xQc Net Worth – How Much Does xQc Earn? (2024)

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Full name: Felix LengyelEducation: Unknown
Date of birth: 12 November 1995Height: 6′ 2″ / 188cm
Place of birth: Laval, CanadaWeight: 137lb / 62 kg
Current residence: Texas, USAEstimated net worth: $5-10 million

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Who is xQc?

About, History, and Net Worth

Today, I will answer the question “how much is xQc net worth and talk more about his career and personal life!

Felix Lengyel, better known as xQc, is a Canadian Youtuber and Twitch streamer famous for his participation in three Overwatch world cups, the biggest tournament that this shooter from Blizzard Entertainment has to offer.

An incredibly successful and with millions of subscribers across several platforms, XQC has certainly done well for himself.

xQc Net Worth

xQc is believed to have a net worth of around 5 million USD, with some more generous estimates putting him up to $10 million in total assets. We believe, however, that 5 million is closer to the mark.

He has a rather diversified income pattern, earning money from Twitch streaming, Youtube revenue from Adsense, his Esports career, merchandise, and more.

But before we get into more detail about each of his sources of income and how much they contribute to xQc’s total net worth, we will take a look at the man himself and some basic information about his life.

xQc’s Esports career

While nowadays Felix is a full-time Twitch streamer, he began his career as a professional Overwatch player, playing for Dallas Fuel in the first season of this game’s organized tournament play. He was subsequently released mid-season due to various controversies that followed his performance, but that didn’t stop him from joining another team, Gladiators Legion.

His greatest successes in professional gaming, however, came from his time with Team Canada. With three subsequent participations in the Overwatch world cup from 2019 to 2021, he is undoubtedly one of the most successful professional players in this game.

Since, however, he has retired from professional Overwatch and decided to focus on his Twitch and Youtube channels.

xQc Twitch channel

xqc twitch

This might surprise you, but Overwatch was not the game xQc began his streaming with. In fact, he originally began streaming League of Legends under the name XQCLoL before switching to Overwatch in 2016 after that game was released.

His rise as a prominent Twitch streamer began with the latter game, however, especially after he decided to remove himself from professional gaming. He then moved on to become the most-watched streamer in both 2021 and 2022.

He has since suffered multiple suspensions, for things such as homophobic comments, breaking TOS by showing nudity in a game, and other things. His bans were reversed each time, however, mostly due to how popular he is and how much money the platform makes from his presence on it.

As of now in 2022, xQc has over 11 million subscribers on twitch, an impressive number for any full-time streamer. He also features an average viewership of around 60 thousand people, with a peak of just under 90k in the last three months.

With that being said, it is obvious that stream donations and subscriptions make up a large percentage of xQc’s income and subsequent net worth, though the exact amount he earns each month on Twitch is unknown.

xQc Youtube career

xqc youtube

In addition to his incredibly popular Twitch channel, xQc is also present on Youtube, where he has just over 2 million subscribers on a channel named XQCOW. While this channel has a lower total payout compared to the one on Twitch, it is also much newer.

Still, the gross payouts from Youtube Adsense constitute a significant contribution to XQC’s earnings every month.

xQc shares a variety of content on his channel, including highlights from his streams, news that his fans might be interested in, and more.

xQc sponsorship deals

One of the main ways XQC makes money is through the many sponsorship deals he has signed. The streamer has a keen mind for business and is endorsing several brands such as G fuel.

He has also been paid to support NFT sales, though what the content creator is paid remains unknown, even with the speculations that it was a seven-figure deal.

Overall, what we know about XQC’s brand deals makes us believe that they contribute to his net worth at least as much as his Youtube channel does.


xQc is a highly popular Quebecois Canadian streamer with over 11 million followers a Twitch and a large youtube channel. With an estimated net worth of at least 5 million USD and one that is quickly growing, we can be certain that he represents the future of streaming in Canada and globally.


What is xQc net worth?

There are several different estimates concerning the total net worth of this Canadian streamer, with ones on the lower end ranging around 5 million USD, whereas some more optimistic ones put his net worth as high as $10 million.

How much money is xQc making?

It is unknown just how much money xQc makes per year, but we can be fairly certain, based on comparisons with other streamers with a similar number of followers, that he has broken the $1 million mark in yearly income once all his channels and sponsorships are added together.

How is xQc so rich?

xQc has over 11 million followers on Twitch and upwards of 2 million subscribers on Youtube, making him an incredibly attractive option for any company looking for someone to endorse them.

Furthermore, Youtube ads and subscription revenue, as well as Twitch bit donations all pool together increasing his revenue and net worth.

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