What Is A Vtuber: Revealing Secrets Behind Success Of Top 4 Famous Vtubers

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If you have been active on the internet, you have heard about the term Vtuber, and you know that millions of people online are dying to become one of them.

However, what is a Vtuber and what that means is something that isn’t clear to most people, so we have decided to make things a bit easier for you and realize what this community is all about.

What Does Vtuber Mean, What Is A Vtuber, And What Content They Create?


The word Vtuber is short for virtual Youtuber, which is the same as a regular Youtuber, except that you are creating content hidden behind your digital avatars.

Even though many people don’t even have the idea that virtual Youtubers exist on regular social media platforms, they are very popular and have a loyal audience.

Virtual YouTubers create the same content as regular ones, but they hide behind anime characters and their original made-up online personas.

You can find them on Youtube, Twitch, Discord, but also on social media like Instagram, where they are influencers hidden behind a digital avatar.

They can create a profile with any animated character they like and get a million subscribers if they keep on posting high-value content.

Your online persona needs to be as interesting and as amusing as regular Youtubers because you can’t stand out with a simple virtual avatar.

Even though most Vtubers think that all they need to do to succeed as online entertainers is to create their avatar and virtual world, they will need to provide people with some content if they want to be popular on these platforms.

Your motion capture, facial expressions, and all parts of the live stream need to be in sync, and they need to be original and creative if you want to make people follow you.

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One of the things that show you how popular being a virtual Youtuber is is the fact that Japan’s national tourism organization chose a Vtuber, Kizuna Ai, to be their symbol in large advertising campaigns.

The Japanese entertainment industry also has millions of Vtuber who are promoting stuff, and you don’t even need to have over two million subscribers to become a cultural ambassador or figure because all Vtubers who have some sort of impact in their community will be able to reach the global audience through different campaigns and promotions.

Overall, popular Vtubers have a lot of fun, and they certainly earn a lot of money, since this community began spreading across the world, more and more people have decided to try out their luck as Vtubers.

How Can I Become A Vtuber?

Becoming a Vtuber is not that hard, and once you get to know everything about it, you will realize it is a beautiful world.

However, you need to be engaged as an online content creator and make sure to provide your audience with daily content until you build a solid and loyal community.

You can start to create content and upload it to social media platforms anytime you want, and people say that it usually takes only two weeks before you start to become recognized in this community, but only if you stand out among many Vtubers and can provide people with unique content.

While most people need to take some time to learn the motion capture technology and code Miko setup, they can usually handle it within a few days on Vtuber programs and kickstart their journey pretty fast.

All you will need to do is come up with your own original digital avatar and decide in what Vtuber niche you want to get.

Once you have figured these things out, you will be able to create your Vtuber profile very fast, and you can quickly become one of the most popular Vtubers if you keep on streaming frequently.

When you have gotten a lot of viewers, you will also start receiving brand deals like all other influencers, so don’t be surprised by it because they will treat you as any other content creator.

Digital characters can attract an even larger audience, so brands really like them and always offer them sponsorships.

For that reason, make sure you are able to get a lot of viewers because you can see income from the Vtubing community quite fast.

Make sure you promote yourself in all ways possible, and in case you manage to grow your account, just like typical Youtubers, get a Vtuber agency that will handle all of your deals and sponsorships and allow you to focus on your content and fans.

Who Are The Most Famous Vtubers?

If you want to see how people who have amassed millions of followers as Vtubers look like and what type of content they produce, you can go throughout our short list where we have gathered some of the most popular Vtubers in the whole world.

Kizuna Ai

3.09M subscribers

As we have already mentioned, Kizuna Ai is the most popular Vtuber in the whole world, she has over two million subscribers, and she was even a national ambassador of Japan.

She is talking about many different topics, and her videos include parts from her daily life to videos where she is playing games and streaming them.

Kizuna has two Youtube channels – one which she uses for regular vlogs, and the other that is solely dedicated to the gaming community.

She tends to upload at least one video per week so she can stay relevant for quite a long time because she launched her profile back in 2016.

Kaguya Luna

920K subscribers

Kaguya is also a female Vtuber from Japan, and she is considered to be in the top 5 biggest Vtubers in the whole world.

While most other Vtubers tend to come up with the content of different types, Kaguya is quite natural, and most of her streaming profile is dedicated to simple videos where she is chatting about daily themes with her fans and even solving their problems.

Kaguya also has her live show where she plays a pop singer, which is quite interesting content and gathers even more viewers than her regular channel.

Nekomiya Hinata

525K subscribers

Nekomiya Hinata, also known for her Hinata channel, has about half a million followers on her Youtube channels, and she is known for calling herself boku, which is a male Japanese name.

She is mostly known for her videos where she plays different games, and she tends to embody other characters all the time, so you never really know what kind of look will greet you from her video.

Since she has great talent at games like CS GO and LOL, she has also competed in gaming competitions, and she is one of the rare Vtubers who actually champion in these games and don’t play them just for fun.


674K subscribers

Siro is also a Japanese female Vtuber known for her extensive sleeping habits and not being regular on her account.

She has been around since 2017, but she often has periods where she completely disappears off her social media.

Siro is one of the characters who are knowledgeable about anything and everything, and you can always count on her videos as a place where you can learn something new you have never heard before.

Her calm voice is something that attracts people to her videos, and her fans enjoy the storytelling she provides them with, making even the most boring themes interesting to hear about.

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