PS5 Graphics Card Equivalents – 2+ Best PS5 GPU Alternatives

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PS5 Graphics Card Equivalents

AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT
RX 6600 XT
  • 8GB GDDR6
  • HDMI Video Output
RTX 2080 Ti Black Edition
RTX 2080 Ti Black Edition
  • 11GB GDDR6
  • Dual HDB Fans

PlayStation 5 has come out in 2020, and it is one of the best gaming consoles at the moment, coming with a huge series of upgrades.

It was equipped with the best graphics card to exist on a Playstation device, but it wasn’t the type of GPU you could expect to have on a regular gaming PC.

Since it has great graphics power and offers one of the higher resolutions, everyone is looking for the best PS5 graphics card alternative for their PC, and we think we may have found some of the best options out there.

What Is The Equivalent To PS5 Graphics Card?

PS5 Graphics Card

When Sony launched its Playstation 5 back in 2020, no one was prepared for the graphics cards it was about to deliver.

This powerful console has a unique graphics card that wasn’t seen on other consoles before, and it certainly wasn’t available to those playing games through their PC and Mac devices.

It will provide you with 4K gaming and 120 FPS at all times, and you won’t believe how many operations it can do simultaneously,

There are not too many graphics cards on the shelf that are able to run games as the PS 5 one, and even the current-gen consoles that were released after the Playstation 5 were not able to outdo its ultra settings.

This graphics card is customized for gaming, and it has exceptional power efficiency that will make most games look like a real-life experience for you.

The whole experience will also be cinematic, and there is no other graphic card or console that can provide you with better performance.

However, it is not really fair to compare a regular PC graphics card to this one because its GPU performance is exquisite, and the PS5 GPU is made specifically for this device, so it can reach its expected and theoretical performance, which is not possible for most other graphic cards for streaming.

Even though PlayStation 5 is really one of a kind, and you can’t expect to repeat that kind of performance on a regular PC, you can be sure that there are some devices that can help you elevate your gaming experience and get the type of experience you want.

There are some PS5 GPU equivalent options, and we have tested all of them to help you make the right decision for your PC device and get the perfect graphics card for a fantastic performance.

Best Playstation 5 Equivalents

Both the Playstation and the regular PC or Xbox don’t work the same way, but you can add some graphics cards that will boost their performance and help you get the graphical version you need.

We have tested out some of the fantastic PC gaming graphics cards and found the best devices that are the perfect PS5 GPU equivalent.

1. AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT

AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT
  • Video Memory: 8GB GDDR6
  • Memory Clock: 16 Gbps
  • HDMI Video Output

This AMD Radeon RX graphic card is considered the best PS5 GPU equivalent, and on paper, it can offer even more than the PS5 one.

It has excellent memory bandwidth, and its stream processor is one of the best-performing ones on the market.

Radeon RX comes with a dual BIOS and much stronger components than we could see on cards like Radeon RX 6600XT, and it has one of the best CPU performance rates on the market.

Just like the PS5 GPU, Radeon RX also does not support ray tracing, and game developers claim this is one of the best PC equivalents to the PS5 GPU.

While it is pretty fast, it will always work at its speed and make sure the raw performance is something an average computer can handle, which makes it the best choice for whatever type of PC or console you have.

It is also quite cinematic, and although the graphical performance is not as stunning as on PS5, it is better than all other computer GPUS you will come across, especially within this price range.

The Mute fan technology will eliminate all the sound from your gaming console, essential for most gamers, so it has much more to offer than its graphics power.

However, it will not be able to play all games at 4K, and it is made for 1440p dynamic resolution, and this is the range it performs the best within.

While it can’t run the game at an extremely high resolution with a low frame rate or the opposite, it has awesome raw processing power, and it will work perfectly on every next-generation console.

Even though it is meant for AAA titles, it performs well with any game, and it will work great on your PC.

It is the best AMD equivalent to PS5, and it has impressive real-world performance, so you should check it out immediately.

2. RTX 2080 Ti Black Edition

RTX 2080 Ti Black Edition
  • 11GB GDDR6
  • Dual HDB Fans
  • Adjustable RGB LED

The GeForce RTX 2080 is one of the most powerful graphics cards on the market, and its base clock speed is higher than most of the highest-performing GPUs available on PCs.

Nvidia GeForce RTX has a real boost clock of 1545 MHz and amazing dual fans that will protect you from sounds by the referring traffic.

You will be safe from any noise, and the fans will keep the GPU clock working flawlessly even when you are playing games with a very demanding graphic performance like Tomb Raider.

It has impressive hardware, which does make it pretty tough, so once you set it up, you will not be able to move it around, which is something worth mentioning if you are planning the whole setup.

The Nvidia GeForce RTX had utility monitors to keep your graphic card working hard without any bags on all PCs, consoles, and games.

Its RAM size is 11GB, which makes it a bit better option than the AMD graphics card, but it is still not even close to that you will find on the Playstation 5.

The GPU will perform well on all occasions, but you should keep in mind that you should play these games a few times before you get to experience the real fortune of this graphic card.

Also, make sure you have a PC that can work well with high-performance graphic cards and games because if you don’t, your gaming experience will not be nearly as good as it is supposed to be with a GPU as strong as this one.

This is considered to be the best Playstation 5 equivalent because it has an outstanding performance, and it can work well with any better PC and excellent its theoretical performance.

It is also one of the most expensive graphics cards on the market, so you should check the compatibility twice before you purchase because you don’t want to regret spending all of that money.

What Are Other Alternatives To Playstation 5?

These were some of the best PS5 GPU equivalents on the market, but there are also some graphics cards worthy of your attention that are a bit more affordable and that can provide you with excellent performance too.

If you are willing for another, then these are some of the graphic cards you should consider.

3. GeForce RTX 2070 Super

GeForce RTX 2070 Super
  • DisplayPort, HDMI
  • Wind force 3x cooling
  • AORUS engine

This Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070 super graphics card is also a good PS5 GPU alternative, but it is a bit older version of the above-mentioned Nvidia RTX graphics card.

However, it has an incredible memory bandwidth, and its most basic unit tends to perform much better than graphic cards on regular PCs.

It will work well with any Windows or Mac PC, and some people were also upgrading their devices from the Xbox series with them, which means that a dynamic resolution will be excellent.

Since it is a bit older, it may not perform the best with all the next-generation devices, and it certainly can’t provide you with a cinematic experience like Playstation 5 can.

It has 3 times better cooling features than all previous Nvidia graphic cards, but the fans are pretty loud, so if you are streaming your games, you may have to deal with some other fans or mute options if you want to have a good stream.

The hardware is quite mobile, so you should be able to reinstall it to another device if you need to, but make sure you always connect all the GPU wires the right way because there is a large number of them.

Overall, it performs pretty well, and it is compatible with most PCs and gaming devices, so it should be one of your first options if you want to get the PS-like experience.

4. Radeon RX 6700 XT

Radeon RX 6700 XT
  • Boost Clock: Up To 2622MHz
  • XFX Speedster QICK319 Triple Fan
  • Memory: 12GB GDDR6

The Radeon RX 6700 XT was a very popular graphics card that works great with all the games and can provide you with an impeccable CPU performance.

It is small compared to most other graphic cards, and it can be easily installed; it even supports ray tracing, but it doesn’t seem to be working that well.

You can count on good graphic performance, but the picture may distort from time to time, but a few flops don’t make it a bad purchase.

It is a bit cheaper than most Radeon graphic cards, but it is still quite an investment, and its memory clock will perform well in all situations.

This is a more affordable and easier to use AMD Radeon alternative, which will resemble PlayStation 5 well, especially if you don’t have an extremely demanding gaming computer.

While it will not be as fast as your Sony Playstation, it will keep your game going steady, and it is a good option if you are streaming at the same time.

Most gamers struggle to find a decently priced graphic card that will perform well, especially during streaming, but this is a cheaper alternative to the fantastic PS5 expressive performance.

5. AMD Radeon RX 6800

AMD Radeon RX 6800
  • Stream Processor: 3840
  • HDMI output
  • GDDR6

The Red Dragon AMD Radeon graphic card also belongs to the new generation of graphic cards, and while it is pretty expensive, it is one of the best PS5 GPU equivalents.

Even though this AMD Radeon RX does support ray tracing and it has amazing memory bandwidth, its bus speed is on the low, and it can struggle with some more demanding games, especially those that are made for the console.

This is the type of graphic card that will work well with all games made for PCs, but as we mentioned earlier, you should keep in mind that some of the newest versions of the games may cause problems.

There are 2 fans that will keep the graphic card cooling all the time, and you don’t have to worry about noise, even when you are streaming.

The game clock is 1950 MgHZ even when it is silent, so you don’t have to worry that something will interrupt your performance.

Overall, it is a suitable Nvidia GeForce device, and if you are not a professional gamer or not planning to stream demanding games, it should be your first choice.


What graphics card is in PS5?

The graphics card you will use in PS5 is the AMD Radeon RMDA 2, which has a variable frequency and is made specifically for this type of device, so you will not be able to find it on the shelves or on gaming PCs.

Is RTX 2080 better than PS5?

RTX 2080 is probably the best purchase you can make for your gaming PC, but it would be a little too much to say it is better than the PS5 graphic card because its power is exquisite, and it guarantees you a cinematic experience at all times.

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