MOONMOON Net Worth – How Much Does MOONMOON Earn?

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Full name: JesseNationality: American nationality
Date of birth: 20th March 1990Twitch start: 2016
Place of birth: United StatesTwitch followers: 3,157,519
Current residence: Washington, USAEstimated net worth: $1.7 million

If you are into Overwatch, then you probably know MOONMOON because he’s one of the most popular Twitch streamers who are streaming Overwatch. Nowadays, he is streaming on Twitch and playing video games daily besides on Sundays.

While he plays various games during his live streams, he usually stays in the MMO/RPG realm. Some of the video games that are seen on his Twitch streams, besides Overwatch, are Dark Souls, Elden Ring, Daddy Dating Sim, Elder Scrolls, and similar ones.

Let’s take a look at MOONMOON net worth, and talk about his private life for a bit!


When it comes to how much MOONMOON makes and what his net worth is, it’s estimated that it’s around $1.7 million, however, the number of $3.2 million is also being thrown out, so it’s most likely somewhere between these two numbers.

He is a very popular Twitch streamer, and even on his YouTube channel, he is getting a lot of views and is generally very prolific, so there’s a high likelihood that these numbers are true.

When Did MOONMOON Start Streaming?

Moonmooon started streaming games several years ago, in 2016 to be precise, and that’s when he started his Twitch channel.

Overwatch was the game that brought instant fame to his Twitch channel, and he has expanded to other social media platforms since then.

However, his online presence isn’t too saturated, as he mostly stays on Twitch and has some additional YouTube content.

As you will see from this article, he is a pretty low-key guy when it comes to both his career and his personal life.

So, let’s see some more facts about MOONMOON.

MOONMOON Private Life

One thing about MOONMOON is that he is extremely private when it comes to his personal life, so truly not a lot of facts are known among people, neither about his early life nor what he’s currently doing.

Sometimes during a gameplay video, he will comment on something while he’s playing games, but even that isn’t a substantial amount of information.

He has never done a video solely focused on something regarding his personal life and activities, and there are also no interviews where details from his life were mentioned.

There was an inkling that he has a wife and a son, and his viewers are actually in active conflicts over this, but because of his secretive nature, he never confirmed or denied that.

He also keeps his childhood hidden, and he never mentioned it very much during his streaming career.

moonmoon life

When it comes to popular social media platforms, he isn’t really on any besides a public Twitter account, where he uses his username.

It seems like even knowing his real name is a lot of information.

There also isn’t any information about his education, so the chances of him having a degree are the same as him only finishing high school; we simply don’t know.

Basically, ever since he began streaming games, he never addressed much of his life; when he streams, he’s in the stream and with his viewers, gearing all of his attention towards that.

Whenever you stumble upon some pieces of information that seem too personal, it usually means that it’s just gossip and incorrect since things like that never come from him.

MOONMOON Sources Of Income

Like most content creators nowadays, MOONMOON makes his income through various streams of income.

Here are his different platforms and the estimates regarding how much he is earning from each of them.


When it comes to streaming on Twitch, all the important details are usually gathered from websites like

People who have a developed Twitch career like MOONMOON do make money from Twitch in several different ways.

Firstly, they can earn money from the ads that come up on the channel and during streams, so depending on how many times that happens, how many viewers have adblockers on, and which advertisers have decided to have their products advertised on a channel like his.

So, the estimated subscriber count at this point of MOONMOON’s gaming career is around 19000.

Since each subscription costs the subscribers $4.99, if that’s multiplied, you would get around $96000 a month.

But, since Twitch takes a cut of 50% when it comes to these subscriptions, that means that MOONMOON makes around $48000 a month.

This is not a bad number at all; having your Twitch account brings you so much money just from the subscriptions.

As I’ve said, a big part of the income that comes from Twitch also comes from ads, and even though there isn’t a way to know even the approximate amount of money he gets from ads, it’s safe to assume that that number is not low, either.

YouTube Channel

MOONMOON’s YouTube channel is not his main platform, so it isn’t surprising that it’s not the main part of his income.

On Social Blade, it’s estimated that he earns somewhere between $8 and $132 monthly, and that’s not a lot.

When it comes to subscriptions, he has 138k subscribers, and all his videos combined, together with the most popular videos, have somewhere around 30 million views when all of the views ever were taken into consideration.


Sponsorships and brand deals usually aren’t a part of MOONMOON’s streaming career, so as far as we know, he didn’t make any part of his net worth through things like sponsorships.

He is mainly just streaming on Twitch and posting YouTube videos on his channel, with a lot of them being stream highlights, which is always a good move for cross-promoting.

But, besides that, no traditional brand deals seem to be on MOONMOON’s agenda, which is interesting since a lot of content creators of all kinds will usually say that brand deals are the main part of their overall income.

It seems like MOONMOON is the type of person who isn’t too greedy when it comes to money and is satisfied with exactly what he has.


What is MOONMOONs name?

MOONMOON’s real name is Jesse, but that’s all that’s known to the Internet, as he keeps his full name a secret.

Who is MOONMOON married to?

No one knows who MOONMOON is married to, and a lot of people will say that it’s not sure that he is married at all. He is very secretive and he only referred to having a wife and a child once in a joking manner, so people aren’t really sure.

How much money does MOONMOON make?

When it comes to the money from Twitch, it’s estimated that he makes around $48k, but having in mind that there’s no way to know how much he makes from the ads. His net worth is estimated to be between $1.7 million and $3.2 million.

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