been shown to perform admirably when used in combination with several different mechanical keyboards, making them a great choice for any enthusiast keycap owner.


    • Made to be compatible with various keyboards
    • Rubber finish allows for great grip
    • Comfortable for long gaming sessions


    • Has only 23 keys

    4. SteelSeries PRISMCAPS

    SteelSeries PRISMCAPS
    • Material: PBT
    • Layout: US standard
    • Number of keys: 104
    • Profile: OEM

    Steelseries is known for making both great keycap sets and entire keyboards to use them with, and these PRISMCAPS are no exception to that rule.

    First of all, the 104 white keycaps work extremely well with just about any kind of RGB lighting, making the set incredible for working and playing in low-light conditions.

    Furthermore, the keycap set is made of quite durable PBT, making it resistant to wear and likely to last you quite a long time, even if used intensively. Pc gamers will know to appreciate this.

    Another thing to note is the quality of the keycap puller, which is amazing. This means that you will be able to use it on other keycaps as well, not just these ones, and not have to worry about getting a new keycap because you damaged the old one by pulling it.

    In the end, I am quite satisfied with the PRISMCAPS performance. The RGB and the compatibility are great, and so is the keycap material. All in all, a high-quality PBT keycap set.


    • Great comfort and durability during gaming sessions
    • Compatible with other brands, such as corsair keyboard
    • Makes it great for use in dimly lit rooms


    • Little overpriced

    5. YMDK 87 Side Print Blank Keyset

    YMDK 87 Side Print Blank Keyset
    • Material: PBT
    • Layout: ANSI layout
    • Number of keys: 97
    • Profile: OEM profile

    These thick PBT keycaps aren’t what you usually think of when you consider gaming keys, but it doesn’t mean that these custom keycaps are without their own merits.

    The 87 keycap set is quite durable and provides a good choice for someone who can easily type without looking at the keys, as they are blank.

    On the other hand, the keys aren’t at all compatible with RGB lighting or other keyboard layouts, meaning that you should be careful when purchasing them.

    Still, the feel while typing is great, and it can mean a lot when you are sitting by your PC for a long period of time.

    In the end, though, if you are looking for the keycaps for gaming, look elsewhere.


    • Quite durable
    • Relatively aesthetically pleasing
    • Blank keycaps are great for typing


    • Compatibility problems

    6. YMDK Double Shot 104 Keyset

    YMDK Double Shot 104 Keyset
    • Material: PBT
    • Layout: ANSI
    • Number of keys: 104
    • Profile: OEM profile

    This high-quality keyset from YMDK is based on a widely used OEM profile, allowing for a great degree of compatibility.

    Furthermore, the fact that the keys are double shot and shine through makes them durable and very compatible with RGB lighting at the same time, both of which are essential for long gaming sessions.

    The keycaps are compatible with most mechanical keyboards based on ANSI layout as well, but the one issue you will have is if you are using a corsair keyboard. The YMDK keycap wet is incompatible with this mechanical keyboard, as well as with most compact keyboards.

    In the end, this keycap set can provide pretty good results when used for both typing and gaming, the PBT keycap finish making it reasonably resilient to wear and other forms of damage.

    One issue, though, is that it only works with mechanical keyboards of a certain size and layout, so you should take care to know which layout your keyboard is based on before making a purchase.


    • Great durability
    • Shine through keys
    • Compatible with Cherry MX switches


    • Not compatible with compact keyboards

    7. YMDK ANSI ISO Keyset

    YMDK ANSI ISO Keyset
    • Material: PBT
    • Layout: Standard US
    • Number of keys: 125
    • Profile: OEM

    The number of different keycap options YMDK provides for mechanical keyboards is simply astounding. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, however, as most keyboards used for gaming fall under this category, and gamers are known to go through more keys than anyone else.

    First of all, this custom keycap set features 125 keys, including a number of replacement ones, meaning that you will be set for quite a while when using it.

    Additionally, the fact that the keycap set is based on an OEM profile grants it a very wide degree of compatibility while remaining suitable for Cherry MX switches.

    Unfortunately, the keys aren’t compatible with the hugely popular corsair razer keyboard, nor can they be used with compact keyboards due to layout differences.

    All in all, this is one of the better cherry profile compatible keycap sets, both due to the quality of the keys themselves but also due to the compatibility with OEM, which is often absent from cherry profile keycaps.


    • Very widely compatible
    • Excellent durability
    • Comfortable 


    • Not compatible with corsair keyboards

    8. Akko Neon 157-Key

    Akko Neon 157-Key
    • Material: Double shot PBT plastic
    • Layout: Versatile
    • Number of keys: 157
    • Profile: Cherry profile

    This custom keycap set features an incredible 157 keys, far more than most other keycaps sets, and is based on the ever-popular cherry profile.

    Furthermore, the blue and purple keys are incredibly bright and work great with lighting, making for an incredibly useful and aesthetically pleasing keyboard.

    The number of keys allows for great adaptability and compatibility, making personalization easy, and use with compact keyboards simple.

    The choice of double-shot PBT plastic for these keycaps makes them incredibly durable and resistant to wear, meaning that you will be able to use them for a long time after the initial purchase.

    Finally, the keys are compatible with a number of MX switches, making this set even better at providing an incredible custom keycap layout.


    • Incredible number of keys
    • Wide compatibility range and support
    • PBT keycaps are wear-resistant


    • Customer support isn’t the best.

    9. YMDK Carbon Dye Sub

    YMDK Carbon Dye Sub
    • Material: PBS
    • Layout: ANSI
    • Number of keys: 61
    • Profile: OEM

    These excellent OEM keycaps from YMDK feature among the best custom keycaps for mechanical keyboards available on the market due to their versatility, durability, and sheer quality of the keys themselves.

    The keycap set is made of 90% PBT and is 1.5mm thick, which gives it adequate durability that only falls a little short when compared to double-shot keycaps.

    Unfortunately, the set contains only 61 keys and isn’t compatible with some compact keyboards, though the standard ANSI MX switches on a 104 key full keyboard are supported.

    On the other hand, the key puller that comes with the set is quite good and unlikely to damage your keys when replacing them.

    In the end, these custom keycaps are quite good, and the dye-sublimated PBT is an excellent material to make a set. What could be improved, however, is the number of keys and their overall compatibility.


    • Very durable for longer use
    • OEM profile grants a good compatibility range
    • Comfortable when gaming


    • Not compatible with some compact keyboards

    10. YMDK 125 DSA 9009 Retro

    YMDK 125 DSA 9009 Retro
    • Material: PBT
    • Layout: ANSI
    • Number of keys: 125
    • Profile: DSA, compatible with cherry

    There are a number of good things that can be said about this dye-sub PBT plastic keycap set. First of all, it contains 125 keys based on the PSA profile, including a number of replacements that make it ideal for both gaming and full-sized mechanical keyboards.

    The relatively thick PBT keys are based on DSA profile keycaps, which is a slightly lower than average profiles but still quite good for gaming purposes.

    This keycap set is compatible with most cherry profile keyboards as well, and the dye-sublimated PBT allows for great keycap durability no matter the conditions.

    Overall, if you are looking for a retro-looking set that retains all the modern functionality, this one might be a great choice for you.


    • Has enough keys for a full keyboard
    • Made for standard layout for familiarity
    • Quite comfortable during long sessions


    • Compatibility issues with some compact keyboards

    11. DYE-SUB 138 Keys PBT Keycap

    DYE-SUB 138 Keys PBT Keycap
    • Material: PBT
    • Layout: Standard US
    • Number of keys: 138
    • Profile: Cherry

    This exceptionally made 138 keycap set features a simple, aesthetic black and white design and some of the best fonts for a very elegant keyboard.

    Firstly, the keycaps are widely compatible, working with most keyboards on the market regardless of their size and layout, and the PBT material is quite durable and wear-resistant.

    Additionally, this cherry profile keycap set is very comfortable for long gaming or typing sessions, allowing for some truly exceptional feeling when sitting by your pc for a prolonged period of time.

    Finally, the double-shot keycaps are likely to remain clear and their font visible for a long time, making this set a safe long-term investment.


    • Excellent key quality
    • Durable material
    • Wide compatibility


    • Retro style might turn away some gamers

    12. DROP Redsuns GMK Blue Samurai

    DROP Redsuns GMK Blue Samurai
    • Material: ABS
    • Layout: Variable
    • Number of keys: 55
    • Profile: Cherry

    Blue Samurai equipment is great in general, although niche and this keycap set match the manufacturer’s usual quality.

    The ABS keycaps are built according to Cherry MX profile and are of very high quality as well as reasonably durable.

    Additionally, the golden letters on the keycaps are easily visible, which is great for both typing and gaming, especially if you are still getting used to a certain keyboard layout.

    One downside of this keycap set is that it contains only 55 keys, so it cannot account for a full-sized keyboard.

    Finally, if you are looking for a comfortable and well-performing keycap set, this is a pretty reasonable choice.


    • Durable and aesthetically-pleasing
    • Some of the best ABS finishes overall
    • Fit very nicely on your keyboard


    • Pretty basic

    13. Blank Thick 108 ANSI Keycaps

    Blank Thick 108 ANSI Keycaps
    • Material: PBT
    • Layout: Standard US
    • Number of keys: 108
    • Profile: OEM

    There are several features that make these keycaps stand out from the rest, and they can all be neatly listed.

    First of all, these keycaps are blank, which makes them excellent for those who don’t like the distraction or just want to put their own symbols on the keyboard.

    Furthermore, the thick PBT keycap material these are made from is of very high quality and will surely last you a long time.

    The keycaps are OEM profiles. You should make sure they are compatible with your keyboard before purchase.

    Additionally, the keypads are not at all usable with Corsair keyboards, nor a number of other compact keyboards.

    Overall, they are of good quality, but not everyone’s cup of tea. Purchase with caution.


    • High-quality PBT
    • Blank keys
    • Wide compatibility


    • A bit too costly

    14. HyperX Pudding Keycaps

    HyperX Pudding Keycaps
    • Material: PBT
    • Layout: Standard US
    • Number of Keys: 104
    • Profile: OEM

    The first set of pudding keycaps on our list, this product is a great addition to any mechanical keyboard compatible with it.

    The HyperX pudding keycaps are very durable as well as incredibly comfortable when used, something that you will surely find enjoyable during long gaming sessions.

    Furthermore, they work great with RGB lighting, making them an excellent choice for anyone who likes gaming in a dark room.

    And last but not least, they come with a keycap puller included, one that is designed to make replacing keys completely safe and accident-free.


    • Very comfortable
    • Tailor-made for HyperX
    • Optimized for RGB lighting


    • Don’t work as well with a non-HyperX mechanical keyboard

    15. Drop + Matt3o MT3

    Drop + Matt3o MT3
    • Material: PBT
    • Number of keys: 70
    • Layout: ANSI
    • Profile: Cherry MX

    This keycap set is a little unusual in its design, as it was made primarily for compact 65% keyboards with 70 keys in total.

    The keycaps themselves look a little retro and have been made to replicate the looks of the original IBM terminals from the 70s.

    This retro design, however, does not reduce their functionality, as these sculpted keycaps work perfectly with the cherry profile.

    The keys are made from durable PBT plastic and are very resistant to wear and damage, making them an excellent choice for anyone who will be typing a lot.

    Finally, the keys can also be used on other, non 65% sized keyboards, so you have a wide compatibility range as well.


    • Tailor-made for 65% keyboards
    • Incredible durability and comfort while used
    • Very well built and fit neatly next to each other


    • Set doesn’t work all that well with RGB lighting

    16. PBT Keycaps 168 Keys

    PBT Keycaps 168 Keys
    • Material: PBT
    • Layout: ANSI (standard US)
    • Number of keys: 168
    • Profile: cherry

    This double shot keycaps set is incredibly useful for anyone needing a full keyboard of keys and more. It comes with an incredible 168 keys, all of them made of PBT, which is one of the best materials out there in terms of durability.

    Likewise, these custom keycaps are very comfortable and feel a little grainy, granting you a good grip on each key while typing or playing games.

    Furthermore, the keys have a wide compatibility range and can be used with several keyboard sizes, which is great as you can easily switch them if you get a new keyboard.

    Finally, these PBT keycaps are based on ANSI or standard US layout, making them very easy to understand and use.


    • High number of replacement keys
    • Extremely durable
    • Great grip for more comfortable gaming


    • No support for ISO or other layouts

    17. Japanese Inukuma Keycaps

    Japanese Inukuma Keycaps
    • Material: PBT
    • Layout: ANSI
    • Number of keys: 129
    • Profile: cherry

    If you are looking for a Japanese language keycap set or just like the language like many people today do, then this is one of the best choices for you.

    The keycaps are made of very durable double shot PBT material and, as such, are quite resistant to wear and overall damage.

    This cherry profile keycap set is also ergonomically designed and very comfortable to use for both gaming and working.

    Finally, the keycaps come with a high-quality key puller that enables you to switch keys in and out with ease.


    • Japanese markings for language enthusiasts
    • PBT material is very durable
    • incredibly comfortable to use during long sessions


    • It doesn’t work well with RGB lighting

    18. Glorious Aura V1

    Glorious Aura V1
    • Material: PBT
    • Layout: ANSI
    • Number of keys: 104
    • Profile: OEM

    These beautiful white pudding keycaps are some of the best double shot keycaps to be available at the moment, with the PBT material granting them excellent durability and lifetime, while they also look really cool and feel comfortable to use.

    The keycaps were also designed to work well with RGB lighting, a very important thing for anyone looking to play games in a dark room.

    The keycap set is based on an OEM profile which is a pretty common one for a mechanical keyboard, leading to wide compatibility.

    Finally, it also features a few replacement keys if you end up needing those.


    • Very durable for longer use
    • Extremely comfortable
    • Works great with RGB lighting


    • No key puller means

    19. Razer Doubleshot PBT Keycap

    Razer Doubleshot PBT Keycap
    • Material: PBT
    • Layout: ANSI
    • Number of keys: 120
    • Profile: variable

    Razer is well known for making excellent keyboards and accompanying equipment, so it should come as no surprise that its PBT keycaps are some of the best available.

    First of all, they are extremely durable, which is something every gamer knows to appreciate, and offer a good grip during gaming sessions.

    Furthermore, they are tailor-made for razer keyboards, which is good as some competitors make keycap sets that aren’t compatible with this brand,

    In addition, they are backlight compatible for gaming in the dark and have extra clarity.

    Finally, the set is usable for mechanical and optical keyboards, which is a great thing to have.


    • Works with all razer keyboards
    • Works great with lighting
    • Very durable


    • Unsuitable for non-razer keyboards

    20. MOLGRIA Keycaps 110 Set

    MOLGRIA Keycaps 110 Set
    • Material: PBT
    • Layout: ANSI
    • Number of keys: 120
    • Profile: Cherry

    These incredibly well-designed PBT keycaps are quite durable and also ergonomic, allowing you to get the most out of them both in terms of individual sessions and long-term usage.

    Furthermore, they are anti-grease, so you don’t have to worry about getting your keyboard dirty with regular use, and they are easy to clean.

    Another great feature of this keycap set is that it works with a number of different mechanical keyboards, regardless of their size and number of keys.

    The keys themselves are beautifully printed and have a unique feel to them, which, while not essential, can be very pleasing.

    Finally, they are made so that they offer a good grip which can be very useful for longer gaming sessions.


    • Ergonomic and aesthetic
    • Very durable and will last you a long time
    • The good grip makes gaming a lot easier


    • Shiny design can be a distraction

    21. HK Gaming Pudding Keycaps Set

    HK Gaming Pudding Keycaps Set
    • Material: PBT
    • Layout: ANSI
    • Number of keys: 104
    • Profile: Cherry OEM

    The final entry on our list is another set of high-quality pudding keycaps. These extremely durable double shot keycaps are made of PBT and are very compatible with RGB lighting due to the way they are colored.

    Furthermore, they feel quite comfortable to use during long gaming sessions and boast quite a wide compatibility range. All of this makes them an excellent choice for any dedicated gamer.

    Finally, the keycaps are made in such a way that they fit on keyboards of different sizes, which can be very useful in some situations.


    • Very ergonomic for comfortable use
    • Doubleshot PBT is very durable
    • RGB lighting compatibility


    • Does not include some common European keys and ISO layout

    What to Look for When Purchasing the Best Keycaps for Gaming?


    First of all, if you are looking for a quality set of keycaps, you are going to need them to be made of suitably durable material. Otherwise, you may run into some issues.

    Fortunately, all the entries on our list have been chosen for their durability, among other reasons, and can reasonably last you a long time.

    Number of Keys and profile

    Simply put, the type of keyboard you can use a certain keycap set with mostly depends on the number of keys and the profile of the keyboard. Different gaming keyboards may be incompatible with certain keycap sets, so you should be careful about that.

    Each set on the list comes with a wide compatibility range that is clearly written, so you can easily check whether your keyboard is compatible with it or not.


    Finally, if you intend to use a certain keyboard for video games, it is likely you will be spending a lot of time with it, so you should make sure that the keycaps are comfortable to use. 

    Because of this, I have made sure to only include the keycap sets that have proven comfortable during long testing game sessions.


    Who makes good-quality keycaps?

    There are a number of manufacturers that produce high-quality keycaps for gaming, suited for different keyboard sizes, layouts, and profiles.

    This guide contains some of the best choices on the market right now, complete with specifications, pros, and cons of each choice and a plethora of other useful info.

    Are pudding keycaps good for gaming?

    Depending on what you are looking for, pudding keycaps can be an excellent choice for playing video games. They are designed to be fast responding and comfortable to use, so you will likely enjoy them during long sessions of fast-paced games.

    In this guide, you will find several options of good pudding keycaps you can add to your gaming configuration.

    Are cherry MX keycaps good?

    Cherry MX is one of the most popular keycap types out there, mostly because of its overall quality and reliability. As such, it is to go choice of many keycap manufacturers.

    As a result, there are quite a few cherry MX compatible options in the guide, all of which you can check out for more info.

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